Faline Faline
Faline- Adopted 2018

Thanks to the Anderson clan for showing Faline what happily ever after looks like😍 Hey folks! Hope you had a great 4th of July, because Faline certainly did! We did keep her name Faline (as you can see). She is a very good girl and enjoys playing with the pups and has certainly warmed up to us in the past few months. We stayed at home with her this year with the fireworks and she didn't seem to mind the loud noises - so that was good. A few pictures to show you how she is doing? This sweet girl was with us for over a YEAR as she waited for her perfect people. She came to us so shy that no one could even pet her, and here she is celebrating the Fourth of July with fireworks. My oh my how a little love and patience can change someone?s world ❤️
Ajax- Adopted

Well, no real surprise, we love the big dork. Even with the room clearing farts. He also discovered (accidentally) that he can swim better than he thought. But here he is participating in the great squirt gun battle (squirt guns and hoses are his favorite things in the world) and then recooperating on "his" bed We are grateful everyday that it worked out for us! I still can't believe how long we debated and that he stayed available 🙂?
Kira Kira
Kira- Adopted

Wanted to update everyone on sweet Kira (now going by Kaia). Today marks one month since shes joined our family and we are so in love. I can't imagine life without her at this point. She wakes up the happiest dog in the world and her joy is infectious. She is a fast learner- on command she can now sit, shake with both paws, down, and has improved greatly on taking treats "gentle". Also getting really good on her leash/harness and interacting with other animals and people when we are out on our walks. She greets me at the door with a toy everyday and almost every morning starts with a game of fetch in the backyard. With this heat she has enjoyed getting to visit the lake and swim. She and our other lab are both obsessed with water and swimming. She has been so good with our senior dog, great at sharing and making each day a little bit more active and playful. I had let Peggy and Jim know our vet recommended we get her in some physical therapy to help with recovery on her hip so shes starting some sessions in hopes of building up more strength and cartilage. She really is the best dog- we are lucky we got to take her home. I can't thank you all enough for taking her in through HOTLR, fostering, and loving her like you did.
Weeble- Adopted

Weeble, now called Duke has been the most wonderful addition to our family! He loves our walks, playing in the backyard with his brother Duncan, or just snuggling on the couch. Honestly, he is treasured! Thank you for all that you do for these animals. We feel like the luckiest family in the world.
Beanie (Bean)
Beanie (Bean)- Adopted 2014

We are delighted with our little Lab mix female that we adopted in April of 2014. She was dog # 1351, and called Bean. Now she is known as Beanie, and she is such a joy! She weighs about 48 pounds, and DNA testing shows her to be mostly part Lab and part American Cocker Spaniel. Beanie has distinguished herself in so many ways! Besides being an absolutely amazing pet, she earned her CGC title before one year of age, and passed her Pet Partner Therapy Dog evaluation at one year of age with a complex rating! When she came to us, she was already house-trained even though she hadn't been fostered yet! She has now passed her evaluation again for the second time, (we evaluate every 2 years) and we visit in many places, including hospitals, extended care facilities, Fort Sam, and elementary schools. She has also participated in many university de-stress days for the students before finals, and in presentations about Pet Partners. She loves agility, which unfortunately we have had to give up for a while because of my back problems. As you know, when they're beginning, you have to run the course with them.
Rogue- Adopted Sept 2012

Rogue was the wild child of HOTLR. She is a crazy fun ball dog and you should see her in flyball. She thinks that is what she was made to do. She can run playing fetch for hours on end-and proved it at the picnic this year! She is an absolute blast. She has even figured out that cuddling can be as much fun as a ball-as long as no ball is in sight! :) we love her!
Shelby- Adopted 2009

realized after all this time, I have never sent an update on my girl Shelby- my daughter's really. she is now 10 years old and still romps and plays like a puppy. She and my daughter are close as ever- running, playing and cuddling. She helps fosters to adjust and thinks water is great fun! she is awesome!
Zeke- Adopted 2011

We adopted Zeke in 2011 from Heart of Texas Lab Rescue and have been enjoying his big personality ever since! He was a great friend to Jackson (adopted in 1999) and kept him company until he crossed the rainbow bridge in April 2012. Zeke has a very inquisitive nature. He puts his nose into everything and wants to investigate! His long legs and "stealthiness" enable him to quietly inspect counters as well as sneak up on squirrels, scaring them high into the trees! He likes to lay in the shower to keep cool while I am getting ready in the mornings. He spent 3 weeks with Diana Smith at Hearts and Paws for doggie boot camp in July/Aug 2012 where he learned more about minding his manners and we learned how to work with him better. He loves to play and fetch his "bird" and any ball. He is very sweet and loves to snuggle up with us on the bed at night. He is quite an attraction on walks in the neighborhood because he is such a beautiful Lab. His coat is very shiny and black. He is very smart. We are looking forward to many more years of his unconditional love!
Bear aka Deputy
Bear aka Deputy Bear aka Deputy
Bear aka Deputy- Adopted July 2012

Oh we love him so much! SUCH a sweetheart! He is just so well behaved and sweet, always wanting to be cuddled on and pet :-) He is already able to stay out of his crate in the afternoons after I go back during lunch to play and let him out.. although most times when we get home he is lounging back in there in his little cave anyway haha. He and Mowgli (our younger calico kitten) are getting along great! They even drink out of the same water bowl together sometimes.. Mowgli getting slobbered on the whole time. Although we are beginning to suspect - since she is our slightly chubby cat - she is just after his treats. We will call him to come sit/lay/etc and she'll run over and sit right next to him looking at us like "hey, where's mine?" Charlie (the 1 year old black cat) is still very wary of the whole situation and tends to avoid it up in the trees out back. He is still pretty puffy and hissy if they cross paths but then again, we do need to remind ourselves it has only been a couple weeks! Afterall, in the room together and then running and hiding is a step up from not coming in the house together at all! Baby steps :-)

Regarding swimming - he LOVES it! Water of all kinds actually, as you will see from the pictures. Those great swimming shots are from Red Bud Isle leashless dog park where he can just swim out after that ball for hours. He plays really well with other dogs, as you know, but definitely prefers to just hang out with us :-). We've had some playdates with our friends who have a 7 month old golden retriever which is of course crazy until they finally tire each other out haha. He has also been swimming in another friends' pool which he is a little less sure about - we think because of the clear water and steps vs. gradual walk into the river or creek, but he is working on it. We also got him a Walky Dog (http://www.thedogoutdoors.com/) so he can come ride bikes with us and boy does he love that! He just runs and runs with that big tongue out and wagging!

