Labradors Needing Homes

The following Labrador Retrievers are currently available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of the wonderful Labradors listed below, please complete the online application by clicking here:

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Most of the labs listed here have been abandoned for some reason. They are in need of a family who has the time to care for them, train them and live with them as a member of the family. They do not do well as totally outdoor dogs or just a friend, playmate for your child or pet. They are living animals who need a sense of being wanted, needed, and being an integral member of your family.

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Rigby- DOB December 2017
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
July 13 at 11:02 AM

6/24/18: Thank you Kye for fostering Ridgy! He is approximately 7 months old. We will post more information as we get to know Rigby!

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20180618192531224 20180618192531224 20180618192531224
Fiona- DOB 2017
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
July 13 at 9:12 AM

Thank you Courtney for fostering Fiona!

July 2018: I have been fostering Fiona for a month now and you can't help but to quickly fall in love with her! She is super sweet, loves to cuddle and have her belly rubbed. She loves toys, dragging them out of the toy box one by one and she also loves playing with my lab. She is on the younger side & her "puppy" occasionally shows but she is a quick learner. Fiona is tall and lean, weighing about 50 pounds and has a precious face wiith her crazy ears. She is house trained and crate trained and does good in the car. This sweet girl has lots of energy and would make a great companion!

June 2018: Fiona is new to HOTLR and looking for her forever home/family! She is approximately 10 months old and came in with her sister, Frankie (we think). She is good in her crate and is working on feeling confident in her new surroundings. Stay tuned for more information on this sweet girl.

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20180712135131811 20180712135131811 20180712135131811
Cash- DOB 2012
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
July 12 at 1:51 PM

7/10/18 Cash was rescued today! He is living at the Ranch and would love a foster home while he waits for his forever home! He is around 6 years old, loves toys and balls and is good in a crate. We will post more as we get to know Cash.

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20180702213717230 20180702213717230 20180702213717230
Jedi - DOB 2014
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
July 12 at 1:43 PM

7/2/18 Jedi was rescued today with his buddy, Luke. He is living at the Ranch, but would love a foster home while he waits for his forever home! We will post more information on Jedi as we get to know him.

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20180624194516756 20180624194516756 20180624194516756
Eleanor- DOB 2013
Color: Chocolate
Gender: female
July 12 at 1:07 PM

6/24/18: Eleanor joined HOTLR today and is looking for a foster home until she finds her forever family! She is dog friendly, crate and house trained and loves hanging in the kiddie pool. She is around 5 years old and would love to join your family!

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20180711125521910 20180711125521910 20180711125521910
Ebony- DOB 2012
Color: Black
Gender: female
July 11 at 12:55 PM

7/10/18: Ebony was rescued TODAY and is looking for a foster home while she waits for her forever family. We will post more about her as we get to know this sweet girl.

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20180702095800205 20180702095800205 20180702095800205
JoJo- DOB December 2017
Color: Black
Gender: male
July 9 at 5:28 PM

7/2/18: JoJo is looking for his foster home while he waits for his forever home! From what we've learned about JoJo, he was found with his mom, her sister, his brother tied up in an abandoned house. He has been with us for just over 24hrs... Jojo is your typical bouncy pouncy lab puppy! Curious, loving and playful.

6/24/18: JoJo is approximately 7 months old and new to HOTLR. He is living at the Ranch, but would LOVE a foster home until he finds his forever home! We will post more about JoJo as we get to know him.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180627201408303 20180627201408303 20180627201408303
Mikey- DOB 2017
Color: Black
Gender: male
July 9 at 10:48 AM

7/9/18 Mikey is looking for a new foster home while he waits for his forever home.

06/19/18 Mikey is adjusting to his foster home well! He is so sweet! He is house broke and does well in his crate! We are working on some manners with him such as taking a treat gently from your hand, waiting his turn/patience and some leash manners! He is fun loving, not overly attached, loves water, squeak toys, playing tug and he loves to play fetch! He is good with the other dogs and ignores the cats!He is on the smaller size and with some very basic obedience will be an amazing companion!

06/12/18 Mikey's hair is growing back in nicely! Mikey arrived at his new foster home today! So far he is adjusting fantastic to his new home and foster siblings! More info to come as we get to know him!

5/16/18 Mikey came to HOTLR today with a terrible case of Demodex (doggy eczema). He will require a bath every other day with medicated shampoo until healed. He's a sweet little guy that has had a rough start to his life and deserves so much more. Mikey is 7 months old and full of unlimited smiles and kisses.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

2018051817314315 2018051817314315 2018051817314315
Blake- DOB 2016
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
July 6 at 1:29 PM

Thank you Megan for fostering this handsome guy. Blake is looking for his forever family/home!

6/19/18 He is a big, young, sweet boy who from what we can piece together was a sheltered, outside dog. He is well behaved in the house and needs some leash walking training. He gets along with other dogs and is great in a crate. He enjoys the water and is sweet with kids.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180514223717549 20180514223717549 20180514223717549
Blossom- DOB 2014
Color: Chocolate
Gender: female
July 4 at 5:03 PM

6-18-18 Blossom continues to impress us with her smarts and personality! Her coat continues to turn back to its original chocolatey brown. She is an incredibly happy girl who loves to be around her people. Her favorite part of the day is going on her walk and she does best with daily exercise to calm her active mind. Blossom would do amazing in an active household or with someone who works at home. She is a VERY snuggly girl who can't help but nuzzling her nose into your lap for some love. She can be a little wiggly and "in your face" for young kids but is very loving and does amazing with children above 5.

