Labradors Needing Homes

The following Labrador Retrievers are currently available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of the wonderful Labradors listed below, please complete the online application by clicking here:

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Most of the labs listed here have been abandoned for some reason. They are in need of a family who has the time to care for them, train them and live with them as a member of the family. They do not do well as totally outdoor dogs or just a friend, playmate for your child or pet. They are living animals who need a sense of being wanted, needed, and being an integral member of your family.

Jake Jake Jake
Jake- DOB May 16,2013
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
May 28 at 10:00 AM

Thanks to Terry and Jack for fostering Jake.

Jake no longer has any activity restrictions and is working his way into longer walks; he is up to 3 1/2 miles now. Jake walks best on a harness. Jake shared his foster home after Christmas with 3 other dogs and did really well. Jake is very ball focused and was able to play with the other dog who also loves to chase a tennis ball. He had no problems with aggression nor any fighting over food or treats. He seems to really enjoy having other dogs around.

11/30/19 Jake has finished his heartworm treatment and is now one week into his 4 weeks of post procedure rest. He's been with us for a month now and we continue to get to know more about him. One of the best things about Jake is that although he likes to cuddle with you, he is not a velcro dog. He can be outside by himself and enjoy it; he can also rest during the day without needing to cuddle up constantly. He's spent most all of his 7 years with one family before coming to HOTLR. He's a dog that needs someone to take a chance on him but will reward you handsomely for doing so. We think he'd do well with a family with older kids who like to run or play or just being a wonderful companion to a couple or single adult.

11/8/19 We've gotten to know more about Jake including how he would do with another big dog visiting his foster home and the answer is that he did fine. No possessiveness; he even enjoyed playing with another dog instead of entertaining himself alone with his ball. He continues to sleep through the night without any mishaps. He has enjoyed several dips in the pool and can be outside in the yard without needing company. We've yet to hear him bark!

10/31/19 Jake has been in his foster home for four days now and is really enjoying being back in a home setting. He is a beautiful seven year old boy with lots of energy; obviously has had some training in his past so sits nicely on command, walks well on a leash, although he likes to be in the lead, and lives to cuddle with you. He has his final heart worm treatment in November but is ready for a forever home. He crates well but is also fine in the house on his own.

9/27/19 Jake is a sweet, calm, easy going boy who is more than happy to entertain himself by throwing his own tennis ball!! This boy's dream home would have a pool, a person to throw a ball and a couch to cuddle with his human after a fun game of fetch. He is good with other dogs, but isn't a wrestler or player, so does better with dogs that do their own thing.

9/6 Jake loves the water! He will roll around in the pool and then goes and rolls in the grass to dry off. He also flings his tennis ball with his paws and then chases it. He's great in the crate and good with other dogs, but not a player.

8/13/19 Jake is a 7 year old boy who loves to play fetch, swim in the pool, and get head scratches! He's good with other dogs, house trained, and good in the crate. He's a very sweet, easy going boy.

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Prince Charles
Prince Charles Prince Charles Prince Charles
Prince Charles- DOB May 2019
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
May 21 at 9:56 PM

Prince Charles is at the ranch and would love a foster home of his own.

Prince Charles is about a year old. He's good with cats and dogs. He's a bit overwhelmed at the moment and came to us covered in ticks. He's friendly and will be getting healthy!

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Princess Di
Princess Di Princess Di Princess Di
Princess Di- DOB March 2019
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
May 21 at 9:53 PM

Princess Di is at the ranch and would love a foster home.

5/21/2020 Princess Di is about 14 months old and about 55 pounds. She's sweet, but is very shy at the moment and needs a kid free, quieter home that will help her come out of her shell. She'll need to go to training classes and other adventures to help build her confidence.

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Swirl Swirl Swirl
Swirl- DOB 2017
Color: Black
Gender: female
May 19 at 8:07 PM

5/16/2020 Swirl is a super sweet girl that walks nicely on a leash, good with kids and knows sit. She's heartworm positive so is part of the foster-to-adopt program.

5/18/20 Hi, I?m Swirl & I found a foster family with 2 labs. I get along great with them, we are buds! A little about me...I?m very cute, petite (about 55-60 lbs), I like to snuggle & give hugs & kisses. I donĚt pull at all on a leash & I sleep all night in my crate. I love people, good with kids & other dogs. I would love to meet you!

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Tristan Tristan Tristan
Tristan- DOB 2017
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
May 18 at 11:26 AM

Thank you Fernando for fostering Tristan.

5/18/20 His ears flop around when he walks.

5/8/20 Doing great at home. Sweet, calm, and affectionate. Always by my side waiting patiently for pets and cuddles. Take him outside and his nose takes over but he's learning to stay close. Great to take on a run! Sleeps through the night without issues and has been fun to have around.

3/27/20 Tristan has been in our home about a week and is doing great. He has quickly learned the rhythms of our other dogs and does well on a schedule. He LOVES being outside and exploring. He has a peaceful, loving soul and would do well in any home that will give him a yard to explore and a human to love.