All in all, he is doing wonderfully and we are so, so happy to have in as part of our family. Thank you so much for everything you did for him - we know that his time in your home is definitely the reason we have such a sweetheart now :).

Bo (Sundance)
Bo (Sundance)- Adopted August 2010

I wanted to send you a couple pictures of a dog you called Sundance that I adopted in August. His name is now Bo. Bo and I have become great buddies. He's a handful but we are getting along just fine. If either of you are in San Antonio and want to visit him, please don't hesitate to call. He has truly found a place in my heart. Thank y'all so much for making it possible for me to take care of him.
Zoey Zoey Zoey
Zoey- Adopted November 2011

Five weeks ago, we brought Zoey home. As I type this, she and sweetoldyellowdog Bailey (who we adopted from HOTLab in April 2008) are snuggled up together (I won't say where, so Margaret won't have to read it). In just a little while, our 11-month-old son will wake up from his nap and Zoey will sit up and hop down and come bouncing into the nursery with me to get him up. She'll snuggle her head over his shoulder and then she'll lie on the floor while I get him ready to go outside. While he sits in his wagon in the yard to watch her play ball with Bailey, she'll come trotting over to show him her catches. When we go somewhere and leave the dogs at home, Zoey will go and retrieve one thing from each of us and put it in the middle of the living room floor. When we come home, she'll peek out the window at us and then come and meet us at the door, sitting beautifully while we come inside. I could go on and on (like Ive already done!), but all of this is to say that we didn't know we needed Zoey in our pack, but it clearly wasn't complete until she got here. Five weeks ago, we brought Zoey home. Five weeks and forever ago. Kim Usey

Ellie Ellie
Ellie- Adopted February 2010

Chris and I wanted to take a moment to update you on our sweet girl Ellie (formally Allie). She came to live with us in February of 2010 and has been an amazing addition to our family. Ellie quickly made herself at home and fits perfectly sleeping at the end of our bed. She spends her time running, hiking, swimming, and playing ball while keeping her continuous post as mom?s shadow. In December of 2010 we made the move to Kansas City, MO to start a new adventure and Ellie quickly became acquainted with the snow and loves it here. Our once pound puppy is now continually praised by friends and family on her loving and well-behaved disposition, we are blessed by her everyday. We could not be more in love with Ellie; she is a perfect fit for our family- thank you for all that you do HOTLR!!
Maddie (aka Glory)
Maddie (aka Glory) Maddie (aka Glory)
Maddie (aka Glory)- Adopted August 2010

I am writing in to give you our happy tail on our dog Maddie ( formerly known as Glory) We adopted Maddie (formerly known as Glory) in August of last year and she has been such a gift to us. She has brought such joy to all of our lives. When we first brought her home she was so shy and not too sure of all of us. She has really attached herself to me. She is always walking right on my leg all around the house and follows her big sister Kayla (my black lab) everywhere. It is like she and Kayla were meant to be together. They sleep right next to each other and give each other kisses when they wake up in the morning. They play all day long. It has been so great for my older lab. My kids just love her cause she is such a sweet, loving dog. She lets my daughter dress her up in her dress up stuff and brush her hair. They have such a good time together. Maddie has been such a blessing to me as my husband has been deployed for so long and she really comforts me when I am sad or lonely. I just love her and can't thank you enough for helping bring this wonderful lab into our lives!!!! Sincerely, Allison A. Holton

Big Ben (aka Rover)
Big Ben (aka Rover)- Adopted June 2010

It's been one year since we adopted Big Ben from HOTLR. We remember sitting on Margaret's couch during our 'meet and greet' and instantly falling in love with Big Ben as soon as he laid his huge block head gently in our laps. He respected and enjoyed short play times with our 12 year old lab (who just recently passed). He loves going into the 'love room' (laundry room) with our two sons and getting loads and loads of hugs and kisses. He's been an outstanding addition to our family and we thank HOTLR very much!!!
Charlie (Chandler)
Charlie (Chandler)- Adopted February, 2010

It took me forever to write the ?Happy Tail? of sweet Chandler, now Charlie Brown. I thought this was the right time to finally post something, as this past weekend marked the one year anniversary of the wonderful day Charlie joined my family. Charlie has been an absolute gem, showing new facets of his personality every week. Thankfully, he has progressed significantly from his early days with me where he demonstrated his teenage angst by taking the roles of TP mistakenly left on the counter and papering the yard while I was away! Adopting an adult rescue was new to me and I candidly was very nervous. I previously had two (2) pound puppy lab mixes who blessed me with 11 and 16 years respectively. With a huge hole in my heart, it took me two years to even consider getting another dog. I mistakenly thought no other animal could ever come close to the special place those dogs had in my heart. Boy was I wrong! Charlie is every bit as wonderful and, of course, special in his own ways. My only regret is that I didn?t come get him from HOTLR sooner! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the gift of Charlie Brown, and for all you do for these four-legged friends every year!
Maize (aka Fawn on of Firefly's pups)
Maize (aka Fawn on of Firefly's pups) Maize (aka Fawn on of Firefly's pups) Maize (aka Fawn on of Firefly's pups)
Maize (aka Fawn on of Firefly's pups)- Adopted Autumn 2010

We just got back from a long Thanksgiving weekend on my Dad's farm where Maize had a blast with the other dogs, horses, donkeys and open fields. She did great off the leash playing on the farm and then coming when called. We think she is aMAIZEing!
Dixie (aka Tenille)
Dixie (aka Tenille) Dixie (aka Tenille) Dixie (aka Tenille)
Dixie (aka Tenille)- Adopted Summer 2010

We just wanted to update you on our Dixie girl (AKA Tenille). She is absolutely FABULOUS! She is such a sweet girl. She has fit into our family like a glove and our hearts are full of love for our petite little yellow lab! Dixie often plays with my parents 9 month old black lab, Jax and they get along great. We recently took her to our farm and she had a blast exploring the place. Dixie loves baths and will get in the shower when she's ready to be bathed. Such a good girl. She goes everywhere with us and waits at the door when she hears the keys. About 8:30 every evening she wants to go outside to run our yard and into the neighbors yard. We just sit and watch her and it's the funniest thing. When she's done, she goes to the front door. The only thing that makes us sad is we do see signs of abuse still in certain situations. She stays close to us in a new environment, seems to still have trouble eating (as if she's scared of her food), and has trouble crossing from one room to the next. She's very timid when she's unsure of her surroundings. But not to worry, we shower her with LOTS of LOVE and are so happy to have rescued her. So thank you Margaret for what you do. If we decide to give Dixie a "running buddy" we'll for sure be coming back to Heart of Texas Lab Rescue.
Murphy Murphy
Murphy- Adopted