5-24-18 Blossom is a little girl with a whole lot of personality! This little gal loves to be by your side. She is super smart and always curious what the humans are up to. She learns very quickly and is definitely food motivated. She loves to carry her bowl around which is so adorable and sometimes walks herself (carries her leash in her mouth on the walk). Her beautiful brown coat is coming back to it's natural color with time, brushing and some good food! She absolutely loves to snuggle and play. She seems to get along well with other dogs.

5-14-18 We've had Blossom for 1 week and in that time she has completely made herself at home. She loves to be close by her humans and is always curious what they're up to. She is very smart and knows commands such as sit, down, shake, up (sitting on her hind legs). Blossom is on the smaller side, just under 50 lbs, so she makes for a perfect couch cuddle companion. She loves to go on walks or roam the backyard looking for new smells. She's not fully kennel trained (doesn't like to be locked in) but we are working on it and she has begun to sleep in her kennel by choice. Blossom is very excitable and tends to jump and wiggle, because of this she may not be the best with young kids (we're thinking under 5), but we don't have any real evidence one way or the other. She is a very happy-go-lucky girl who just wants to nuzzle her way into your heart.

5-5-18 Blossom is new to us. Thank you Leigh for fostering her. Blossom is a sweet 4 year old that was neglected and lived her life outside. Her coat is faded, but will be a beautiful chocolate again soon!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180518172922953 20180518172922953 20180518172922953
Lincoln- DOB 2016
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
July 2 at 4:17 PM

Thanks to Laurie and family for fostering Lincoln!

7/2/18 Hi Guys - Lincoln here - I've gotten settled in at my foster home now and thought I would tell you a little bit about me. I REALLY LOVE going for walks and jogs. I get really excited at the beginning, (my foster mom says we are working on that) but once I settle down I walk very nicely on my leash. I'm really curious and want to see and explore everything!! I've had a lot of fun playing with the other dogs in the house and I am quickly learning their boundaries too. Once I get the wiggles out I am a champion snuggler, and I like to lay right next to you on the couch while you are relaxing. I like to meet new people and I'm pretty good about not jumping up on them.

My foster mom says I'm really smart - I learned how to use the dog door in about 2 seconds, I know sit and I've picked up the routines of my foster home really fast and I haven't had even 1 accident.

While I think the foster home is really great I would love a family of my own that I can go on adventures or play with then come home have a yummy dinner (I love food too)and snuggle up with.

6/28/18 Today we took Lincoln on his first "light jog" a little 20 minute jog around the neighborhood - he did great we are working on leash manners but once he settles in he does fantastic. I think he'll make a great running buddy - he was starting to get tired at the end of our 20 min jog so for anything longer than that he would need to work up to it slowly. He is a real people dog - he loves being right with the family and wants to sit right next to you.

6/19/18 Lincoln is such a sweet, easy going boy! He loves toys. He will carry them around everywhere he goes. He is so good in a crate and loves other dogs. He has liked every dog we have introduced him to. He would love someone to take him for walks and let him lounge around playing with toys and chewing on a knuckle bones!

6/8/18 Lincoln is new to us. He is very sweet, smart, loves toys and walks well on a leash. Stay tuned for more information on this handsome boy. He came to us from Sutherland Springs as part of a hoarding case. This boy is so very sweet for coming from such a bad situation.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180702125606450 20180702125606450 20180702125606450
Luke- DOB 2015
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
July 2 at 12:56 PM

7/1/18 Luke was rescued today and is looking for his forever home! He is living at the Ranch, but would love a foster family while he is waiting for his forever home. We will post more information as we get to know Luke.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
20180617175618409 20180617175618409 20180617175618409
Charlie- DOB 2018
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
July 1 at 9:51 AM

7/1/18 Charlie has been with me for 2 weeks, and we have lots to report! She?s a growing girl and has gained 7 lbs., and she's mastered house training. I am enthusiastically greeted on all my returns, even if trip was only traveling to the trash can.

Leash walking is no longer scary and, in fact, is quite fun! Training is a snap with a treat-motivated dog and let?s just say that Charlie is highly trainable.

She loves her some people, and she is unabashed in showing her fan girl admiration for her foster brothers, even when it is not quite reciprocated.

In summary, and to answer that burning question I know you all have: yes, indeed, Charlie is a very good girl!

6/17/18: Charlie has only been with me for a day but I think I've seen enough to give her the highest of ratings to potential adopters! She is very sweet, without being clingy. Currently living with 5yo and 3yo male labs, and not at all intimidated by their bigger and older status. And my home dogs appreciated that while Charlie would prefer to play more than they want to accommodate, she is not rude or pushy in her interactions with them. It seems that she's not had many dog life experiences (what is this leash thing you are pulling?), but she's curious and adjusts well after initial encounters. She's pulled, in the most positive of ways, toward both people and other dogs on our walks. She's still a puppy and will need all the puppy training and exercise things, and in return you'll be rewarded with a lovely, fun dog! June 16, 2018 Charlie was rescued today and is in a loving foster home waiting for her forever home. Thank you Laura Lee! She is a typical 5 month old puppy. We will post more about Charlie as we get to know this sweet little girl.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

2018041313573895 2018041313573895 2018041313573895
Maelin- DOB 2016
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
June 30 at 4:16 PM

Thank you Kate and Reece for fostering Maelin. Maelin is new to us, dog friendly, good in a crate and just looking for her forever home!