3/20/20 Tristan has really come out of his shell! He LOVES hunting bugs. He is currently fairly destracted with all of the bugs flying around. He is calm and easy going, doing really well in his crate and is house trained.

2/24/2020 Tristan has settled in nicely here at the ranch. He rarely whines anymore at all! He is good with the other dogs and my 3 year old daughter. He is calm and easy going. He does love to chase bunnies though!

2/2/20 Tristan is such a love! He does have a bit of separation anxiety that shows itself by whining in the crate at first. He has been here a couple of weeks and has almost completely stopped the whining. He is super low-key, easy going. He isn't a big wrestler and would be fine as an only dog or another low-key dog(s) or ones that like to play but not all the time. He says it's not in his job description to entertain the canines, only the humans! He is crate trained and house trained, walks fairly well on a leash and will sit next to you all day!

1/24/20 Tristan is 3 or so years old and a true gentleman. He's super gentle and low energy. He will cuddle with you all day long!

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Jacob Jacob
Jacob- DOB 2014
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
May 17 at 6:53 PM

Thank you David for fostering Jacob.

5/17/2020 Jacob (Jake) is about 6 years old and has been in a foster home for about 1 week. He loves fetching tennis balls, swimming and taking walks. He is very smart and very energetic. But, when he knows its time to rest he settles down nicely.

He is good with other dogs and very friendly. He is house trained and knows how to use a dog door. He is heartworm positive so is available through our foster-to-adopt program.

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Joan Jett
Joan Jett Joan Jett
Joan Jett- DOB 2017
Color: Black
Gender: female
May 16 at 2:04 PM

Thank you McKenzie for fostering Ms. Joan Jett! 5/15/2020 Joan Jett came to us from the shelter in La Grange. She is about 55 pounds with a docked tail (this was done long before we got her). She is very sweet, great with dogs, likes to play fetch and is house trained. She is a fierce squirrel chaser and needs a home without cats. She has a good amount of energy, loves to learn and already knows sit, down and is working on stay!

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Tank Tank Tank
Tank- DOB 2015
Color: Black
Gender: male
May 15 at 1:29 PM

Thank you Jaime for fostering Tank!

5/15/2020 Tank has finished up with his HW treatment, and is nearing the end of his activity restrictions. Yay! He continues to be a super sweet pup, and is beginning to show a more playful side of himself! He showed us he indeed can play fetch when the mood strikes! And is more interested in dog toys now, but when it comes down to it, prefers to nap close by. And is a GREAT porch dog to hang out with. We continue to work on his separation anxiety, and he continues to improve. However, he will still need more work and patience being left for longer periods of time. He definitely prefers to be with people and, given the chance, has so much love to give a family!

4/14/2020 Tank is currently going through his HW treatment, and is doing well. We continue to gently work with him on his separation anxiety while weĚve been staying home on the regular. He easily goes in the crate during the day while we work on school related things, and is improving. Tank truly just loves being with people of all ages, has continued to do great with our resident small rescue pup, but would be best in a home without cats. And donĚt let his seemingly energetic self fool you when you meet him in person, as Tank is truly super chill and easy going, once he settles in, and will happily follow you about to see what youĚre up to. Or will just lie close by if you like to sit outside on your back porch. If you sit next to him on the floor, he will affectionately put his paw on you, or your hand. And if you donĚt mind him sitting next to you on the sofa while binging your most recent show, he would be in pup heaven. That said, heĚs great about staying off furniture, and will contently lie on a doggy bed close by if thatĚs what you prefer. Overall, Tank is truly an amazing dog with so much love to give.

2/10/2020 Tank is hw positive. He is available for foster-to-adopt as he goes through his treatment. Tank is a big and lovable dog, who's ideal family would want to include him in much of their daily lives. He has a bit of separation anxiety, and takes a bit to settle in his crate, but is improving. He actually goes nicely in his crate, and even likes to hang out in it while you go about your day. He also would like to think heĚs an almost 80lb lap dog, but will settle for just being close to you, or laying on your feet. When you first meet Tank, he might seem like he's full of energy, but give him a minute and you'll find he's a calm and chill dog who wants to very much be apart of family life.

1/29/2020 Tank continues to be a handsome and sweet fella, with a definite side of silly. If you are looking for a sidekick, Tank is a great one! From easily hopping in the car for a ride (he LOVES going on car rides!), to walking the neighborhood (he gets super happy excited, then calms a bit and walks nicely. It's a work in progress), to chilling with you on the back porch while you have your morning coffee. Basically, Tank just wants to be with you wherever that may be. He LOVES hanging out with his people. He loves people so much, he prefers for them not to be away for a terribly long time. He does well for short stints of time in his crate, but might need some time to work up to longer periods. That said, he crates very easily. Actually wants to go to bed when it's time, and will happily go in the crate and settle down for the night. Tank truly loves people of all ages, and has been gentle with our kids, as well as our small resident dog. He has a ton of love to give, and any family will be super lucky to have him! He's a gem fo sure.