Hello to all of my friends at the Heart of Texas Lab Rescue! I?ve traveled to lots of exciting places since my mom and dad, Emily and Jon Osteen, adopted me back in the spring of 2006. When my dad got accepted into graduate school at the University of Virginia, my sister, Daisy, and I moved from Houston to beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia. Charlottesville was great! I went on lots of hiking trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains and especially loved playing in my backyard. After two years in Charlottesville, we moved to New Jersey because my daddy got a new job after he finished school. We lived in scenic Lambertville, which is right on the Delaware River! My favorite thing about Lambertville was swimming in the river! I LOVE swimming! We moved to New York City in July of 2009. I love my neighborhood in Manhattan! We live right across from Riverside Park in the Upper West Side, so I see trees, birds and squirrels everyday. I love playing with my friends at the dog park! I also love watching the boats and ducks in the Hudson River. I like Manhattan a lot because everyone walks everywhere, which means I get to go on errands with mom and dad. I even go shopping with mom! I?m real good in the Gap. I wanted to thank you for getting me out of the shelter and taking care of me! I love my new family!


Murphy Osteen

Dixie- Adopted August 2005

Our family adopted Dixie in August 2005 - hard to believe it has been five years. We moved to Anchorage about a year ago and I must say Dixie (and we) absolutely love it. We miss Texas greatly, but living in Alaska has many benefits and has turned out to be a tremendous adventure for all of us, most especially Dixie. She loves the cold, the snow, the moose and everything else she has encountered on her many outings. Thanks for a great dog and please know we think HOTLR often and the many labs your organization has helped.
Waffles- Adopted May 2010

Waffles is doing great. She's a well behaved dog who LOVES to play (of course!), and her antics are often entertaining and amusing. She likes watching TV, especially if a dog is on the screen (or a cat). One of her favorite things is to sit and look out the living room window, keeping track of what's going on in the neighborhood. The windowsill is just the right height for her chin! She had some digestive problems for the first few weeks, but after trying different foods things are under control. I'm grateful to have Waffles in my life, and very appreciative to HOTLR for helping us find each other.
Captain- Adopted July 2010

It's been a couple of weeks now but it feels like he has been with us his whole life. We have bonded with him and he is truly a member of the family. I have been working him in the back fields with the ball and he is learning quickly. He is retrieving very well and is sporting a more healthy weight these days. He is not too comfortable in the pool though but that is ok because as Paige says, wet dogs are stinky. Paige and Patrick just love Captain and are taking on a lot of the responsibilities of owning a dog. Melissa and I are very happy with how this all worked out. We tell everyone we know what a great organization y'all run. Thank you for all you do for these dogs and thank you for matching us with Captain.
Oso Gordo
Oso Gordo- Adopted June 2010

Oso Gordo has made a great addition to our family. He?s now sleeping with me and his snoring is very loud and funny. All of our other dogs have finally got accustomed to him. He may be husky but he sure still likes to wrestle, fetch, and tug of war. The funniest thing he does is when he comes in from playing in the backyard he rolls on his back and starts kicking at the air. Oso is a great and loving dog.

Ellie- Adopted April 2010

Ellie (formerly Spot) has been so sweet and loving. I really can't imagine not having her around. She loves going for runs, she also likes having squeaky balls and tennis balls thrown to her. She is absolutely amazing at catching any ball in her mouth....I have been up to 10 yards away, thrown the ball once, and she catches it the first time. She has become very partial to a stuffed sheep that squeaks, it seems she can do that until my sanity levels are maxed out from the non-stop squeaking, haha.

I recently bought her a bed....and she enjoys it for naps and lounging but loves sleeping on the bed at night (she stays in one little spot curled up, some nights I think she isn't on the bed because she is so still.) I bought her a large crate, almost 5 feet long so she has plenty of room in it and likes lounging in that with the sunlight coming in to watch out the windows. The pictures attached are from Memorial Weekend at South Padre Island. She met my parents dogs (3 y/o male lab and 1.5 y/o female lab) and quickly became best friends with them. She has been very trustful off-leash when the time has been right and has learned her manners. She always sits before leaving the house or getting her food, and now all I have to do is point downward and she knows to lay down. Whenever I am about to leave work, she automatically walks into her kennel and sits down without me having to tell her....I think she also remembers that a treat is soon to follow when she does that haha. I'm thankful that she is the dog I adopted; I'm very lucky. She has taught me about patience and I have started to see the world from a different perspective, the whole dog living in the moment philosophy, I suppose.

Twyla- Adopted

It took Twyla about 2 days to get settled in. She quickly realized that we are a family that sleeps in on the weekends and does everything together -- plays outside, walks, car rides, the works -- so she is fitting right in. She also finally let out a big MOAN a few days in, while getting into her bed. We figured that was her moment to let us know that she was finally comfortable. She has let out the very same moan every night since at bedtime.

Twyla loves chasing her new sister, 4-year-old lab Zoe, around the sofa while my 1 1/2-year-old watches from the sofa. She will indulge my daughter, Elle, in just laying there as Elle organizes her toys around Twyla. Twyla will go with us every morning and every night to get Elle in and out of bed. Too cute. Elle will say "Morning Zoe, Morning Ayy-la!" "Night night Zoe, Night night Ayy-la!"

One sweet thing is that our Zoe will not try to sleep in our bed at night anymore. Since bringing Twyla home, Zoe has chosen to sleep next to Twyla. They are very clearly now best friends and sisters. We took Twyla to the vet for a check up and the vet deemed her in great health and thought that perhaps she had been a hunting dog/athlete due to her very calm heart rate while she was excited. Twyla also had a "trial run" at Dog Boys Dog Ranch for doggy day care in the event that we board her there in the future. She easily won the hearts of all the Dog Boys employees and even waded in the pond. Additionally, we had a party at our house, which also served as her "coming out" party, and everyone loved her so much. She did not meet a stranger.

Twyla has a fun summer ahead including a 5-day stay at her grandparents' house with her sister, Zoe and cousin Viszla Cassie; and a two-week trip to a family cabin on a lake in Oklahoma. We hope that Twyla will get comfortable in our pool and around water. She has yet to swim and doesn't care for her baths, so we're not sure if she has had any past issues with water.