Maelin overall is AWESOME. She has only been at a new foster's for 2 nights, and we are all surprised she hasn't been snatched up by a family! She's quiet, laid back, very polite and just a very relaxed dog! She goes in her crate nicely and rides in the car quietly. She has already picked out her sleeping spot next to our bed, and enjoys laying next to you where ever you might be in the house.

5/16/2018 Maelin has made herself right at home and wants to meet every person and dog she encounters. Everyone should be a friend in her mind.... even the mailman. She's always very well behaved inside our home, as if she's just conserving energy for going outside and running around later. Maelin usually enjoys a few naps during the day, so she'll stay up with the last family member at night. She wakes up around 6am, but as long as someone's nearby, she'll let the family sleep in.

4/24/18 Maelin is a sweet girl who really loves being around adults and kids. She's always excited to go outside and play, but also likes to just hang out next to you. Maelin knows some basic obedience commands- sit, down, stay, etc., and she's good about staying off furniture and not "counter surfing" for food, We're still working on leash manners, since she gets pretty excited for walks, but she's always friendly to other dogs she meets, even if they're not as nice.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180220202249378 20180220202249378 20180220202249378
Laredo- DOB 2016
Color: Black
Gender: male
June 28 at 9:27 PM

2/20/18 Sweet Laredo. We are so happy that our home is finally available for him since we are the only foster with no other dogs. He needed love and companionship so much. It is amazing how much a relaxed dog can learn in a short amount of time. We are working on "sit", which he will do without even giving him treats! He has been sleeping in a dog bed next to ours and has far exceeded our night time expectations. He doesn't bother us in the morning until we actually get up out of bed!

10/16/17 Laredo has calmed down and become an amazing pup to love on! He is always up for a couch cuddle and will sit and watch you cook all day! He is still working on leash manners around other dogs, but is so good on leash when they aren't around. If you are looking for a pup to play fetch with and hang out with your kids/family, he is a great option. He needs to be the only pet, but if you are only wanting one he is a great one to have!

9/28/17 Laredo loves to play, whether that is fetch or chase he is always game to play! He is great with kids and enjoys being loved on. He needs to be the only pet, but he has a big enough heart to fill your whole home!

8/25/17 Looking for a running buddy? This boy is for you! He is such a huge goof ball you will be entertained for hours! He is sweet and very energetic but calms down nicely and enjoys cuddles, too.

8/18/17 Laredo loves to play with toys, chase and tug are his favorites. He still needs to gain some weight, but has no problem eating his food! Right now Laredo needs to be an only dog as he seems to not like all dogs. We have found this can change a couple of months after getting neutered (he was neutered yesterday). He is a high energy, handsome boy looking for someone to explore town with!

8/10/17 Laredo is an energetic, loving young boy waiting for his forever home!!

Thanks to the following people who have sponsored Laredo: Cathy Daniels, Bebe Carpenter, Kari Beggs, Ron Palmer, and Barbara Perales.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180401163148552 20180401163148552 20180401163148552
Ruby- DOB 2017
Color: Black
Gender: female
June 27 at 9:17 AM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Ruby

6-27-18 Ruby is your typical young Lab girl who lets nothing slow her down, even a botched surgical repair from when she was hit by a car in 2017. Her back right leg will never totally be a normal one, but she doesn't mind! Right now she is still fighting an infection in the leg, and we are hoping that we can get it cleared up so that she can have one more surgery to stabilize it. If we can't get the infection under control, then we will amputate the leg, but again, she won't miss it! Because of that, and because she still has a few months of healing to do, we are offering her as a Foster to Adopt dog. That means she lives with her new family as a "foster" until she is done healing from whichever surgery she has, and then she becomes officially adopted by that same family.That gives her the chance to heal quietly in a normal home instead of in the chaos of her current foster home. Here she is, this morning, living life as Ruby does:

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180602151101258 20180602151101258 20180602151101258
Sundance- DOB 2017
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
June 25 at 11:46 PM

Thank you Peggy and Jim for fostering Sundance.

6-25-18 Sundance came to us with a torn ACL so recently had surgery and is now in 6 weeks of recovery confinement. Donations to help pay for that surgery would be greatly appreciated!

6/2/18 - Sundance is your typical adolescent Labrador - full of goofy smiles and kisses for everyone he meets. He is house trained and has started working on basic obedience skills. He gets along with other dogs and pretty much ignores the cat. Sundance has a torn ACL that will need repair, but will be ready to join his new fur-ever family very soon!

5/15/18 Sundance came to HOTLR along with Butch Cassidy. He is living at the Ranch currently, but would love a foster home until he finds his forever home. He is a sweet 7 month old chocolate ball of energy.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
20180310221825651 20180310221825651 20180310221825651
Timber- DOB 2015
Color: Black
Gender: male
June 25 at 1:17 PM

Adoption Coordinator Note: Since Timber is a shy guy and is a little overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of meet and greets at the ranch, he is available for private meet and greets at his foster's home. We feel like this will give potential adopters a true insight to this sweet boy's personality! If you are interested in meeting Timber, please contact us.

6/25/2018 I've been fostering Timber for about two months now, and he's turned into such a happy, spunky boy! He loves to climb into my lap and wiggle around happily. Now that he's comfortable he's decided to try a little counter surfing, but he always stops when I call him away (still, best to keep the food out of paw's reach!). He's eager to please and very friendly once you've earned his trust. Watching Timber learn to trust humans is actually a very rewarding experience - he would be a great dog for someone who doesn't mind his initial shyness and would enjoy pulling this boy out of his shell!

