Labradors Needing Homes

The following Labrador Retrievers are currently available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of the wonderful Labradors listed below, please complete the online application by clicking here:

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Most of the labs listed here have been abandoned for some reason. They are in need of a family who has the time to care for them, train them and live with them as a member of the family. They do not do well as totally outdoor dogs or just a friend, playmate for your child or pet. They are living animals who need a sense of being wanted, needed, and being an integral member of your family.

Morelli The Wonder Dog
20171208125154927 20171208125154927 20171208125154927
Morelli The Wonder Dog- DOB 2012
Color: Black
Gender: male
6 hours 58 minutes ago

Thank you, Mary, for fostering Morelli!

12/15/17 Morelli The Wonder Dog is scheduled for neutering next week, so he is not quite ready for adoption, but he is doing so, so well. He has gained 10 pounds so far, and has another 5-10 to go, according to the vet. He is such a survivor and as sweet as he can be.

12/8/17 A few weeks of good food, lots of love, deworming and time to get his leg healed...Morelli's future is looking so bright and he is ready for a family of his own!

12/1/17 Morelli is settling into his foster home and has made so much physical progress in one week: leg almost healed and gaining weight. He is easing away from the survival instincts that kept him alive and learning that people are trustworthy. What a blessing to care for him and lead him on the path to "happily ever after"

11/22/17 Morelli is part of the cruelty case. He's very skinny and would love a big fluffy pillow to call his own! He's a super sweet, low key boy who's good with other dogs. He's good in the crate and hasn't had an accident in the house. This sweet boy is ready for his happily ever after.

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20171209150549130 20171209150549130
Clark- DOB September 2017
Color: Black
Gender: male
10 hours 1 minutes ago

Clark is a super puppy ready for his forever home!

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20171215101734405 20171215101734405 20171215101734405
Grizz- DOB September 2017
Color: Black
Gender: male
10 hours 1 minutes ago

Grizz is a super sweet pup waiting for his forever home!

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20171215101700507 20171215101700507 20171215101700507
Waylon- DOB 2013
Color: Black
Gender: male
10 hours 2 minutes ago

Waylon is at the dog ranch and would love a foster home of his own.

12/14/17 Waylon has been with me for a week as a temp foster. He has been wonderful... house and crate trained, sleeps through the night on a dog bed in the bedroom, loves his soft toys and nylabones, great with the house dogs (both females) and is as sweet as can be. He's a little on the small size and VERY low key. Whoever ends up with Waylon will be very lucky.

12/7/17 Waylon is awesome! He is kind and gentle, easy going and will give his new family his whole heart forever. If you are looking for an easy going dog that will adapt to your family easily then he is your man!

11/15/17 Waylon is such a sweet, gentleman. He is very well behaved, house trained and good in a crate. He's good with dogs. He is heartworm positive and will begin treatment soon.

Thanks to LuAnn Peralta for sponsoring Waylon! We could not save as many great Labs like Waylon without our incredible sponsors!

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20171214122749866 20171214122749866 20171214122749866
Allie- DOB 2012
Color: Black
Gender: female
Yesterday at 12:27 PM

Thanks to Mike for fostering Allie.

12/14 Allie has completed her heartworm treatment! She's free to romp and play and had her first trip with us to the Dog Park. She loved sniffing around, had a relatively good recall, and made a point of meeting every dog. She played a little with a few but is still a little shy. She even gave swimming a try, but I don't think it's going to be her thing.

She's come so far! When she first came to stay with us she was very skittish and afraid of everything, and today she's a confident loving and easy going darling. 9/18 Allie is a wonderful easy going companion. She was very timid when she first started staying with me, but she's really blossomed here. She's a joy to walk and is very calm all around. She loves hanging out with other dogs but doesn't get pulled into lots of play very easily. She's skittish around new people but is very lovable once she has a chance to get to know you. Allie is a sweet girl who is ready for her forever home.

We appreciate the following people for contributing to Allie's medical care: T McGowen.

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20171118092912961 20171118092912961 20171118092912961
Zoey- DOB 2010
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
Yesterday at 11:36 AM

12-14-17 Zoey has been in her foster home for about a week and a half and is doing well. What we know of her so far is that she is housebroken, very smart, loves to walk and is now doing 4 miles a day. She needs to lose some weight; controlling her diet along with her daily walks has already started to have some positive effect. She doesn't bark very much unless she is chasing the squirrels and loves to be around you. She'd do well in a home with another dog. Zoey is staying at the lab ranch and would love a foster home of her own.