1/13/2020 Tank has been with a couple weeks now, and is such a loving and goofy guy! If you want a dog that plays fetch? That's definitely not Tank....he more prefers to hang out with you and snuggle at any possible chance he gets. He ADORES people, pretty much any he's met so far, including our kids ages 6-16, and practically wags his tail off in happiness when you come close by to say hello. He made fast friends with our 11 lb resident rescue pup, but isn't so sure about the resident cat. He knows sit, down, stay, and shake commands, and goes in his crate easily. He sleeps in his crate through the night, and is definitely house trained, no accidents. Tank is a fairly quiet, yet big guy! Occasionally barks, but quiets quickly, and he has an endearing Chewbacca-like talk on occasion. He also LOVES going for walks, and starts doing his own version of a happy dance to the door when he sees the leash in your hand, but will sit as patiently as he can before you open the door to go out. Tank has pretty decent leash manners, pulls a bit, but is improving.

12/30/19 Tank is 4 to 5 years old and someone has shown him love! He adores being with people, is good with kids and dogs, house and crate trained, and an overall really good boy. He's a bigger lab and does hop/jump when greeting people and is a goof when playing.

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Mishi Mishi Mishi
Mishi- DOB 2017
Color: Black
Gender: female
May 14 at 8:24 AM

Thank you Ginger for fostering Mishi!

4-14-20. Mishi has adapted so well at her foster home. She gets along with most dogs as long as she is introduced correctly. She is a hunter and loves to track down squirrels and birds. She will spend hours watching them in the backyard. She also loves to run up and down the fence line to play with the pup next door. But once she gets exercise she settles quickly and happily. She is not clingy at all but requires lots of loving throughout the day. we are steadily working on her leash skills. Along with tasty treats she is slowly getting better. But this is a work in progress. She gets distracted by squirrels and other dogs on the walks but using the clicker and quality treats is working miracles. Her coat is silky soft and shedding is minimal! She deserves a wonderful home with either another pup or by herself! 02/02/2020 Mishi is such a sweet, fun dog. She loves to wrestle and play with other dogs, but will do best if the dogs are medium or larger as she might step on little ones easily. She is super good in her crate, house trained and has the softest ears I have ever felt!! She has the typical energy of a lab pup, but has come so far since we got her nearly a year ago. I can't believe we have had her for so long, she is such a nice dog! Mishi is a bit of a wild child, but melts your heart every time. She has a great deal of energy and we are working on helping her calm down and act like the beautiful well behaved lady she is on the inside. She's learning to walk more calmly when on walks, and makes progress on every walk. She gets along very well with every dog she meets in the house, but can scare them at first because she gets very excited, jumping and barking when she can't just run up and meet them.

Mishi has been spending all of her time caring for her 3 puppies, and will be available for adoption in late June. She can take a while to warm up to other dogs, but that is getting better. She is totally housebroken! She likes to check out what is on your kitchen counters. She has spent a little bit of time in a crate and did fine. She might not be good with small animals as she had a chicken-chasing adventure a few days ago.

Thanks to LuAnn Peralta for sponsoring Mishi. We can save more dogs like Mishi with your support.

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Atlas Atlas Atlas
Atlas- DOB 2017
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
May 8 at 12:01 PM

Thank you Peggy and Jim for fostering Atlas!

5/8/20 Atlas just got another good report from his vet... yay! His rehab is progressing well following repair of a broken leg, and he should be clear for adoption in another two weeks or so. Atlas is a silly and lovable character who enjoys lazing around the house, helping in the garden, going for his morning stroll, and just hanging out with the family. He is generally very good on leash, is patient with his puppy foster brother, and is gentle with the household cat, too.

3/29/20 Atlas is recovering well from his injuries and should be available for adoption in about a month or so. In the meantime, he's enjoying having his foster family home with him more than usual and is doing a great job learning basic obedience and how to walk nicely on his leash. Atlas takes treats gently and is house trained and crate trained. He's generally a pretty mellow guy who loves to hang out with his people or stroll around the property tracking the critters that passed through overnight.

2/24/20 Atlas had most likely been hit by a car when he showed up at the shelter. He had a broken leg and severe laceration on another leg. He's had surgery and is on the mend. He's an incredibly sweet, easy going boy that loves cuddles, is good with kids, and is good in the crate.

Thanks to Denis O'Dwyer for sponsoring Atlas. We can save more dogs like Atlas with your support.

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Jessop Jessop Jessop
Jessop- DOB 2016
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
Yesterday at 2:12 PM

Thanks to Chandra and her family for fostering Jessop!

4/29/20 Jessop is learning all the tricks!

4/23/20 Jessop is still the happiest boy! We've been doing alone time during the day and he's doing fantastic. He's learned to sit before each meal, and to take treats gently...not to mention that he's also an all star treat catcher!