5/24/2018 Timber transitioned to a new foster home, and he was such a champ about it! He was shy at first, but after a few days he was playing with my dog and cuddling with me on the couch. He's great in his crate, house trained, trustworthy if left alone, and overall just a wonderful dog! He's a good choice for someone who wants a more independent dog - I work from home, and he snoozes nicely on a dog bed in my office and doesn't constantly beg for attention/pets (but he appreciates them when offered!).

4/24/2018 Timber is continuing to "bloom"! He's doing an excellent job on leash around the neighborhood and loves chasing his foster brother around the backyard. He is turning into a velcro lab... always underfoot, in the same room as his person, preferably sitting on them if allowed. Timber's love for peanut butter continues to help him open up to new experiences and tricks... His "down" has gotten better since that became the "go to" treat. Timber would love to find a permanent family of his own soon!

3/10/2018 Since the last update, Timber has had few new experiences that have proven how resilient this dog is. He's handled overnight guests gracefully, gotten a bath (with some help from peanut butter!), had a few long car rides and attended a group training session. Every time he is faced with something new, Timber rises to the occasion. We have found that he is happiest when the leash comes out and is an excellent walking buddy!

2/15/2018 We have so many good things to say about Timber. He is blooming more and more. He loves quick ear rubs, tail scratches, beef bones and laying around completely stretched out. He greets us when we come in the door, and has started jumping up and down to show his enthusiasm. Still working on a good "lie down" on command (really our fault, we haven't worked very consistently on it with him).

1/25/2018 Timber is settling into his foster home. This Saturday he will have been with us for 2 weeks. He loves hanging with the permanent lab, and actively engages him and us in play. Timber follows his foster brother's lead around the house He has a beautiful sit for treats, will come near you when he's called for treats (and if he's feeling particularly confident). A good word to describe Timber is independent. He likes to approach new or scary things on his own time. He does best when he is given space to "compose" or "decompress" himself. We have found that providing a quiet spot that he can enter and exit at will helps him be more confident when he is interacting with us. At this point, he will lay under desks or chairs while you are working quietly, and try to steal spots on the sofa or bed to snuggle. Besides treats, the way to this dog's heart is a solid scratching session just above the base of his tail... When he asks for one! There is a lover of a Lab in there, just waiting to come out.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180513092609738 20180513092609738 20180513092609738
Zara- DOB Feb 2018
Color: Black
Gender: female
June 6 at 6:59 PM

5/12/18 Thank you Mike for fostering precious Zara! PUPPIES 6 MONTHS AND YOUNGER ARE $350.

5/11/18 Zara and her two sisters were rescued today! She is an adorable 13 week old yellow puppy. Stay tuned for more information and pictures!

5/12/18 Margaret Huston just dropped off two new foster puppies. They are yellow females. Their names are Zara and Zola. Yes, they are from the same litter. This is their 1st time meeting Sepp, Buddy & Inge. So far so good! It's a puppy party in my bedroom, lol. Pictures to come.

5/13/18 1st night w/sweet Zara. She didn?t like being crated. Silly Robert & I didn?t realize that she has been crated w/her sister. So we put them together. They fussed for a few minutes and then fell peacefully to sleep. This morning no accidents in the crate, yay. Zara is the more mellow yellow lab. She is the 1st one to go off by herself and chill. She does enjoy toys. Zara is getting along w/foster siblings; 1 puppy, two adult labs, & 2 cats.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

2018050322121224 2018050322121224
Titan- DOB 2016
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
May 13 at 1:49 PM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Titan!

5-2-18 Titan is a special dog who is so amazingly sweet. He came to us with a leg that had been destroyed when he was hit by a motorcycle, but his owners didn't do anything to help him. Unfortunately, the leg could not be saved, so we had it amputated. He is so much happier now and is no longer in pain. He's a bit shy, but that is improving every day. He gets along with other dogs, seems okay with cats, and is crate trained.

We appreciate the following people who have contributed to Titan's medical expenses: LuAnn Peralta.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180223152847579 20180223152847579 20180223152847579
Theodore- DOB October 2016
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
April 23 at 5:09 PM

Thanks to Rachel for fostering sweet Theo!!!

4/23/18 Update: Theodore is still looking for his forever home. His dream is to find a family with a big, fenced yard and a fur friend to play with daily. Theo LOVES other dogs, he loves to play, and will need to go to a family that has another playful and active dog. Although we are working on not jumping up at toys in our hands, he is gentle as a timid horse when taking food or treats. His favorite night-time routine is being brushed while laying in his foster's lap. He also LOVES to work, and will require continued training with a dog experienced owner. Since he is young and large (~65LBs), he will need someone wanting, willing and able to work with him on basic obedience (such as leash skills). He needs an assertive owner who knows how to handle puppy-like behavior, such as mouthing towards toys when he is excited. This dog has a heart of a gentle giant, and has been through more than many in his life (especially for being under 2 years old). He is looking for that family who are ready to help shape and mold him into an even better dog. One thing we love about him is his ability to self entertain. Theodore is not an overly needy dog. If it was up to him, he would spend his afternoons sun bathing, playing fetch and chasing squirrels outside - this dog LOVES being active outdoors. The more active the family, the better for this lab! His typical lab energy means he would do best with a family who can exercise him (physically and mentally) daily, and a family that's excited to take him to training obedience classes! Lastly, he will need to go to a kid-free family due to his young age and large size. 2/23/18: Theodore has been winning the hearts and minds of #teamtheo fans on his foster's social media page ( His demeanor is as sweet as his face. He gets along with dogs of all shapes and sizes, doesn't mind cats and is an awesome road-trip partner. Fully potty trained and crate trained, just a little polishing on his leash skills is needed. Both active and lovable, Theo is looking a home with a nice fenced yard he can sun bathe in (this dog LOVES being outdoors). He would be happiest being in a family with another dog, or a family that has a lot of dog friends and visitors. He is a typical energetic lab, so he would thrive with an active family. If you are looking for a loyal, resilient, friend to keep your feet warm - Theodore might just be the perfect fit. 12-7-17 Theo is ready for adoption! Vet has given the all clear.