11/27/17 Zoey got to spend time with a temporary foster over the Thanksgiving holiday and she did really well. From the fosters- Zoey is very much a velcro dog that will stick by your side wherever you go. Zoey did really good with our dogs and settled into our routine quickly. She came nose to nose on several occasions with our cat but did not give chase just sniffing. She does have some get up and go and loves galloping around the yard looking for squirrels and investigating the smells but is always ready to come right back in and be at your side. She is good with the leash and does not pull. She mastered the dog door with no problems and let herself out and in as needed. She is a beautiful dog that is happy and will make a great addition to any household. She still has plenty of good years left.

11/13/17 Zoey is a very happy middle aged girl with a pep still in her step. She's great around kids and other dogs and ignored the cats. She is fine in the crate though she prefers a comfy dog bed. She needs to lose a few pounds but is excited to do so as she's ready to go for long walks with her new family. 11/13/17

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20171212151833326 20171212151833326 20171212151833326
Smokey- DOB 2015
Color: Black
Gender: male
December 13 at 5:49 PM

Thank you Malorie for fostering Smokey

12/12/2017 When we first brought Smokey home to foster, he was very cautious and quiet, and eager for reassurance. After being in a foster home for a few weeks, oh how he has blossomed! Smokey is so sweet, he loves to snuggle and give kisses. He is pretty relaxed for being such a young fella (don't be fooled by the white on his muzzle, there is still a lot of puppy in there!) He is just as happy fetching a ball as watching a movie and snuggling, and he still needs to spend some time chewing every day. He is fascinated by the squirrels in our yard, and he could watch them out the window for hours! His favorite time of day is meal time (seriously, he cannot contain himself), and when it's time to go outside. We've been teaching him not to jump during his favorite times of day and he is making amazing progress! It's clear to us that Smokey has been abused in his past life, and his forever family would benefit from meeting with a trainer to make sure he's getting the right kinds of reinforcement during his obedience training for his background. He is very smart, and he gets so filled with joy when he gets it right. This little guy will surely thrive in a family who can be gentle with him as he learns the ropes. He gets along really well with our high-energy 18-month old puppy, and loves every person he meets!

11/13/17 Smokey is such an amazing dog! He is sweet, so good in the house and loves to play with the pups. He is gentle, quiet and likes to play fetch. He is a joy to have. He is good with the resident cats and toddler, though he will take a bit to warm up in a new environment as he is a bit timid at first. Don't let that fool you though, he will be your whole world if you let him! 10/15/17 Smokey is brand new to us from the Beaumont area after being left without a family after Harvey. He is so sweet! A tiny bit timid. Enjoys being around other dogs, enjoys being cuddled and walks well on a leash.

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2017120217462351 2017120217462351 2017120217462351
Hermes- DOB 2016
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
December 13 at 5:46 PM

Hermes is staying at the Dog Ranch and would love a foster home of his own.

11/23/17 Hermes is such an boy. He loves laying in sunbeams!not He's still a shy first, but warms quickly!

11/13/17 Hermes has really come out of his shell! He enjoys being loved on, likes going for walks and is a nice, quiet dog. He can jump a 4 foot fence, so needs a higher fence. He is also unsure of some other male dogs, though has gotten along well with the resident dogs.

10/28/17 Hermes came from a hoarding situation in the Waco area with Nike and Hera. He is shy as he hasn't had much exposure to the world. He is very sweet, and loves to run up and get love. He is becoming more social by the day and he is now walking nicely on a leash. He has been good with female dogs, but isn't too sure about male dogs at this point. If you are looking for a gentle, sweet boy who needs some extra love he is your guy!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171202174449245 20171202174449245 20171202174449245
Lula- DOB 2010
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
December 13 at 5:44 PM

Thank you Aaron for fostering Lula!

12/12/17 Everywhere that Lula goes, people stop to pet her. She radiates gentleness in a way that only a big dog can. She will take a treat from your open hand, and if she sees that she is in danger of biting you to get it, she will not take it. When feeding her, I have to prepare her pills so she will take them. She does not push me away from her dish to get at her food, but patiently waits for me to finish the preparation. This is not to say that she does not love her food. Lula can scarf down her entire two cups of food, along with her peanut butter and pill quarter sandwich, in the time it takes you to say her name three or four times. She does sometimes hang out in the kitchen and have to be chased out, but we think she may be doing this more as a strategy to see what interesting things we are doing rather than just to help us drop food on the floor so she can sample it.