We thank foster parents and dog trainers Greg and Maria for their initial training. We have continued her training which has been very easy. Thanks also to HOT Labs for making this adoption possible. Twyla is a happy lab at our home and we are giving her all the love she can imagine; and like a great lab, she's giving it right back! :)

Picnic 2010
Picnic 2010- Adopted

Kiowa- Adopted

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Kiowa within our family during the past two months. She is a big "love muffin" and has bonded well with our 12-year-old lab, Bailey, and two young kids. She is making progress on an arrangement with our 15-year-old cat, Ashley, which should result in fewer hissing incidents.

Kiowa has already enjoyed a trip to the lake and surprisingly, did not jump in the water, like Bailey did. Since the weather was cold, we didn't encourage her to get in, so we are not sure if she can swim or perhaps, doesn't like the water. She and Bailey also had fun playing in the snow (Kiowa is on the left in the snow picture). Now, if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve her gas issue as she can sure "clear a room." :-)

Maggie- Adopted

We just wanted to let you know how Maggie (used to be Magic ) is doing. She has settled in very nice and we think she understands she has a forever home with us. We all have fallen in love with her. She is such an amazing dog: sweet, loving, calm, and very loyal. She has had a few health scares, but she is great and very healthy now, which we are so happy about. She thinks that our leather couch is her bed at night, so we let her sleep there, cause it makes her happy. She loves to go for walks, ride in the car, go to the dog park, and chase her chew bone. she is learning how to catch a tennis ball in the air - she has moves she didn't even know she had - ha . She is the perfect combination of calm dog and puppy. Her face just lights up when we come home, and when we play with her. She follows me all over the house and is my best friend. She has been great for both of our kids that are Autistic. We can't believe we are so blessed, and can not fathom what life would be without her. Our cat could imagine that, but someday he might ease up. We are still waiting for the day that our cat loves and accepts us too. haha She is a beautiful gift from God, and of course Heart of Texas Lab rescue. Thank you so much for entrusting her with us.
Sue- Adopted

For some odd reason, Sue hates the camera, but that is why i adopted her: she is odd. :-) She loves our 1.5 year old and she lets her do whatever she wants to her. They chase each other around and play ball together. Sue has been a blessing to our family. We just love her so.
Sammy- Adopted

Blake and I just wanted to update you on how wonderful our first year with "Sammy Sosa" (aka Andretti) has been. As you know, he had a tough couple of months at first. We found out he was heartworm positive just a few weeks after getting him home. Luckily, he breezed through treatment and is now happy and healthy and loving life. Sammy has been a wonderful addition to our family, his little sister Daisy loves him very much. He really loves playing fetch and going on walks, and of course taking naps on the couch with his people. Sammy will snuggle up in your lap and snore for hours! He even tolerated posing for the Christmas card picture last year. We have been so lucky to find such a kind and caring soul in Sammy. Thank you HOTLR for bringing him to us.
Jack (Nilla)
Jack (Nilla) Jack (Nilla)
Jack (Nilla)- Adopted

Jack (a.k.a. Nilla) has been a wonderful addition to our family! He loves to sit down at Dad's feet and munch on a rawhide. He's very mellow and enjoys walks in the evening. At first he wasn't very interested in toys, but now he loves to play tug-o-war and play with a few squeaky toys. He is not that interested in playing fetch and looks at his sister like she's nuts for continuing to bring the ball back to Mom when all she does is throw it. We all love him very much and couldn't imagine our lives without him. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Jack before he came to us. I tell people all the time that Jack had a very kind, very nice foster dad.
Shiner- Adopted Aug 2008

Shiner came to live in urban downtown with us in August 2009. He has turned out to be the ultimate urban dog, loving his friends in our condo building and his walks at Lady Bird Lake. No problems with noise or strange people, Shiner is a friend to everyone. His best friend, Jake, in picture, often comes to visit and have sleepovers. HOTLAB helped us through some easy issues when he first came home, but now he is the picture of "perfect lab". We don't know what it would be like without him and I love having him here with me when I work at home. Living in a condo is often a big change for people, including us, and I worried we would not be able to have another lab in our family. Well, we can tell you the right lab can adapt like a person. Shiner knows all the parks, all the dog friendly places to eat, all the trees that have squirrels and all the ways to have fun downtown. I have to admit that first walk in the morning is a killer for anyone who likes to sleep, but that cold nose in your face at 6:00 will get you up every day. So thanks HOTLAB for a wonderful dog. One that is loving, dedicated and fun and definitely the star dog at the 555 condos!
Petunia- Adopted November 2009

Today our precious Petunia is 14 weeks old. We adopted her 5 weeks ago and it has been such a joy having her. I just wanted to tell you that the HOTLR process has been so wonderful. They made our family feel very comfortable and supported before, during and after the adoption. HOTLR is a fabulous organization and I would recommend them to anyone interested in finding their forever friend. Thank you so much for such a beautiful, smart, and sweet girl.
Bonnie Bonnie
Bonnie- Adopted March 2008

Bonnie and I went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. She was having a blast, greeting every dog she saw. When strange children mobbed her, she stood patiently wagging her tail. It occurred to me that it was past time to let the world know our happy tale.

Meeting Bonnie through HOTLAB (March 2008) has been a relaxed and supportive experience. We had a lot to learn about dogs, and from the first phone interview, we have been given so much practical information and encouragement that has helped our success. The Meet and Greets are such a comfortable way to meet the dogs.

Even though she was trained and well-mannered when she moved in, Bonnie had things to learn about living with us, like how to swim ?!?!. Of course THAT was easily solved. Bonnie was nervous around young children, but we quickly overcame this fear with the help of HOTLAB.

Life sure has changed living with Bonnie. We take regular walks and go swimming more. Besides the health benefits, we so enjoy the walks, especially when Bonnie goes into "Happy Bonnie" mode as you can see in the pictures Bill took a few weeks ago. Coming home to such such a sweet, loving girl is pure joy. Thanks to all of you.

Duncan Duncan
Duncan- Adopted Feb 2008

Hello to all our friends at Heart of Texas Lab Rescue! It's been a year since we brought Duncan (formerly Radio) home to join our family. We love him and all his antics. He is just the sweetest dog, remarkably calm for his age and very smart.

He has gotten quite tall and his face is now at kitchen table level. (One of his nicknames is Long Paw because his legs are so long.) Last summer, my husband was transferred back to Washington DC. Duncan is enjoying his new big back yard, visiting Grandma's house, and playing with the neighbor's Lab. Last week he even got to play in snow for the first time! Here are some pictures of him to show you how much he has grown.