4/13/20 Jessop continues to be a joy and is settling in more and more each day. After roughly 3 weeks in our home, he is comfortable/confident enough to do a bit of sunbathing on his own. He has also started napping in separate rooms from the ones we are in. Nothing seems to phase this guy, not the blender, mixer, washing machine, dishwasher, or Roomba. He is completely calm during a thunder/lightning storm (and in fact we had to stop him from running around in the rain, lol), and he is happy to have his paws wiped off after splashing around in the mud. Jessop is a perfect gentleman, always crossing his paws when he lays down to relax, and is just an all-around happy boy! We are enjoying watching this sweet boy blossom.

4/4/20 It's coming up on 2 weeks since Jessop has been in our home and he continues to do great. He is a total love and wants to be near you always! Jessop has had no issues sleeping through the night in his crate. As soon as he wakes up his first order of business is to find a toy. It's the cutest thing! We've started using an easy walk harness on our walks and that has helped quite a bit. He loves to play, but also adores relaxing on a big comfy doggy bed. If you're looking for a 'Netflix and chill' buddy, Jessop is your guy!

3/28/20 Jessop is settling right in. This sweet boy has zero concept of personal space, and has the cutest personality. You'll rarely find him without a toy, and he LOVES to play fetch. He is completely house trained and crate trained, but needs some work on his leash manners (he's just so excited to go for a walk!). We've started working on that with him and it's going well so far. He's very treat motivated, and a quick learner! Jessop has been great with our pup and our cat. He's an all around good boy.

3/22/20 Jessop is a 3-4 year old boy that showed up at the San Antonio shelter with a torn up knee. He had surgery to fix his leg and is doing great! He likes playing fetch, getting loves from humans, and hanging with other doggies. He has been good in his crate and well behaved.

Jessop is HW positive. He qualifies for foster-to-adopt as he goes through his treatment. He takes medicine like a champ!

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Checkers Checkers Checkers
Checkers- DOB 2017
Color: Black
Gender: male
April 28 at 9:29 PM

Checkers is at the ranch and would LOVE a foster home of his own.

02/2/20 Checkers has learned so much! He now knows sit, leave it, wait, touch and is working on learning scent detection. This pup LOVES to learn! He is doing much better around other dogs, though still is a bully (throws his weight around and intimidates other pups instead of polite play) and should be the only dog in the home. He needs an adult home or kids that are big enough to hand a big boy. He also needs structure and a family willing to keep working on his training. He is maturing into a dream dog! He is one you should meet if you like the big, rambunctious, full of life labs!

9/27/19 Checkers is getting better and better each day. His leash reactivity is almost gone when walking around the ranch. He went to the vet and did exceptionally well, too. He still needs to be the only pet, but is doing much better on leash and learning good behaviors get you rewards! He is great at sit, is working on down, doing well with eye contact, and is great in a crate. If you are good with big, active dogs and only want to have one dog, he is an excellent option!

9/1/19 Checkers is such a loving dog to humans. He will sit all 70 pounds of himself on your lap and just hang out with you. He is a bit too much for children as he doesn't understand why he can't knock them over and sit on them, too. He LOVES water bottles and will carry them around wherever he goes. He is working on focusing his attention as he notices every new change in his environment. He is great in a crate. He needs to be the only pet in the home. He has gotten much better about not being reactive to other dogs on leash, too. He is a sweet, LARGE boy who needs a home that loves the big, goofy dog.

7/19/19 If you give Checkers 5 minutes he will steal your heart! He adores humans, loves to cuddle and truly thinks he is a lap dog! He is getting better on leash, sits to be pet, and is working on behaving around other dogs. If you are looking for a young, big dog, he is your man!

6/17/19 Checkers is super strong and lovable. He is working on sitting instead of jumping to say hello. He is incredibly sweet, has a huge, loveable personality, and needs an owner experienced with large, young dogs.

Checkers is a nature-loving boy who enjoys taking long walks (or even runs) so he can smell the flowers, and chase critters like birds, butterflies, and deer. He will also help you keep your environment clean by pointing out any changes since his last visit. With Checkers in your family, you can cancel your gym membership because he will give you a total workout on those walks or runs! He is crate-trained, and should still be crated when you can't keep an eye on him. He had double knee surgery 10 weeks ago, so now has "bionic" knees! If you're looking for a funny, goofy boy who will make you get out of the house every day, Checkers is your guy!

Thanks to LuAnn Peralta for sponsoring Checkers. We can save more dogs like Checkers with your support.

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Roxanne Roxanne Roxanne
Roxanne- DOB May, 2019
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
April 24 at 3:02 AM

3/29/20 Thank you Andrea and Victor for fostering Roxanne! Roxanne is a 11 month old pup with epilepsy that is well managed with medication.

4/23/20 It's so hard to believe that Roxanne has already been our foster pup for almost a month - she's been such a joy that the time has flown by! She has been learning so much already - she can sit, give both paws, lay down, and recently mastered roll over! She loves going for walks and is doing better and better on the leash each time. She can be a little stubborn sometimes, but basically everything we have tried to teach her so far, she has picked up!

In addition, she's a great companion. She hangs out with me while I work from home, with only the occasional (and totally reasonable) request for attention - and she also accepts that she has to have some alone time when I have online meetings. She absolutely ADORES our kids (10 and 14) and plays so well with our neighbor's dog, who now regularly sneaks over to our house to ask if her friend can come out to play - it's adorable. We are working on making some changes to her diet to make sure that her seizures stay manageable, and we're looking forward to seeing what she can learn next!