Lula has perfected the lab lean, and will push into your hand when you pet behind her ears. She thrives on pets and the human touch, but does not hover. Not most of the time, anyway. Lula has created for herself a very loyal fan club, all of whose members are human, none of whom are canine or whatever you call squirrels. She is not especially aggressive toward other dogs, but puts up with no guff from other dogs who might have something to prove. She is not the world?s most active dog, but she has begun to move around a little more freely, and she even chased a squirrel out in the back yard.

We have caught her on the bed a couple of times, so she has to be watched for that. She has taken over the love seat, which is old anyway and will be replaced within the next year or so. Lula may not have many years left, but she will generously give what she has left to some lucky family. I think she would be good for a family with someone who has a disability or dementia. She would be excellent with the very young or the very old and fragile or with anyone who feels down and needs some doggy love. I hope this lovely girl finds a good home soon.

12/7/17 nce her first day here she has been eager to please and when she is not sleeping she wants to be around us. Goal number one was to find a nice place to sleep. This turned out to be our love seat. Also our sofa. She tried the bed but we had to draw the line somewhere. She is a big dog but very gentle. On leash she is easy to walk. She responds quickly when told she is pulling too hard or not to cross in front.

11/21/17 Lula is an awesome dog! She is sweet, mellow, good with cats and dogs. She's house trained, loves fluffy pillows and will steal your heart.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171120173154804 20171120173154804 20171120173154804
Chief- DOB 2009
Color: Black
Gender: male
December 13 at 5:09 PM

Thanks to Sharon Dillard for fostering Chief

11/20/17 Chief is an older gentleman, but that isn't slowing him down! He still trots to see everyone who might give him love, enjoys hanging out with other dogs and follows us around the house. He also is calm, super loving, enjoys a fluffy pillow to sleep on, is house trained and looking for his forever home! Who wants to be a senior and have no family? This guy is amazing and will make any family complete.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171212044420885 20171212044420885 20171212044420885
Rusty- DOB 2014
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
December 12 at 4:44 AM

Rusty is at the dog ranch and would love a foster home of his own!

12/4/17 Rusty is a sweet boy that spent nearly three months in a shelter simply because he's heartworm positive! This boy is so handsome and will add joy to your family. 12/4/17

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171212044152815 20171212044152815 20171212044152815
Timber- DOB 2015
Color: Black
Gender: male
December 12 at 4:41 AM

10/1/17 Adoption Coordinator Note: Since Timber is a shy guy and is a little overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of meet and greets at the ranch, he is available for private meet and greets at his foster's home. We feel like this will give potential adopters a true insight to this sweet boys personality! If you are interested in meeting Timber, please contact us.

6/7/17 Timber has been in a home with several other labs for about 2 months now. When he first arrived at his foster home he refused to leave the transporters car and each time we would try to get him out he would growl, snip then go to the other side of the car. For the first few weeks any little noise (even the sound of the toaster popping up bread) would scare him and he would run to his safe spot in a bedroom. He would do the same thing when visitors would arrive. As soon as anyone arrived at the house he would run and hide. So somebody or some unfortunate circumstance made Timber very scared of the world and humans around him.

Well, he has come a very long way in two months. He just needed to be with a pack of other dogs who could teach him some things and in a home where he felt safe and loved. He also needed to learn how to walk as a pack. We started with a harness and a leash on a 3 mile trail and now he understands how to walk off leash and come when called. This has given him much more confidence and pack awareness.

He isn't completely polished yet but he is getting there. He is housed trained and knows how to use a dog door. He is good around the house in that he doesn't tear things up and is generally calm and quiet. He doesn't know how to play ball yet but he does play well with other dogs. He needs to go to a home where will have a companion dog and get frequent walks.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171202174312649 20171202174312649 20171202174312649
Nike- DOB 2016
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
December 12 at 4:40 AM

Nike is currently living at the Dog Ranch and would love a foster home of her own.

12/7/17 Nike is coming along so well! She runs up to her favorite people with a huge smile and tail wagging! She is an easy going girl that wants her own family so bad. If you have the heart to love her while she gets to know you, you will see more love than you ever knew from a dog! With your love, she will start to learn some confidence and live an amazing life!