9-21-17 Theo came to us as an abandoned puppy and was then adopted out. He recently returned to us and is now recovering from hip replacement surgery. Not only is he as cute as can be, he also is extremely active and carries anything and everything in his mouth. He needs a home with another playful dog. This is a must for him. He also needs an experienced owner as he is still a puppy, but weighs 70 pounds.

We appreciate the following people who have contributed to Theo's medical care: J Ware, M Bryarly, A Sauer, E Biehle, S Giancola, C Moore, T Ritko, B Simonton, C Daniels, P and L Peralta, S Van Poperin, C Leahy, C Rethamn, P Kipping, T Lieberknecht, G Sanderson, C Moore, T Potts, L McCloskey, H Bassett, M Patel, J Chapa, S Bain, R Palmer, D Mann, S Owens, K Brinegar, L Adams, H Hickey, L Collins, J Howell, S Oswalt.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180624200014826 20180624200014826 20180624200014826
Rita- DOB 2013 Adoption Pending
Color: Black
Gender: female
July 10 at 4:49 PM

7/9/18: Rita is a very calm and easy going girl. She is HW positive and will begin treatment in August - September, but isn't currently under any restrictions. She gives great hugs and is dog friendly and good in the crate.

6/24/18: Rita joined HOTLR today and is living at the Ranch, but would LOVE a foster home until she finds her forever home! We will post more information as we get to know sweet Rita!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180624194028253 20180624194028253 20180624194028253
Joannie- DOB 2016 Adoption Pending
Color: Chocolate
Gender: female
July 9 at 10:32 AM

6/24/18: Joannie is brand new to us and is living at the Ranch and would love a foster home until she finds her forever home! We will post more information and pictures soon!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
20180618171118146 20180618171118146 20180618171118146
Frankie- DOB 2017 Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
July 9 at 10:32 AM

FRANKIE is approximately 10-12 months old. If you want an Easy, Sweet, Smart puppy, Frankie is your girl! Crate Trained? YES Potty Trained? YES Sleeps through the night? YES Great on Leash? YES (doesn't pull at all and would love to have daily walks!) Loves to chew on bones and antlers? YES Loves to Play with other Dogs? YES Great with kids? YES Likes to Chase Squirrels? YES Barks to Alert you to someone at door or yard? YES Wants to curl up in your lap? YES Will sleep in the bed with you if you want? YES (but can sleep quietly in her crate too) Steals shoes and things that aren't hers sometimes? YES (she just doesn't know what hers and not yet) Will dig holes in your mulch beds so you can plant new plants and flowers every week? YES She really is such a sweet girl. A big thanks to Stacy for fostering our new girl, Frankie! She is looking for her forever home! Please come meet her at the Ranch! Frankie on a Walk Frankie at the Lake (loved to swim but didn't have long enough leash)

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
20180704191240366 20180704191240366 20180704191240366
Ed- DOB 2017 Adoption Pending
Color: Black
Gender: male
July 9 at 10:31 AM

<6/4/18>Ed is such a sweetheart! He was at the ranch because his 1st foster family went out of town, now he is with us...his 2nd foster family. He has such a sweet temperament, he loves putting his head in your lap. He likes to bark at cars but getting much better. He is working on his leash manners and not pulling, improving everyday! Today, he went on his 1st boat ride, loves the water, loves people, other dogs and even watched a 4th of July parade today with kids and big crowds around. He sleeps through the night and is house trained. He knows how to sit, shake, lay down and stay, so smart! He has his 1st meet and greet on Saturday, Ed can't wait to meet you.

4/27/18 Our sweet Ed is continuing to mature. We have been working at all interior doors on his "wait" command. We can open the back door wide now and he will maintain his "wait" until we "release" him. If you had known him six weeks ago, you would understand the progress this shows for him.

Leash manners continue to be his biggest challenge and he will need training to focus on this. But inside the house, he is a champ: well-behaved and snuggly.

4/3/18 Ed is really improving his ability to deliver "sit" in spite of his puppy excitement. We have started adding "stay" after "sit" with the goal that he will safely remain inside when a door to the house is opened. For a one-year-old dog, I'd say he is coming along well.

Ed's affection and companionship continue to be such a beautiful thing. I've really never met a more affectionate dog. I can see Ed being a wonderful companion to a family with playful children.

3/17/18 We are so happy to foster Ed. He has been living with us for just a few days now. He is such an affectionate, loving dog. He likes to climb in your lap, as best he can at his grown size. If not on your lap, he wants to snuggle up. He has been very happy to meet all the people who have come and gone in our house so far.

There is lots of puppy energy left in him, but so far I haven't seen any of the puppy chewing that often accompanies this. He plays hard outside and loves a good game of fetch. He can jump higher than any lab I've ever seen, so a 6 foot fence will be a must.