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Angora Angora Angora
Angora- DOB 4/1/2018
Color: Black
Gender: female
April 22 at 9:19 PM

Thank you Kirstin for fostering Angora through her medical recovery. Angora had surgery to repair a torn ACL in January 2020.

4/22- Angora is a sweet, playful lab full of energy and love to give. She loves to run and jump and play. Angora is looking for a family who is willing to give her the stability she craves and lots of love.

Angora is very active/playful, sweet, silly, and curious. She loves to play and chew on toys (she's not chewed a single shoe!). She loves going for walks and loves to smell everything along our way.

She has limited experience with children. I've had her with a 4 year old and a newborn several times and she was great. She wants to be part of the pack. I think she'll be great with dog savvy younger kids and all older kids. When kids approach her on our walks, she is so happy and gives kisses in return. She would love to run around the back yard with both her human and K9 brothers and sisters.

I have a 12 year old yellow lab and she enjoys his company. He's no longer willing to play rough with her but that doesn't stop her from trying. He will chase her around the yard on occasion. She gets a bit over excited when this happens but is calmed pretty easily. I think she'd love to have another dog that will play with her.

She has some of the training basics down with many tricks left to learn. She is quite teachable and loves to learn. She would still benefit from some additional training.

Angora is a great dog for a family that is willing to add her to their pack, spend time with her, and continue to work with her training. I've really enjoyed my time with her.

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Maddie Maddie Maddie
Maddie- DOB Late 2018
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
April 21 at 2:32 PM

Thank you Carmen for fostering Maddie.

4/21/20: Maddie's personality is coming out more and more each day. She is quiet and very sweet. She is definitely a velcro dog who will follow you around the house and loves to cuddle! She loves going on long walks and is great on the leash. She's is getting more confident around other dogs in our housing complex and on walks. We have been working on her separation anxiety and she has shown great improvement however, there is still definitely more work to be done until Maddie is okay being left alone for long periods of time. Maddie prefers napping over playing with toys. She doesn't show much interest in her toys but likes playing with us with her paws and loves her kong, especially when its filled with peanut butter!

4/13/20 Maddie's foster is currently working through her separation anxiety and social skills. She tends to be destructive when left home alone and is fearful of other dogs on walks.

3/29/20 Maddie is two things you can't teach a dog, sweet and chill. She likes to cuddle. She gets along well with our 12 yr old lab. She's opened up a little after a couple days with us.

3/27/20 Maddie is a 1-2 year old female. She's sweet, gentle, and kind. She's been very quiet and a bit hesitant, but overall is super amazing and easy to fall in love with!

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Maisey Maisey Maisey
Maisey- DOB 12/2018
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
April 15 at 8:03 PM

Thank you Leigh and Todd for fostering Maisey!


Maisey is a high energy playful young girl, who loves her people but can be very wary of strangers. As soon as she gets to know someone she turns into a sweet and snuggly dog who just wants to be involved in everything her humans are up to.

She is very smart and food driven, which makes her a quick learner. She kennels well and sleeps in her kennel through the night. She knows not to get on the furniture but would be more than happy to snuggle up next to you if that is what you want. Toys are one of her favorite things and she loves chewing on a bone or rope toy.

Maisey loves being outside, whether going on multiple walks a day or roaming her backyard and doing some sunbathing. She gets along great with our dog and the two of them play all of the time. She will play tug, a bit of fetch, and a lot of toy keep away (as she likes being chased around the yard).

Maisey has a very loud and intimidating bark but rarely uses it in the house, unless there is a stranger at the front door. She will definitely need continued training to break her stranger-danger habits, but we think this loving girl is certainly worth a little work because she is great in every other way.


One of the most important things we can do for our adopted dogs is to appropriately socialize them with all kinds of people, all kinds of dogs and in all kinds of situations. This is best, and most easily done, with puppies, but can actually be done - with perhaps a few adjustments - at any age. My trainer says a newly adopted dog should meet 100 new people in the first 100 days, and I would add 100 new places and, depending on the dog, 100 new dogs. How many of us do this?

We can't know exactly how Maisey was raised, but it appears that she was severely lacking in human socialization. She's wary of strangers and sometimes responds inappropriately by barking. We're working to address this "stranger danger" through training and exposure to new people and situations, and we believe she'll be able to make up for her socialization deficit.

Maisey is perfect at home, where she's comfortable. Her many stellar traits inclued: crate trained & sleeps well through the night, house trained, rides nicely in the car, treat-motivated and likes to learn, great with my dog, fun young dog energy, but able to settle, and can we talk about her tongue freckle and sometimes batty ear?!? ❤️

Once Maisey is more comfortable with strangers, she'll be attending Meet & Greets. In the meantime, if you are interested in this great, young dog and you are an experienced dog owner, please do contact us to discuss the possibility of a private Meet & Greet.