11/13/17 Nike is a bit shy in new situations, but loves her foster family! She also does well with other dogs. She is timid, but wants to be brave. She will follow her foster family around the house and enjoys being pet. Are you up to show this girl how wonderful the world really is? We hope so!

10/28/17 Nike came from a hoarding situation with Hera and Hermes. She is a sweet girl who is shy. She enjoys cuddles and seems to prefer women right now but is warming up quickly to the male volunteers. She is a loving girl that really deserves a good life!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171212043926126 20171212043926126 20171212043926126
Willie- DOB 2015
Color: Black
Gender: male
December 12 at 4:39 AM

Willie is at the dog ranch and would love a foster home of his own.

12/7/17 Willie is amazing! He is easy going and fairly calm for how young he is! He is good with other dogs, so handsome and loves people. He rides well in the car and does well in public.

11/15/17 Willie will steal your heart! He is so loving and sweet! He is not jumpy, great in his crate and hasn't had an accident in the house. He is heartworm positive and will begin treatment soon.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

2017121204384515 2017121204384515 2017121204384515
Ranger- DOB 2013
Color: Black
Gender: male
December 12 at 4:38 AM

Ranger is at the dog ranch and would love a foster of his own.

12/7/17 Ranger is a big boy! He is currently 85 pounds and at least 15 pounds under weight. The vet says he needs to be at least 100 pounds to be at a healthy weight! He is tall and handsome! He is a bit shy, so a calmer, quieter house would be best, but he comes around easily. He just needs to see people aren't out to hurt him.

11/23/17 Ranger is part of the cruelty case. He is doing friendly, enjoying the nice weather by sunning himself and is always up for a belly rub!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171031065417993 20171031065417993 20171031065417993
Ajax- DOB 2013
Color: Black
Gender: male
December 10 at 1:02 PM

11/16/17 Ajax update! He's been in my home for two weeks now and he is just one of the nicest dogs you'll ever meet. His coat is getting thicker and softer, and he's not scratching nearly as much anymore. No accidents in the house at all, so I think he's pretty well house trained at this point! He's doing so much better about not jumping, and he mostly only chews on his toys (he loves his toys!). He needs to work on walking on a loose leash, but he's already improving after just a few short walks. Ajax enjoys playing and wrestling with other dogs, but he's pretty low-key overall and will be happiest cuddling with you on the couch. He will make a wonderful addition to any family!

11/5/17 Ajax has been in a foster home for several days and he really is one of the sweetest dogs ever! He loves to cuddle (seriously - he thinks he's a lap dog) and just wants to be with his people all the time. He is quiet and calm in his crate, and doesn't start whining to be let out in the morning. He gets along really well with the other dog in the house, but he loves people so much that I'm sure he'd also be fine as the only dog in the family. He hasn't had any accidents in the house, so if he wasn't house trained before, he's catching on quickly. He still jumps a bit when he gets excited and he'll try to chew on a stray shoe if it's available, but overall he's a wonderful, easy dog!

10/30/17 Ajax is winning the hearts of every person who meets him! He is calm, easy going, great with other dogs and all around amazing dog! He is ready to go for a walk or cuddle on the couch, your choice!!

10/17/17 Ajax is brand new to us. He came from a very small town near Beaumont where he spent most of his life tied to a tree. He is heartworm positive, has hair loss, has a nub for a tail and is too skinny. He doesn't even know this though! His heart is huge. He loves people. He is gentle and kind and doesn't jump and wags his little nub SO fast when he sees someone approaching him. When he is healthy he is going to be stunning!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Faline (Fay Lean)
20171106211501782 20171106211501782 20171106211501782
Faline (Fay Lean)- DOB 2017
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
December 9 at 2:41 PM

Thank you to Leigh for fostering Faline!

10/1/17 Adoption Coordinator note: Faline is available for a private meet and greet at her foster's home.

11/6/17 We love having Faline, she has improved so much and has revealed herself to be a very fun and active dog. She has such a cute personality and really smiles when she's happy and having fun! She loves to run around to backyard, chase bugs, chase squirrels and play with bones. In fact, chewing on bones is Faline's favorite indoor activity! This past weekend we took Faline on a 6 mile hike and she was amazing. She had so much fun, splashed around in the water a little at a low water crossing and walked great on her leash and flat collar. She really dislikes car rides but I could tell she thought the ride was worth it and she was in her happy place! Faline has proven that when she bonds with her people she will seek out snuggles and gentle pets.