Thank you for all you do for these wonderful dogs!

Mimzi- Adopted April 2009

Hi. Just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know how Sally, now known as Mimzi, is doing. She is such a beautiful girl with a big heart! She fits in so well with us, it seems like she has always been a part of our family. We wanted to tell you thank you for all of your guidance and support in choosing a new pet for our family. We have also gotten a puppy boxer, Kobe, who Mimzi thinks is fun to play with, but the mama dog comes out in her sometimes. It's fun to watch. I have included some pictures. Please post this on Happy Tails for everyone who worked with (Sally) Mimzi. Tell them she is a very happy girl in her forever home.
Sarah- Adopted 2005

Sarah is Pure joy. It is the only way to sum up what our Sarah means to us. It has been 4 summers since Sarah came into our life. From the Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, she came and there is not much else we know. Someone probably gave up on this little 47-pound girl. Somebody that was foolish, inexperienced, careless, or callous. But, in their haste we found the purest love. An animal that is the epitome of the rescue experience and one that amazes us every day.

On your worst day one look, or lick, or tail wag will melt your heart. Her expressive face and unwavering zest is why rescues work. For every foolish, careless, or callous soul out there that gives up on a Labrador there are people to take them in and give them a second chance. Thank you to Heart of Texas Lab Rescue from the bottom of our heart. For this amazing gift of life, and second chances. This gift of smiles, and love will never be forgotten, or left behind. She is ours forever.

When you Save a Life, You have a Friend for Life

Baily- Adopted April 2008 -- Update

We love getting updates on our adoptees:

More than a year after Bailey became our forever dog, we are all settled in with a comfortable and familiar routine. She wakes us up every morning at 6:10. She goes out to get the paper with her dad, catches a few tennis balls, and comes in for her breakfast. During our breakfast, she hangs out on the floor at our feet. While her daddy gets ready for work, she hangs out with him. Then while her mama works from the home office all day, she keeps the office safe and secure. We take a work break in the morning and walk a mile and a half and come home for ten laps of tennis ball in the pool. Along about 5:30, Bailey starts to watch the clock. If the phone rings, she perks up. And when we hear the garage door opening, oh joy! Daddy's home! More tennis ball, lots of pets and scritches, supper. After supper, couch and floor with mama and daddy. As you can see from the photo, lots and lots of kisses. A friend who came to visit last summer and again this summer says she's really calm and settled. She's got good energy, a svelte 60-pound physique, and nobody ever believes she's nine. Right this minute, she's on the couch curled up with her daddy, and we are so so happy to be her family.

Picnic 2009
Picnic 2009- Adopted

Dallas Foster Experience
Dallas Foster Experience Dallas Foster Experience
Dallas Foster Experience- Adopted

This is the story of Dallas and Taylor. Taylor fostered Dallas as her senior project. Dallas was dumped for being rambunctious, jumping on people etc? All the things that a bit of caring and training can correct. Taylor took up the challenge.

Dallas is a wonderful, happy dog, and I have had a great time working with her. I had her at my house for the whole month of May, during which I worked with her daily. I saw her come a long way. She went from completely crazy to relatively controllable.

When I first brought her home, she was like a tornado--she literally ran around destroying everything in her path. She bolted through doors, ate things, chewed up leashes, knocked people over, etc. I now can trust her to walk around in the house and not damage things. She also has found some manners and is a pleasant dog to have around the house.

To read more on Taylor go to our online monthly newsletter: "HOTLab News"

Remington Remington Remington
Remington- Adopted 2008

I know you wanted to hear about Remington so here's an update for you... Of course you know we let Sadie pick him. He was the puppy she liked best. They get along absolutely terrific. They play for hours. They run around and beat each other up and they love it. They chase each other around the ranch. They wrestle. They play tug of war. And all of this several to many times a day. I'm sure you remember how vocal Trudy is. Well, Trudy taught Sadie how to talk and Sadie taught Remi. So when Sadie and Remi play, you can hardly hear anything else as they talk and yell loudly at each other. Sadie has also taught Remi how to be a ranch dog. I let them out around 5 am every morning when I get up to go to work. The first thing they both do is run the perimeter fence and make sure no critters got inside. Needless to say, they both came a little too close to that darned cat - the black one with the two white stripes. They've also gang-tackled a raccoon and they occasionally chase the barn cats who always elude them. Remi is very ball-oriented. I haven't worn him out yet, as I always end up stopping throwing the ball first. And I'm sure you know how intelligent he is. When I throw the ball, you can see him calculate where he needs to be to catch it, even if it bounces off of something. When that happens, he will cut the corner and meet the ball. He is also a jumper. He will jump a couple feet in the air to catch a ball. We need to get him frisbee trained. He has had his share of naughty moments too. An occasional accident. And an occasional chewing moment. He's destroyed (turned into confetti) a couple of books. The cats have finally accepted him as have the chickens. He learned real quick not to chase the chickens. He still wants to play with the cats, but they don't want much to do with him and let him know it. Trudy is also doing very well. She should be around ten now. She's has started to slow down a little bit but that's expected and one of the reasons we chose to adopt Remi - so Sadie would have a playmate and Trudy could have a break from Sadie. I've attached a few photos I took today and a short, poor-quality video I took around Christmas of the two black dogs beating each other up. And of course we miss Earl tremendously. Remington reminds us of Earl every day as he looks just like him...
Paris- Adopted Fall 2007

We're sorry it has taken so long to get an update on Paris. Paris joined our family in Fall of 2007 and immediately found a place in all our hearts. She's the happiest and sweetest girl who loves to eat, fetch, "hunt" squirrels and wrestle with her "sister" ( a mirror image black lab) Scout. She is a major cuddler and loves to be near, if not on top of, her people and especially loves to follow and "supervise" her Dad. Paris quickly learned that the foot of the bed is a much better place to sleep than on the floor and she and her sister sleep one to a side to "guard" us at night. Her tail wags non stop and she never seems like she ever has a bad day. She is truly one of the best things that has happened in our lives and we are so pleased she chose us to live with. Thanks HOTLR !
Paris Paris
Paris- Adopted 2007

Paris joined our family in Fall of 2007 and immediately found a place in all our hearts. She the happiest and sweetest girl who loves to eat, fetch, "hunt" squirrels and wrestle with her "sister" ( a mirror image black lab) Scout. She is a major cuddler and loves to be near if not on top her people and especially loves to follow and "supervise" her Dad. Paris quickly learned that the foot of the bed is a much better place to sleep than on the floor and she and her sister sleep one to a side to "guard" us at night. Her tail wags non stop and she never seems like she ever has a bad day. She is truly one of the best things that has happened in our lives and we are so pleased she chose us to live with. Thanks HOTLR !
Sadie- Adopted March 2008

On March 1st we brought home our girl- Sadie. Since day one, she has been a dream! I am the luckiest person. She was leash trained, crate trained, physically fit, and loves us to no end! She gets along great with our cat, she loves to nibble on his belly and give him a bath in dog slobber. She has her own princess personality and life would be boring without her around. I am so thankful!