Ed has been sleeping on a dog bed in our bedroom and he beds down easily for the night. We have crated him a few times when no one was going to be home and that went fine.

He loves to go walking. He is strong, so we are walking him with a front-hooking harness. He is barking at cars right now, but I suspect this may be a matter of gaining familiarity since his prior life may have been in a rural area with fewer cars. We will work on this over the next few weeks.

I think Ed would be very happy to have a dog to play with in his new home. 3/8/18 Ed was rescued from Uvalde. He knows Sit and Shake and acts like a fun loving sweet young Lab.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180702155332310 20180702155332310 20180702155332310
Cannon- DOB 2018 Adoption Pending
Color: Black
Gender: male
July 9 at 10:30 AM

Thank you Stacey for fostering Cannon!

7/6/18 This little guy is such a loving and sweet puppy. He has learned sit and come and we are working on off as he loves to jump on furniture to be next to you. He is a snuggler. He plays great with his 3 foster siblings. He loves the baby (dog) pool, but hasn't jumped into our in ground pool, yet. He will make a wonderful addition to your family.

6/19/18 Cannon is a super sweet puppy that thinks he is a lap dog. He loves to play with other dogs and toys. He sleeps through the night without needing a potty break and is good in the crate. He is a very nice puppy!

June 17, 2018 Cannon was rescued today and looking for his forever home! He is a typical 6 month old puppy. We will post more about Cannon as we get to know this sweet little boy. Pictures to come soon!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180601144721154 20180601144721154 20180601144721154
May- DOB 2016 Adoption Pending
Color: Black
Gender: female
July 9 at 10:30 AM

Thank you Cecily for fostering May!

for more photos and updates on May, please visit:

03/18 Sweet May, how far this wonderful girl has come! May LOVES to play fetch and run off leash around our property! She would also be perfectly happy to crawl into my lap and stay there! She has so much love to give, and aims to please! She is never to far away, but is getting better in giving us some space! May has anxiety and gets overwhelmed when out of her comfort zone (i.e. Away from home) but she is getting so much better with her coping skills! She has had some obstacles to over come (two puppy fosters and an out of town guest with a dog) and she has handled it amazingly well! She needs a patient family who will play lots of fetch and keep her busy! May WILL NOT make a great 1st impression but this beautiful petite girl is an absolute joy and lovebug! May is available for a private Meet & Greet! Take a short drive and come play ball with May!

May is comfortable in her foster home, knows her place, the routine and expectations and seems to be thriving now! She is very much a Velcro lovebug! She is fiercely loyal and LOVES attention. Now that the weather is nicer, we've been outside playing fetch several times a day to help release some of her energy. She loves to play fetch, so much so we recently bought a ball thrower so we can throw the ball further! She loves it and always gets a running start in anticipation of the throw! May has anxiety and takes medication for it but with consistency in her daily routine and the medication May is doing remarkably well! May would love to find her furever home!

May has been with us almost 4 months now and wow has she come a long way! May has been on anti-anxiety meds for almost 2 months and they have been a life saver! She no longer stresses about most everything, instead she handles changes (such as us moving) rather well! She isn't pacing from nervous energy anymore either! She seems to be a normal high energy dog, she lives to play fetch, with other dogs, or by herself! Her energy is endless but since starting the medicine she is able to settle down now and take breaks/naps throughout the day! She still needs to work on socialization, to give her confidence in meeting new people or places. She would do best in an active home, no small children (under 6) recommended as she can be quite bouncy but she does well with kids otherwise! She is besties with my dog so an active, playful dog would be better suited for her as she will initiate play almost constantly! She is house trained, crate trained and knows basic obediance! Once she trusts you, she is fiercely loyal and oh so very loving! She needs a forever home overflowing in patience with her! She does have anxiety and it takes her a little longer to truly settle in and trust you completely but once she does she is a sweet, good girl (or she tries super hard to be ☺)

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180606211505409 20180606211505409 20180606211505409
Casper- DOB 2018 Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
July 4 at 4:24 PM

Casper is a typical sweet, energetic and very social puppy. He is 7-8 months old. He is crate trained and doggy door trained. He loves water, but hasn't jumped in the big pool yet! He sleeps quietly all night in his crate. He is good riding in a car although we are still working on loading up. He will make a wonderful and loyal addition to a family with another fur kid. A big thanks to Mika for fostering this adorable guy. He is looking for his forever family.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
20180618131648653 20180618131648653 20180618131648653
Sapphire- DOB 2015 Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
July 2 at 12:51 PM

7/2/18- ADOPTED!!!! 6/25/18: Its been a little over a week that we have been fostering Miss Sapphire! She has been such a great dog to have in our home. She loves to follow you wherever you go and supervise around the house! We continue to crate train during the day and occasionally we will let her roam when we are gone for quick errands. She has been doing very good with both. We continue to leash train on our walks and we are now using a harness to help with the pulling. Along with napping, one of Sapphire's favorite thing is to play fetch with a tennis ball. She is actually helping our golden to be better at this game! She was very good at her meet and greet this weekend and extremely patient with kids and other dogs. We continue to work on commands like sit, stay, off, lay down and are impressed with her quick learning! 6/18/18:Sapphire just joined our foster home this week! We have a female Golden Retriever that is close in age and they have become pals. Sapphire is a beautiful dog with a golden coat and brown eyes, she has already been given compliments out on our walks! She is gentle, calm, and a well mannered dog. She loves to put her paw on your lap until you invite her up to cuddle with you. She is quiet and loves to nap. She is learning commands like sit, stay, off and her name. I was surprised on our walks how quickly she learned to not pull. She still needs practice but we will start using a harness with her. We are also working on crate training during the day and at night she has been sleeping by our bed. She is house trained which is great so we don?t have to worry about any messes! She loves playing with toys and we reward her with treats when she learns different commands. While she has been in our home her personality is starting to show and she just wants someone to love on her! Sapphire would be a great addition to any household with dogs, kids, cats-(not sure about!) Thank you to Megan for fostering sweet Sapphire!