9/4/17 We have had Faline for almost 2 months now. This shy girl is slowly but surely coming out of her shell. Most of the day, Faline just relaxes napping and watching us and our dog. She also thinks its super fun to unload all the toys from the toy bin and maybe chew on a bone. What helps Faline come out of her shell the most is having an active and confident dog buddy who interacts with her, playing with other dogs is her favorite. While Faline is still a shy girl, she has made great steps and is a super sweet and spunky dog. I think with any new home she will take time to open up but she is worth the wait! While she doesn't show any signs of separation anxiety, she certainly comes out of her shell more quickly if someone is home most of the day. She shows no signs of aggression but does have a big bark to help keep unwanted guests away. Faline did great during the recent storms, as they did not seem to phase her indoors or out. This young pup will take some work in the beginning but will be a wonderful long term companion.

7/30/17 Faline is a very sweet young pup. She is very shy but has started to play a little more after being with us for about two weeks. Humans are pretty scary to Faline but she loves our dog and would do best with another confident dog in the house to help her gain confidence. She is crate and house trained and easily sleeps through the night. She is nervous on her leash at first but will settle down after you walk for a little while. She is happiest when chasing our dog around the backyard while he plays fetch. Overall, Faline is a super sweet girl who just needs a family who is willing to put in the time and patience to gain her trust. She is a wonderful dog and will be worth the effort!

7/2/17 Faline is coming out of her shell nicely. She's still timid but willing to trust and try. Her determination to be brave wins you over! She needs a patient family with an outgoing dog looking for a side kick!

6/21/17 Faline is new to the rescue! This shy sweet girl is just a pup who really wants to be loved, but needs someone to help her come out of her shell. She does best when another friendly, confident dog can show her the way! She is a gorgeous girl who needs a little TLC to show her that the world isn't a scary place!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
20171202174408272 20171202174408272 20171202174408272
Clover- DOB 2014
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
December 9 at 2:34 PM

Thank you Sandy for fostering sweet Clover!

11/20/17 Clover is a low key, loving girl! She is great in the house, enjoys being loved on, is good with other dogs and sleeps through the night! She rides well in the car, will watch TV with you all night long and does well walking on a leash.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
20170921170400907 20170921170400907
Theodore- DOB October 2016
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
December 7 at 6:05 PM

Thanks to Rachel for fostering sweet Theo!

12-7-17 Theo is ready for adoption! Vet has given the all clear.

9-21-17 Theo came to us as an abandoned puppy and was then adopted out. He recently returned to us and is now recovering from hip replacement surgery. Not only is he as cute as can be, he also is extremely active and carries anything and everything in his mouth. He needs a home with another playful dog. This is a must for him. He also needs an experienced owner as he is still a puppy, but weighs 70 pounds.

We appreciate the following people who have contributed to Theo's medical care: J Ware, M Bryarly, A Sauer, E Biehle, S Giancola, C Moore, T Ritko, B Simonton, C Daniels, P and L Peralta, S Van Poperin, C Leahy, C Rethamn, P Kipping, T Lieberknecht, G Sanderson, C Moore, T Potts, L McCloskey, H Bassett, M Patel, J Chapa, S Bain, R Palmer, D Mann, S Owens, K Brinegar, L Adams, H Hickey, L Collins, J Howell, S Oswalt.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20170917070443121 20170917070443121 20170917070443121
Kia- DOB 2016
Color: Black
Gender: female
December 4 at 5:44 PM

12/4/17 Kia is my temporary foster (11 days) and she has quickly blended with my 3 dogs. She is curious and follows me everywhere. She plays great with my 8 month old puppy. She loves to play fetch and squeaky toys. She has finished her heart worm restrictions! She definitely wants equal attention as my dogs as she has demonstrated some jealousy and has been with us 5 days so far. We are also working on counter manners.

11/12/17 Kia has completed her heartworm treatment and is doing very well. Just a few more weeks of reduced activity and she'll be able to go on walks and play fetch. Kia is a shy girl -- so much so that she lowest ranking dog in our household. She loves snuggling, gnawing on chew bones and going for car rides.