Thank you HOTLR for everything. People who are thinking of making the decision to rescue a lab, I would say it's worth it, and choose HOTLR!

Maya- Adopted December 2007

Ms. Maya has been with us for one whole year now.....and she is still a joy. When she first came to us, she thought that she was the "Diva" of the household - trying to get anything that she wanted (like my sweet potato) off the counter, or the pizza from Austin's Pizza, or the garlic bread. The list goes on and on with all those events lasting for about 2 weeks. Then, the rolled up newspaper started coming out (quicker than she thought) plus, alot of time outs. Looking back, we would not trade her in for anything. We are soo greatful and blessed to have Maya aa a part of the Beechum Family.

The hubby and Maya share carrots/tricks (which he loves to see her do), plus, he makes sure that the kids are being very caring and loving with her. Earl hates when my youngest(Aliya)is playing with her way to rough. We take walks every single morning (just Angela/ Maya time) and when the weather is cool I run with her, but only once a week as she really doesn't like running that much. She will play in the backyard on the trampoline with the kids. The little old lady next door to us scared the heck out of Maya in the beginning, but they quickly formed a bond. Unfortunately, she moved away recently and Maya has been missing her. I have many, many stories about her every single day. She has really calmed down a lot and now lets me run the household; she's just there to make sure that everyone is doing what they need to be doing.

Victor- Adopted Dec 2007

It's hard to believe that it has been a year since we brought Victor home. He is such an excellent fit into our family and he is very happy to be here. He has 3 additional brothers for a total of 4. Victor enjoys all of them, but is a little wary of the puppy still. Victor's favorite thing is still fetch and he'd rather chase a ball over having dinner. He gets loads of exercise from playing with all of his mates and loves swimming in the warmer temperatures.

Thanks again for bringing Victor to us and have a Merry Christmas!

Lulu- Adopted 2007

Lulu is a wonderful yellow girl that entered into a drug dog training program. She is a super star. Check out one of her most recent finds.
Ivy- Adopted

I just wanted to send you a quick update on Ivy. She has really fit seamlessly into our family. She is an absolute doll, and will happily 'sit' and 'lay' for the kids ad naseum, which they command her to do over and over. For the first few days we had her, the kids kept asking if we could keep her. Now, most mornings our 3 year old daughter is up first and she will just sit and pet her over and over and usually says something like 'I really love our doggy'. It's so sweet.
SLG aka Pete
SLG aka Pete SLG aka Pete SLG aka Pete
SLG aka Pete- Adopted October 2006

Pete was fostered by HOTLR for almost a year. It was discovered that he had a very invasive form of cancer and one of his legs was amputated. He was given about 4-6 months to live. 2 years later, here's an update from his new family...

SLG' stands for "my Special Little Guy". Of course, our 'the man of the hour' is curled up by my chair as I write this, and he continues to work his way into everyone's heart. His new nickname is actually "melty boy" because his soft, sort of oversized skin and floppy ears always look like they are in a puddle when he is laying down. He's in great shape - we visit the vet and try to be careful about not pushing him, and he seems to be thriving. Sometimes even too much. When we are a little tired of throwing his "boppity" bumper-thing into the pool and want him to give it a rest and calm down, he'll throw it in and keep on fetching. He couldn't have been luckier than he was when you fostered him for as long as you did and we all owe you our gratitude for it. We had the best time in Stowe; we just love it there. Wouldn't you know, Pete was so excited on the way, it was as if he was no stranger there, either. On our first trip to the path, Pete started making a "honking" sound we hadn't heard, although he was determined to keep moving ahead. We called the vet and put him in front of the phone and were told that that is the sound a dog makes when he is really excited. Hopefully we can get back there in the winter with my sister and her dog, a French Bulldog that copies everything Pete does.

Dyson Dyson Dyson
Dyson- Adopted July 2008

{Several days after her placement} Dyson and Kayla were exhausted last night from chasing around the yard - Dyson is so good around Lucy. it's like she knows that Lucy is a fragile old lady - she and Kayla are still working things out a bit, but it's getting better all the time. Dyson has actually been submissive to Kayla on several occasions - of course, they want the same ball, but they've been taking turns "letting" the other one take it.

They are all sound asleep right now! Dyson crates very well! She slept through the night without a sound - I just can't imagine anyone giving up such an awesome dog, but I guess it worked out for the best for us. She is so sweet - it's like she's just waiting to do something to please you.

Dyson is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met! She and Kayla are doing great - in fact they were curled up right next to each other on the sofa this morning - I think Dyson will "let" Kayla be in charge; Kayla is being less territorial about her space when Dyson is around so I think they will become very good friends (they actually "guarded" the yard together when the kids behind us got a little loud - that was cute when they patroled the perimeter together, barking in unison)! She's still great with Lucy...

{3 weeks after placemnt} Things are still going great! I just can't get over what a great dog Dyson is! We are so lucky to have her - it's like she's always belonged to us. She now goes right to her food area and tries very hard to still still (it's so funny to watch her!). We have been keeping her out of the kennel at night only - she is getting better at sleeping through the whole night (there have been a few 2:30 am potty trips outside, but at least she wakes me up) - happy to report NO accidents in the house. She has also restricted herself to doggie toys for chewing - she hasn't bothered anything that isn't doggie related. Thank you again for being such a great foster mom to her - I know she's amazingly smart, but she obviously received some outstanding training!