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Jazz Jazz Jazz
Jazz- DOB 2017
Color: Black
Gender: male
April 9 at 1:00 PM

Thank you Mike M. for fostering Jazz.

04/09/2020 Jazz is fully embracing fetch as his favorite thing.

03/30/2020 Jazz is learning to play fetch!

03/16/2020 Jazz is helping everyone here cope with the virus with his endless energy and joyful attitude he's always a perfect antidote to all the bad news on the TV. he's settled into our new home nicely and learning his manners quickly. He gets along great with our older girls, and quickly learned that they don't share his same level of spunk. 02/24/2020 Jazz is a super quick learner and loves training! He knows to sit for what he wants now and is working on wait to go through the door. He is good in his crate and is always up for an adventure!

02/2/2020 Jazz has such a fun personality! He is all love and energy. He loves other dogs but is very intense in his play and that can be a bit overwhelming at first. He loves to play chase. He is learning about stopping when the other dog gets tired instead of continually pushing for more play. He takes correction from other dogs well and is really improving on his self control. He is the typical lab pup in need of manners, but he learns quickly and is going to be an amazing dog! He is also crate trained and seems house trained!

1/15/20 Jazz is a super handsome 2-3 year old boy. He is good with other dogs and in his crate. He's a bit nervous at the moment, but still super sweet. He's active and playful and will love an active family.

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Sally Sally Sally
Sally- DOB 2016
Color: Black
Gender: female
Yesterday at 1:34 PM

Thank you Alyssa for fostering Sally.

3/29/20: Sally has been in our home for 2 days, but she's settled in like she's been here forever! She's had no issues sleeping in our room on her bed, and when we're all downstairs she's napping on the couch right beside us. She quickly figured out where the backyard is and will nudge you anytime she needs to go to the bathroom. We've gone on 2 walks of 2+ miles each and she's been good on a leash. She exhibits normal lab behavior of needing to stop and smell everything, and roll around in the grass every so often, but she's been unphased by dogs who are in their own yard. Night one we were in the backyard and she was not shy about barking at people who walked by, which leads me to believe she'd love to be your protector!

2/20/20 Sally came to us a few months ago with heartworms. We have gotten her heartworms treated and she is now ready for a forever home!! Sally is super calm, easy going, gentle, great on a leash, will cuddle on the couch with you or lay on her bed in the sun. She doesn't like other dogs so needs to be the only one in her home. She doesn't try to go after dogs and you can easily walk past them on the street. She just doesn't want them sniffing her or trying to play with her. She also has a bit of separation anxiety from time to time and therefore needs to be kept in a double latch plastic kennel, which she cannont get out of. These are available online or in PetSmart. She is also not a huge player, more of a companion, so kids might find her rather boring. She is gentle with kids but won't have the tollerance for the young ones like others might. Visiting grandkids or neighbor kids would be totally acceptable to her I am sure :). If you are looking for a sweet, low energy dog that wants to lay on the couch with you and watch movies, Sally is your girl!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Annabelle Annabelle Annabelle
Annabelle- DOB 2008
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
February 3 at 2:14 PM

Thanks to the Hagens family for fostering Annabelle!

9/1/19 Annabelle is staying with us this weekend and what a sweetheart! Like all seniors (dog and human!) she's a little saggy, a little slower to rise with some achy joints and always ready for her food! But she is a great companion for someone longing for a dog to keep them smiling while you go through the day! She still has some puppy in her and will play catch and go for short walks. Her only issue seems to be her need to be an only dog and she does not like to share her space or attention with other dogs. (Hmmm, I know some human seniors with the same issues!) If you are lonely and would love a pup that will love you back, take a chance on Annabelle. She will love you for rescuing her! 7/19/19 Annabelle wants to be an only dog and no cats. Beyond that she is amazing! Great with kids and people, she is so ready to find a forever home! She is still very active for her age, LOVES to play fetch and will walk anywhere with you!

6/16/19 Annabelle was found as a stray with a deep neck wound, very overgrown nails, missing nearly 1/2 of her hair and full of roundworms. She is finally feeling so much better and is so happy! She loves to play fetch, her favorite ball is the football, and she loves the water. She can be cranky with other dogs and doesn't like cats, so she would do best in an only dog home. She still has so much love to give, just waiting for someone to love her in her golden years!

Thanks to Justin King, Kari Beggs, Barbara Carpenter, and Peggy Ellwein for sponsoring Annabelle. We can save more dogs like Annabelle with your support.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

March March March
March- DOB 2018 Adoption Pending
Color: Black
Gender: female
May 18 at 3:24 PM

Thank you McKenzie for fostering March!

March is a 2-year-old girl who is extremely patient, great on a leash and loves to play fetch.