June 2018: Sapphire joined HOTLR today and she is a beautiful jewel.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180521134318488 20180521134318488 20180521134318488
Sugar- DOB 2010 Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
Gender: female
June 28 at 9:29 PM

Thank you Gail for fostering Sugar!

6/17/18 She loves her walks, great walker, no pulling. Went to the doggie park and she had a great time sniffing around but really not interested in any of the pups around her. My grandpuppy, a 1-year-old Vizsla, came over and they spent 3 hours together, in the condo and they had a wonderful time playing; I believe she would be a great companion to another pup. She is such a sweet little girl.

6/8/2018 I have now had Sugar for 3 weeks. She is so gentle and especially polite when given her "good girl" cookie. She is a health nut when it comes to her special food, she loves carrots, blueberries, strawberries, green beans and plain yogurt. She is a chewer but only on toys that have been given her, she respects what is yours, she has touched nothing else in the home but her toys. What a perfect pup.

5/22/18 Sugar has been at my home for 3 days. The day we brought her here she was a perfect car rider. We let her in the home and she walked around, checked it out and relaxed. Sugar is the sweetest pup, have seen no aggression when she meets another pup or person. She walks beautifully on a leash. There is no food aggression. She loves to be loved. I do not know what more you could ask for, she is a perfect princess.

5/21/18 Sugar has been with us for only 2 days but we are amazed at what a wonderful lab she is! She sleeps quietly thru the night, rides great in the car, is good on a leash, is a quiet, gentle soul who loves cookies and belly rubs. This is a gem of a dog! She s on the smaller side, so perfect match for smaller house or a small yard as long as you give her all your love!

5/18/18 Sugar is approximately 8 years old, house and crate trained, loves everyone, enjoys walks and is very young at heart! Very affectionate and wants to be a lap Lab, but who doesn't!

Sugar is settling in very well. She has managed to find some toys I had forgotten about. She likes to chew on the Kong toy and the Nyla bone.

She will play fetch. She won?t bring it back to you, but she will go fetch a toy so she can chew on it some more. She also does some carpet swimming ? she gets on her back and bends back and forth and manages to move across the room. She also likes to be in your lap. A little big for a lap dog, but she makes it work. And the belly rub. She does love a good belly rub.

Thanks to the Dwight Bengtson for sponsoring Sugar.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180514194745554 20180514194745554 20180514194745554
Koda- DOB 7/29/17 Adoption Pending
Color: Black
Gender: male
June 27 at 2:55 PM

5-14-18 We have had Koda for over a week now, and he is such a sweet boy. We joke that he is a shadow, because he loves to follow you around and fall asleep at your feet. He's still young and has some of that fun puppy energy even though he's almost fully grown. He get's along great with our other two dogs, and though interested in our cats the first few days, he doesn't mind them anymore. He loves going for walks, and he's getting better on the leash each time we take him. He can stay in a crate while you're out of the house or asleep, but he definitely prefers being with you then left alone. He rides great in the car, and enjoys munching on bones and chewing on his toys. He's very easy going and has been so much fun to have in our home.

5-6-18 Thank you Sandra for fostering Koda.

4-30-18 Koda is brand new but what a handsome boy! Koda is about 9 months old and is your typical Labrador. We'll share more about him once we learn about his true personality.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180507092203980 20180507092203980
Mousse- DOB 2012 Adoption Pending
Color: Chocolate
Gender: female
June 25 at 11:49 PM

05/21/18 Mousse is a sweet, gentle, low energy girl. She loves to lay in the sun and follow you from place to place. She is not demanding and no behavior issues are noted thus far :) Her color is a rich chocolate with some brittle spots on her back; these are slowing improving with better nutrition. She is not crated at night nor when alone and although she has been left alone for hours, she has not exhibited any problem behaviors. She does not chew nor get on the furniture, which is a definite bonus. She tends to sleep on the dog bed in the living room. She gets along well with other dogs, is gentle with children. She takes treats gently and is working on walking on a leash. She is definitely a sweet, beautiful companion!

5-11-18 Thank you Kye for fostering sweet Mousse!

5-5-18 Mousse, as in chocolate is new to HOTLR. She is an easy going sweet Lab. She is HW+ and will start treatments soon. She is crate trained and dog friendly. Her coat is bad from neglect, but will be a beautiful chocolate color again very soon!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180415183528918 20180415183528918 20180415183528918
Floyd- DOB 2017 Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
June 25 at 11:48 PM

5-25-18 Thanks to Margaret for fostering Floyd!

5-2-18 We have learned that Floyd has a bad hip and will be having FHO surgery next week. Once he is healed he will be able to be a normal, pain-free dog!

4/22/18 Floyd is a young, goofy dog who has never met a stranger. He is energetic and loving, enjoys playing fetch and dunking his ball in the water. He says it is to keep it clean, but we think he just is hoping we will take him swimming soon!

4/12/18 Floyd is brand new to us. He is living at the Ranch, but would love a foster home until he finds his forever home! Keep checking back for new adorable pictures and information on Fantastic Floyd!