10/09/17 Kia started her her heartworm treatment on Friday and is doing well, although the activity restriction is pretty tough for an active and curious girl like her. She loves to race her foster brother in the back yard and always comes out the winner. She's very good at fetch, too! Although she is good with young kids, due to her activity level, speed and strength, we feel that Kia would do best in a home with adults or older kids.

09/07/17 Kia has been having a great time wrestling with her foster brother Otis and just hanging out with the other pups when the people are at work. She's a great bed buddy, is perfecting her "sit" and has discovered that crunchy veggies and frozen blueberries make the most awesome snacks!

8/14/17 Kia is the whole package - she's sweet, sassy, curious and cuddly all by equal measure. She can be a little shy at first blush, but she loves people and other dogs, and she's learning about the cat. Kia is house trained and rides well in the car, as well as walks nicely on a leash!

8/10/17 Kia is a super sweet dog who loves people and dogs alike! She seems fine with cats at this point, too! She is crate trained and hasn't had an accident in the house! She is slightly timid but desperately wants you to love her! Kia is heartworm positive and is available through our foster to adopt program.

We appreciate the following people for contributing to Kia's medical care: A Sauer, D Welborn.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171202175106487 20171202175106487 20171202175106487
Laredo- DOB 2016
Color: Black
Gender: male
December 2 at 5:51 PM

Laredo is at the dog ranch and would love a foster home of his own!

10/16/17 Laredo has calmed down and become an amazing pup to love on! He is always up for a couch cuddle and will sit and watch you cook all day! He is still working on leash manners around other dogs, but is so good on leash when they aren't around. If you are looking for a pup to play fetch with and hang out with your kids/family, he is a great option. He needs to be the only pet, but if you are only wanting one he is a great one to have!

9/28/17 Laredo loves to play, whether that is fetch or chase he is always game to play! He is great with kids and enjoys being loved on. He needs to be the only pet, but he has a big enough heart to fill your whole home!

8/25/17 Looking for a running buddy? This boy is for you! He is such a huge goof ball you will be entertained for hours! He is sweet and very energetic but calms down nicely and enjoys cuddles, too.

8/18/17 Laredo loves to play with toys, chase and tug are his favorites. He still needs to gain some weight, but has no problem eating his food! Right now Laredo needs to be an only dog as he seems to not like all dogs. We have found this can change a couple of months after getting neutered (he was neutered yesterday). He is a high energy, handsome boy looking for someone to explore town with! 8/10/17 Laredo is an energetic, loving young boy waiting for his forever home!!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171125164336226 20171125164336226
Ferguson- DOB 2017
Color: Black
Gender: male
November 29 at 6:53 AM

Thank you Kye for fostering Ferguson.

11/29/17 Ferguson has been with us for almost a week and his name should have been "Bear". He is incredibly soft, fluffy and playful. He is learning to walk on a leash, crates well and has learned to sit. He is well on his way to being house broken. He is good with children and other dogs.

11/26/17 Ferguson is about 5 months old and a doll! He was saved from the streets of Houston after Hurricane Harvey and is now looking for a home of his own!!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171023064143321 20171023064143321 20171023064143321
May- DOB 2016
Color: Black
Gender: female
November 28 at 7:47 PM

11/24/2017 May has been with us for about a month now and has become comfortable enough to show us a little bit more of herself. She has relaxed quite a bit as she has settled into her new routine! May has some anxiety and is slightly fearful of most new situations, though she usually recovers fairly quickly (she is still a big NO on the broom and water)! She is a little bit more hesitant of men initially, but with a little kindness and patience she overcomes this pretty quick (treats are always a winner for building trust with her!)! She is fiercely loyal and a is always by my side! She would benefit greatly from an active family! Walking, running, hiking, playing fetch would all be great energy busters for her! She does good with my 6 year old grandson, but because at times she can be a bit high energy and jumpy, younger children would probably not do well with her! May needs consistency in her life, she would benefit greatly from obedience training to help with her lack of self confidence, impulse control and socialization! We are working on these things with her and she is doing great! On a day by day basis (as long as no drastic changes to routine) May is absolutely a great dog! She is a sweetheart, loving, listens well and behaves good! I believe at her core ALL this dog wants is to be wanted, loved and to love in return in a forever home!