4/14/20 - March has been with her fosters for about 3 weeks and is starting to pick up on commands and ques. Last week she was spayed and did really well. She's very calm and hasn't had to wear a cone. She is completely house, and kennel trained. While on daily walks she's best on a harness and working hard on not pulling although she gets excited when she sees other dogs. She typically won't bark unless barked at, but is very curious. She's very sweet towards the foster's dog and loves to play with her and follow her around the dog park and even the house. She loves to cuddle. If you spent all day holding her she would be the happiest dog in the world. She also enjoys exploring outside and prancing around the dog park, but will chase every squirrel that catches her eye. On occasion, she'll hoard toys in her bed, but isn't too possessive when another dog she knows/is comfortable wants to play. March would be an awesome addition to any family who wants to add a sweet and caring dog to their family.

4/8/ 20 - March is about 2 years old and incredibly sweet. She's calm, easy-going, crate and house trained, good with other dogs when introduced slowly, and knows sit, stay, and down. We're currently working on commands like shake, touch, and heel. She was originally rescued from a shelter in Waco, tx and has lived with a foster family before.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Honey Honey Honey
Honey- DOB 2018 Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
May 18 at 3:23 PM

Thank you Jen for fostering Honey!

5/10/2020 Honey is 2 years old. She's sweet, loves water, and plays fetch. She's a larger girl - around 80 pounds. She is learning to be quiet in her crate and is getting much better. She's house trained, good with dogs and cats, and good in the car. She pulls on the leash and will jump when excited. She's good with kids, though their toys are her toys, too. She's a happy girl and will be a good pup!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Jan Jan Jan
Jan- DOB August 2019 Adoption Pending
Color: Black
Gender: female
May 11 at 3:39 PM

Thanks to Ivonne and her family for fostering Jan!

4/8/20 I lost track of how long we have had Jan. She blends right in with the rest of us and is doing well. She likes going for walks and playing with our dogs. Her favorite past time is running in the backyard and finding sticks.

3/24/20 I hope to have new pictures for you soon especially one showing Jan's curly tail. Jan continues to be amazing. We decided to let her roam the house at night and turns out that she loves sleeping under our bed. The girls and I are at home due to coronavirus and are placing Jan and Max in their crates during the day for short periods of time. Jan and I went on our first walk the other night and she did great. The gentle leader helped and she did not pull. This sweet girl is still looking for her forever home and will make a great addition to a sweet family eager to love on her.

3/9/20 We've had Jan for about two weeks now and she continues to be a sweetheart. She has been the easiest foster to date. 100% potty trained (no accidents in our home) and crate trained. She likes having her belly rubbed and cuddling at the end of the day.

3/4/20 Jan has been with us 3 days so far and has been a joy to have. She is crate trained, potty trained, knows sit and we are working on "down". She had fun running and jumping in the puddles brought on by today's rain. She is great with kids (my girls are 9 and 12) and she loves playing with our lab Max, while our other 2 dogs watch.

3/2/20 Jan was recently returned to us through no fault of her own, but because her adopter's schedule changed.

12/11/19 Jan continues to be the playful and affectionate puppy. She has learned that running around in the backyard after a soccer ball is REALLY fun! As is playing fetch, which is quickly becoming one of her favorite activities. She continues to get along well with kiddos, but seems to do best with those over the age of 5. Jan knows sit, is working on other basic commands, and is getting better at alerting at the door when she needs to go out. She sleeps through the night quietly in her crate, and also crates well during the day if needing to run an errand or two. She absolutely loves being with people, and loves snuggles even more.

12/1/19 Jan has been with us about two weeks now, and is quite the fun and affectionate puppy! She got along well with her foster brother before he went to his new home, and gets along well with our smaller dog as well. She hasn?t bothered our cat much, other than being really curious and wanting to play, but is learning to keep her distance when he lets her know he?s not interested. So far Jan has gotten along will all ages of children she has met, including our kiddos ages 6 to 16. She sleeps well in her crate at night, is working on her house training, and currently knows the ?sit? command. She is a quick learner for sure! Jan loves LOVES playing with her doggy toys, and has just enough puppy playfulness, but is also always ready for a good snuggle.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Delia Delia Delia
Delia- DOB late 2018 Adoption Pending
Color: Chocolate
Gender: female
May 11 at 3:37 PM

5/5/2020 Delia has been with her foster family for one week and is an absolute dream dog! She has a quiet, calm disposition and loves cuddling up on blanket next to you, snoozing the afternoon away, or finding a patch of sunlight to sun herself in the yard. She is very affection-motivated and will do just about anything for her owners.

She is doing really well going on walks with a leash without pulling. She also does well on car rides.

4/17/20 Delia was just rescued from Bell County. She appears to be about 18 months old. She is crate trained and dog friendly and also knows sit, down, shake and roll over. She is getting spayed on 4/28 and moving into a foster home.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Hope Hope Hope
Hope- DOB 2015 Adoption Pending
Color: Black
Gender: female
May 4 at 6:54 PM

Thank you David B. For fostering Hope!

4/22/20 My name is "Hope" and I have been in a foster home for about 4 weeks now. I was surrendered to this rescue group for reasons which were not my fault. I am smart and eager to please. So I learned how to use the dog door on the first day at my foster home. I am a very mellow dog but get really excited when I see the leash and know its time to go for a walk. Walking is a lot of fun. I enjoy sunbathing, digging holes in the dirt and snuggling on the couch. I get along great with other dogs.