We appreciate the following people who have contributed to Floyd's medical expenses: Alessandro Baldan and Robert Price.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180528172442326 20180528172442326
Bunny- DOB 2016 Adoption Pending
Color: Black
Gender: female
June 25 at 11:47 PM

Thanks to Heather and Chris for fostering Bunny!

5/29/18-Bunny came to our house yesterday and has been settling in nicely. She slept all night in her crate without a sound and has had no accidents in the house at all! She is very timid and needs some coaxing (especially around Chris), but is more willing to come to you if you sit on the floor and call to her. Sudden loud noises and large delivery trucks make her very nervous, but she has gone on two walks and seems to enjoy them. She is learning which pieces of furniture are for dogs and which are for people. Bunny is a sweet dog, who desperately wants to love and be loved. I don?t think Bunny needs to be in a home with another dog, but she certainly deems a new situation as ok much quicker if her foster dog sister seems to be fine with it.

Bunny gave birth to 6 puppies on April 1, 2018, so will not be available until June when her puppies are 8 weeks old. She has gotten along with the dogs she has met. She is quite interested in the chickens, so probably should not be around small animals without supervision. She loves being around people.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Butch Cassidy
2018052822145738 2018052822145738 2018052822145738
Butch Cassidy- DOB 2015 Adoption Pending
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
June 25 at 11:44 PM

5/28/18 Butch Cassidy has been in our foster home for a couple days and he is doing great! We have both a big and small dog that he gets along very well with. He is crate and leash trained and has not had any accedents in the house. Butch is calm, but gets excited when in a new place. He does not beg, but is curious about what you have with you. Since he has only had his name for a week, he is still working on name recognition. He enjoys walks and likes to run in the fields behind my neighborhood. He would make a great dog for an active family!

5/15/18 Butch Cassidy joined HOTLR today along with his sidekick Sundance. He is living at the Ranch, but would love a foster home until he finds his forever home. We will post more information on this handsome boy soon.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180513205217946 20180513205217946 20180513205217946
Buchanan- DOB 2015 Adoption Pending
Color: Chocolate
Gender: male
June 25 at 11:42 PM

Thank you Sandy for fostering Buchanan.

6/17/18 I had fun celebrating Fathers Day with my foster family. I loved sitting & floating on the tube. I have pretty good balance. I am really a sweet pup, learning more & more each day. I have a meet & greet Sat, come meet me! I think I would love another dog or two & I love kids! See you soon. 🐾

6/9/18. Wow! I've been a busy pup learning something new everyday. I love my daily walks, always happy & I'm super good with other dogs! Oh, I got to go to the beach & a few boat rides. I'm a true lab, love the water! I still want to find my forever home...I will love you unconditionally...I have soooo much ❤️ to give! I sleep in my crate all night...I'm ready! Come meet me. 🐾

5/13/2018. Well, I sure have been doing good with my foster family. I get lots of hugs & kisses & they get them right back..I am pretty darn lovable. I go on daily walks and I am so much better on a leash, no more pulling. I used to play in the water dish but I don't do that anymore. I found out I love the water, Pool, creek...I'm in! I love hanging out with my foster brothers in the house while my foster family watches TV...I calm right down. Can't wait to meet you & find my forever home. ❤️

5/7/18 Hi! This is Buchanan, my new foster family calls me Buc for short...they already love me! ❤️ I slept in my crate all night with only 1 potty break. They took me on a fun, long walk today with my foster brother, Bolt. We became fast friends & have been playing & sharing raw hides all day. Oh, I learned to SIT today, Im actually very smart. And did I mention how loveable & great I am with people & other dogs? 🐾I will do anything for a pepperoni or a treat. I'm gonna keep on learning so I can meet my forever family!!! Come & meet me & you can fall in love with me too just like my foster family did. ❤️

4/12/18 Buchanan joined HOTLR today. He is a handsome boy and LOVES water!

4/23/18 Buchanan is getting so much better at self control and basic manners! This young boy came to us like a bull in a china shop, but now he is much more careful about his actions. He is good with other dogs, does well in his crate and is good at not knocking over young kids. He is your typical young male lab!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20180623175346582 20180623175346582 20180623175346582
Garnet- DOB 2017 Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
Gender: male
June 25 at 11:40 PM

Garnet would love a foster home/family while he waits for his forever home. We will post more about him as we get to know this handsome boy!

6/19/18 Garnet is a sweet boy, about a year old. He is good in a crate, likes playing with other dogs and toys! He does jump some and needs to work on house manners, but isn't super hyper. He is very easy to fall in love with!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

As dogs are adopted and room becomes available we take more in. At this time we are completely filled up and do not have enough foster homes to rescue all of the Labs in this area, and north and south of Austin. There are several at Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, and other Shelters around the area, we will consider as space becomes available. Please put the Labs in Shelters, on your list for consideration. If you find a Lab you would consider adopting in one of the shelters, we would be happy to meet you. Our Rescue group will be available to answer any questions you may have or to help you work through any problems you may experience with your adopted Lab, whether you adopt from us, or one of the shelters. Also consider the dogs below.

There are additional dogs listed at the below link which are also available for adoption. These dogs are privately owned dogs and are NOT affiliated with HOTLR. Do NOT contact HOTLR to get more info on these dogs, as this is a service we provide to people trying to place labs. Please contact the individual dog's contact information to arrange to meet the dog. HOTLR does not vouch for any of these dogs, as they have not been evaluated by any HOTLR Volunteers.

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