Hope- Adopted August 2007

We recently celebrated the one year anniversary of Hope's adoption day. We can still hardly believe how lucky we are to have such a wonderful pup. We're so happy that she chose us (at our initial meeting she charged over to say "hi" before it was even her turn to meet us)! Thanks to some basic obedience lessons from Greg at Gateway Dog Training, she has matured a lot in the last year. During this time Hope has shown an affinity for swimming, but it wasn't until Greg told us that he taught her how to swim that we realized she didn't really know how. Wherever she goes, people are always sad to see her leave and often ask to take her home with them! Our two cats have clearly established a pecking order and Hope is at the bottom! She is wonderful with our niece and two nephews, who she visits quite often. They roll on her, give her commands, pull, poke and all other things that kids do. Hope takes it all in stride and readily comes back for more! Unfortunately, our girl has had a rough year health-wise. After living with us for a couple of weeks, we noticed that she was incredibly itchy. Several vet and allergy specialist appointments later, we found out that our poor girl is allergic to everything (including human dander!) except for pecans, wool, and feathers! She now receives two shots weekly and will begin food trials in the future. Shortly after that, we discovered that she had demodicosis. Thankfully this cleared up easily with a few dips at the vet's office (who often did not want me to take her home they like her so much). Thankfully, the recurring ear infections we worried about when we adopted her seem to be a thing of the past! We can't believe that it's already been a year since Hope joined our family and can't imagine our life without her. Thanks HOT Lab for rescuing this wonderful dog so that she could become a member of our family!
Bailey- Adopted April 2008

The day you suggested we give Bailey a chance with a weekend sleepover was the day our lives changed completely and forever. She is our girl. She is very specifically her daddy's girl, though she loves her mama too. She would like to love the cats, though that is still being negotiated. One of our cats, Lily, who is real pretty but not so bright, thinks Bailey is just a big cat and lines up with her to get treats. Bailey is so good that not only does she not counter-surf, she doesn't raid the cats' kibble. She is a first-class shortstop who can catch a tennis ball on the first hop, a super swimmer who is equally happy leaping into our pool or into Lady Bird Lake at Red Bud Isle, and a steady walking companion. She gives sweet, tidy little kisses, and we are getting used to all the snores and snorts and 30-second sighs that are part of having Bailey sleep on the floor in the bedroom. The only thing we really need to work a little more on is some my-house my-dad my-mom barking. We love Bailey, and we love Heart of Texas Lab Rescue for bringing her to us!
Sydney (AKA Daisy)
Sydney (AKA Daisy) Sydney (AKA Daisy) Sydney (AKA Daisy)
Sydney (AKA Daisy)- Adopted 2008

Dear Margaret & HoTLR, Sydney (the dog formerly known as Daisy) is settling into her new home with us well. Her victory laps have gone from the Indy 500 to just a couple. She likes to run around the land, play fetch, swim in the pool and lay on the couch watching movies with us. Her first vet checkup showed that other than needing to gain a few lbs. everything looks good. The peanut butter filled bones have made her a fan of her crate and are helping her gain a little weight slowly as well. We're halfway through our obedience classes and are doing nicely since she's so smart. Thanks, Syd's new parents Katie & Charles PS. To see pictures of Sydney: http://www.metzroth.com/thumbnails.php?album=283
Apollo- Adopted November 2007

We adopted Apollo (aka Lancelot) in November of 2007. I am happy to report he has fit seamlessly into our family; I can't remember what life was like without him in it. He has developed quite a personality and has taken over our ottoman in the living room as his new bed. The other lab in the picture is our 6 yr old chocolate lab, Belle. Belle and Apollo have quickly become best friends and you don't find one without the other close behind. We did not get to make the picnic this year but are looking forward to it next year. Thanks again for all the hard work and time you put into making sure that these dogs find the perfect fit. Apollo has been a blessing and we are so thankful he is part of our family.
Addie and Kimberly
Addie and Kimberly- Adopted 2007/2008

Addie, on the right, was welcomed home several months ago. About 8 years old and with a tumor recently removed from her rear haunch, she continues to run like a gazelle. Beautiful. She has a wonderful nature and a happy smile. Kimberly, The World's Smallest Lab, come home several weeks ago. She's an oldie but a goodie. At her age (10) you'd expect her to lag a bit on walks. Nope, she's the leader of the pack on a wonderfully loose lead. Perhaps a bit too friendly, she runs in the park each morning, staying close to us (no she does NOT retrieve) until another dog and its people arrive. She runs joyously to meet them, then follows them. As a result, we retrieve Kim. The big galoot on the left is Dusty and weighs twice as much and is about three times bigger than Kim. He's our grand dog who came to live with us when our daughter was deployed to Iraq. Altogether the Gang of Three is a happy pack. Thanks HOTLR.
Reggie- Adopted November 2008

I just wanted to drop a line about Reggie who I adopted from HOTLR in November 2007. He and I are doing great; we sure make just the right match for each other. Reggie adapted to his new forever home very quickly. He really enjoys the neighborhood and our daily walks because there are lots of cats, dogs, squirrels, and even the occasional rabbit which he can sniff out... and he desperately wants to chase that rabbit so I have to keep a tight grip on the leash at all times. He loves the dog park, especially Redbud Isle or Auditorium Shores where he can go for a swim, just like a lab will do. He's a very social dog, loves people and other dogs. He's what you might call aggressively friendly with other dogs - he likes to get up there and give them a really good sniff, but he never pushes it too far and he'll move right off if directed by a human. He's pretty well mannered and only occasionally needs a reminder about boundaries. It's just his great zest for life.
Picnic 08 Picture Links
Picnic 08 Picture Links- Adopted



Bailey (AKA BJ)
Bailey (AKA BJ) Bailey (AKA BJ) Bailey (AKA BJ)
Bailey (AKA BJ)- Adopted 2008

We wanted to let you know that Bailey is doing great. He fit right into our family from the first day, and we now can₼t imagine life without him. He is very sweet and so wants to please his people. He and our dog, Magic, are best friends and they love to go running with us, or go anywhere with us. Our cat not only tolerates Bailey, but he actually likes playing with him. They are pretty cute together. We₼ve decided that there must be an imaginary monster in our hot tub that only Bailey can see. As you can see in the pictures, Bailey is fascinated with the hot tub and would spend hours circling, peering into, and swimming in it if we let him. Thank you so much for matching us with a great dog!
Peyton (AKA Sparky)
Peyton (AKA Sparky) Peyton (AKA Sparky) Peyton (AKA Sparky)
Peyton (AKA Sparky)- Adopted 2008