10/27/2017 May has been in her new foster home for a little over a week and wow what a sweetheart! She is completely house broken, as sweet as can be and behaves well! She loves to be with her people and playing with her foster siblings! She has a little issue with impulse control and basic dog manners, like jumping up on us, but we are working on getting her to sit instead and she is slowly catching on! She wants so much to please her humans that she tries really hard! She listens, she crates with no problems, she plays well with others, walks well on a leash, is curious but not a problem with the cats and is seriously so sweet! May absolutely would love to find her furever home!

10/16/17 May is doing very well at the ranch but would love to have a family of her own. She likes other dogs, rides super well in the car is good around kids and is fairly compact in size. She will make a great addition to someone's family! Could it be yours?

9/30/17 May is a smaller pup, around 35 pounds. She is very good in the crate and is working on house training. She is a bit timid in new situations but is getting much better about it. She would love a patient family, maybe with another dog, to love her forever.

9/3/17 Sweet "lil" May. She is a small lab about 11 months old. Probably no bigger than 30-35 lbs when fully grown. Gets along well with other dogs but will entertain herself with dog toys when there is no companion dog. Walks great on leash. Stays with pack on off leash trail. Knows how to use dog door. Super sweet and loves attention. Ok with cats.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171113130825469 20171113130825469 20171113130825469
Hera- DOB 2014
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
November 27 at 10:25 AM

Thank you to Yeeland for fostering Hera.

11/13/17 Hera is doing well in her foster home. She even has a tiny schnauzer foster sister to spend her time with! She is getting used to riding in cars and chewing on toys!! It takes her a tiny bit to warm up to new people, but when she does she loves you forever!

10/16/17 Hera came to us from a hoarding situation with Nike and Hermes. She is the more confident of all the three, eager to greet everyone that comes to say hi. She is a bit more shy when walking around the neighborhood and isn't ready to greet strangers on the street yet. She is house broken, does well in a crate and loves to lay on her back in the sun.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171023095609956 20171023095609956 20171023095609956
Harvey- DOB 2016
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
November 11 at 9:24 AM

11-11-17 We temp fostered Harvey for a little over week and learned so much about him! He is a very high energy happy-go-lucky one-year-old. He is always happy and loves all people and dogs. He needs a home that can provide enough exercise and is willing to work on his manners. He is very food motivated and is certainly trainable. Harvey is wonderful in his crate will hang in there for the day and sleep in there at night and is fully housetrained. He loves to chew on toys and is very loving and snuggly. If you're looking for a happy lab with a huge heart and are willing to put in a little obedience work, Harvey maybe the dog for you!

10-16-17 Harvey ended up with ringworm from his exposure before getting to us. He has been treated and in recovery now, but is almost ready to start meeting families!! He is good in a crate, house trained, doesn't care about the cats and is good with dogs. He has been working very hard to not jump on people and to not pull on leash. He is very food motivated and is learning every day!

9-21-17 Harvey came to us the day before the hurricane hit. He's your typical rambunctious young Lab. He's a sweet boy, great with dogs and humans, curious about cats (got smacked this morning) but won't hurt them. He needs to work on jumping up but only when excited. He is fine in a crate and hasn't had an accident in the house. He is healthy and ready for some work on manners and love!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20170921161418419 20170921161418419 20170921161418419
Kira- DOB 2014
Color: Chocolate
Gender: female
November 3 at 11:44 AM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Kira!

Great news for Kira! She visited the surgeon earlier this week and no hip surgery will be required. She has also gained 14 pounds in her foster home! She looks like a completely different dog, and her chocolate coat looks beautiful! Throughout all this she has continued to act like a silly, lovable, lab (which goes to show just how resilient these sweet pups are).

9-21-17 Kira came to severely malnourished and with some orthopedic issues from getting hit by a car a few years ago. We are working on her health, and she's loving all the food! She is a super happy girl who just wants to be with her people and to play some fetch.It will be a while before she is available for adoption as we are still figuring out what to do about her bad hip.

We appreciate the following people who have contributed to Kira's medical expenses: L Reider, K Scott, K Griffin, A Gauthier, P and L Peralta.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20171103062442564 20171103062442564 20171103062442564
Kambra- DOB 2011?
Color: Chocolate
Gender: female
November 3 at 6:24 AM

Kambra was surrendered to a shelter when her people no longer had time for her. The shelter papers say she is 8-10 years old, but we believe she is closer to 6. She's just about perfect - getting along with dogs and cats, and just wanting to hang out with her people.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

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