3/22/20 Hope is a 5 year old sweet heart! She's calm, easy going, crate and house trained, good with cats, dogs, and kids, and knows sit and down! She's on the smaller side and needs to lose about 10 pounds. She's going to be an awesome addition to someone's family!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Teeny Teeny Teeny
Teeny- DOB November 2019 Adoption Pending
Color: Black
Gender: female
May 4 at 4:16 PM

NOTE: The adoption fee for puppies is $350

Thank you Sarah for fostering Teeny.

4/23/20 Hi everyone, its me Teeny reporting on my progress from my foster home. What a month it has been. My mom and dad have nicknamed me "Quarran"Teeny. I'm not really sure what that means but boy do I get to spend a lot of time snuggle on the couch and running around at the park with my 2 foster brothers. When I got here I was really shy but now they call me sassy and say I'm a big dog in a 'teeny' body. I've been growing so fast I sometimes lose control when I run because I don't know where my body and legs are trying to go. I have learned sit, come, kennel and load up (this means get into the car because we are going to the PARK!). I love wrestling with my foster brothers and getting all my puppy energy out. My favorite things are snuggling on the couch, walks around the neighborhood and riding in the car.

3/24/20 We have had Teeny for a little over a week and she is growing more and more everyday. Teeny is really coming out of her shell and finding her confidence. She loves to snuggle and makes a great companion as I am restricted to working from home these days. Teeny is working on her manners of sit, come and off (she gets excited and jumps). Teeny has also taken a few field trips to our local off leash dog park and plays great with other pups. She has even taken to the water and is working up the courage to go swimming with her foster brothers. Teeny sleeps in her crate at night and has not had any accidents in the house. We are able to let her out every few hours.

2/21/20 Teeny is doing amazing! She has learned to use the doggie door and as long as she has access to it she has no accidents in the house! She is sleeping through the night! Teeny voluntarily goes into her crate to eat and for bed time! She is doing much better with being alone but has not mastered this one as her foster mom is home with her most of the time. I have no doubt this is something she would learn if needed! Teeny is just the sweetest puppy! She enjoys cuddling and loves playing with her foster siblings! She also enjoys when my grandsons (8 & 2) come over to play! Teeny will be a great addition to any family or person!

02/03/2020 Are you looking for someone to bring the ball back? How about someone who wants to go on long walks? Are you interested in endless love and cuddles? Want someone to grow old with? OMG! Me too! Are we meant to be? I'm a long legged, petite love bug girl who is looking for my furever home. Got dogs, cats, kids? I don't mind. Want me all to yourself? I'm ok with that too! My hobbies include cuddling with my human, finding just the right chew toy toy to ease my teething, (My foster mom says fingers are a no-no, bummer) practicing my puppy manners, napping, playing, belly rubs and kisses! I know I sound perfect but the truth is, I don't like to be left alone to much (who does, amirite?) but I'm still young and surely with practice I would adjust if I must! I'm still a puppy but my foster mom says I am very smart and a quick learner! What do you say? Should we meet?

Teeny is is one of Tyra's puppies. We do not think the dad was a Lab. Teeny is one of the smaller ones in this litter

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Tucker Tucker Tucker
Tucker- DOB 01-24-2018 Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
May 4 at 4:16 PM

Thanks to Ginger for fostering Tucker!

4-14-20. Tucker is adjusting very well and has another lab rescue to play with everyday. He is a dream on a leash (harness) and walks right beside me the whole way. He is very loving and demands lots of massages from his foster Mom and is accommodated! We are training on his recall every day and along with a tasty treat he is improving although not a dog that should be let off lead until this has been perfected. His coat is silky soft and shedding does not seem to be an issue. He is a love bug that deserves the best home ever! 4-1-20. Tucker was rescued today from the Uvalde animal shelter. He is very friendly and loves to play ball. More info to come soon!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Patches Patches Patches
Patches- DOB Early 2019 Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
April 28 at 7:16 PM

Patches is in a foster home.

4/26/20 Patches is on a trial run with Texas Task Force 1 to be a search dog, so is currently unavailable.

2/24/2020 Patches is such a smart dog! He is an incredibly quick learner. Very food motivated and pretty ball motivated, too! If you are looking for a dog to do scent work or specialized training, he is the one for you!

2/2/2020 Patches has hair growing back!! He is such a smart boy. He does well in his crate, hangs out with other dogs nicely and LOVES food!!

1/10/20 Patches is a little over a year old and has had a rough start. He has demodex mange, which isn't contagious. It's more like eczema in humans. He's currently getting daily baths for the infection threat - it's all over his skin from lack of treatment. The mange has been treated and hopefully his hair will start to grow back.

Patches is 40 pounds full grown. He LOVES treats and food. He really enjoys learning new things. He is the typical bouncy puppy that needs some work on basic manners, but he's never met a stranger! He also likes to play fetch and to carry things around.

Thanks to Peggy Ellwein for sponsoring Patches. We can save more dogs like Patches with your support.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

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