She is doing EXCELLENT! She knows her name very well now, she does not run at all when we are in the front yard together, she stays right by my side! Her best friend is Lola, my Aunt and Uncles dog, they play together for hours! She has not had one accident at all but I do sense that she gets almost jealous when I am home and someone else is over and I am hanging out with them rather then giving her all of my attention....Last week my friend came by for dinner and I was not paying attention to Peyton 100% and she went over and chewed up one of my coasters! But for the most part she is an amazing dog! Attached are a few pictures of her!
Ginger- Adopted

Just wanted to send a picture of Ginger with her two biggest fans - Skylar and Makayla. We adopted her from hotlr a couple of years ago. She is such a wonderful dog and great family member. She is just super with the kids and other dogs as well. She is all lab outside and loves to play ball non-stop. She's very laid-back and mellow inside. Hopefully we can come to an event sometime so she can play with some other labs. Thanks for all the work you do.
Mavis Mavis Mavis
Mavis- Adopted 2007

Hello! I?ve been wanting to update you for ages, but was waiting until I had nothing but the best of news to report. Since the start, Mavis has been an incredible dog, and the perfect fit for our family. She was a little worried when she first got here, and not quite sure how to fit in. But in no time, she learned the routines, our language and silly games, and exactly which couch she was and which couch she was not allowed on. And she never had an accident in the house, not even once. Within just a couple of days, she enjoyed the same freedoms and boundaries our Cass has known by heart for 5 years ? and once Mavis learns a rule, she never forgets it. We noticed the first night that Mavis had a cough, and over the next couple of days that it was quite bad ? she was clearly uncomfortable with it, and was coughing up mucus. After a few trips to the vet and a few false starts at treating possible causes, we decided to go for the x-ray, and they found that she had pneumonia. She began a month-long course of antibiotics, then some follow-up testing and? she has just been declared pneumonia-free and the cough has stayed away for several weeks! She also had very advanced yeast ear infections in both ears when she came to us, but frequent cleaning and a new diet has cleared those up as well. So now she is the best dog AND in perfect health. She and Cass play all day, and frequently entertain their friend Rosco (the third head in one of the attached photos). She is lively but very mellow, and has bonded very deeply with all of us. She and Lukas, our three-year-old son, are best of friends. We really can?t say enough wonderful things about her, and are so glad that she has found a home in ours. Thank you for helping her find her way here!
Colt- Adopted September 2007

Ever since I adopted Colt from your group the beginning of September 2007, it has been a real adventure. As I may have updated you in the past, the early months were not without mishap, but were a joy compared to what I expected. He's never had an accident in the house, counter-surfed, or chewed up the furniture. He's settled in very well, having bonded with me early on and learned the routine quickly. Early on, he had pretty severe separation anxiety. But, that has dissipated through patience and hard work. He recently graduated from Beginner's Obedience School, where he was the star of the class. It was a great benefit to both me and him. Everyone that has met him has remarked on what a great Lab he is, and couldn't believe that he's only been with me for just a few months. All along the way, I mentally thanked you guys for providing me with such a fabulous companion. Every chance I get, I mention your group and the fine work you are all doing.
Jonas- Adopted

I adopted Jonas on 3 Nov 07 and what a wonderful dog he's been! I moved up to Abilene from San Antonio right before I got him so we both settled into the new place together. We've been running together just about every morning and he's improving all the time on the leash. He rides great in the car and absolutely loves going to the park! He just made the jump from wading in the water to swimming. We've also been doing PetSmart training and, of course, Jonas is a favorite of the teacher. He got to spend a weekend with my girlfriend's 10-year old Golden Retriever, Maggie, shortly after I got him and they had a great time together. We had him off the leash and you could definitely tell that he was learning from her! Jonas really has been an amazing dog. He gets compliments every day. I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to adopt Jonas and more importantly, for the tireless work you do to find forever homes for all of these great dogs.
Davey Davey Davey
Davey- Adopted 2007

Davey is doing great! The past month has been a blast having him around. One weekend he was in the mountains playing in knee deep snow and the next on the beach. He is really smart and knows sit, stay and high five. He also walks great on a leash. He has not had any accidents inside and seems to tolerate the cat. He would rather sleep on the bed but we have been working with him on staying in the crate. I have attached a few pictures of Daveys adventures.
Howdy (AKA TV)
Howdy (AKA TV) Howdy (AKA TV) Howdy (AKA TV)
Howdy (AKA TV)- Adopted 2007

Oh what fun the boys had together at the beach. Howdy is fitting right in like he?s been a part of the family all along. He and Austin adore each other. Austin is teaching him the ropes. We had Howdy pretty much leash free the entire weekend on the beach and around the condo and he did awesome. He stuck to our side like glue. We did lots of training?.sit, stays, recall, socialization, kids, people?. etc?.He?s a star pupil. So proud of him. He loved the birds, water, fetching sticks etc? He is definitely a retriever. We love that boy. He was wonderful in the car and out and about with us. He had many experiences. He was an absolute delight to watch in the sand and full of discovery. He thought smelly seaweed was really neat. They really started feeling better by Friday. Still a few coughs and hacks but oh so much better. We have a few meds left and they should be good to go. So glad to have that behind us. He is passed out on the downstairs bed right now after a huge play session with Austin and the talking gorilla toy. He is really growing too.
Bella- Adopted Baylee

In a few weeks, Bella (aka Baylee) will celebrate her one year anniversary as a member of our family. As we were scrolling through the HOT website tonight, we realized we never submitted our "happy tail." Although it was a rough start with some hidden health issues and uncertainty with our black lab, Midnight, all is so fun now that we can't remember her being the "new kid on the block." We love her quirky ways.from laying her short, stocky body spread eagle on the floor, rolling her pads up when she is standing still, kneeling on her back knees, belching like a huge man, and racing like a bunny rabbit to keep up with long, lean Midnight. They love to chase in the back yard (and of course the house!) and go on morning walks. Her favorite pastime is to gaze out the front windows watching for suspicious critters or hanging her front feet off the back porch. Of course, her ultimate favorite thing to do is eat. Each morning and each night she takes up post at her bowl and patiently waits for our youngest daughter to feed her (I've attached a pic of her most pathetic hungry look). If she runs out of patience, she begins to lick the edge of her bowl and eventually starts to slowly scoot it along the floor until the food arrives. We initially decided to adopt another lab to occupy Midnight. What we didn't realize was how much happiness, entertainment, and love she would bring to our whole family! Thank you for enabling so many people to experience the love of labs.they are truly family!

Keep up the good work!

Tillie Tillie Tillie
Tillie- Adopted 2007

Tillie is doing great and is a very healthy and happy labrador. No complaints. She is a constant companion to my kids, sleeps on their beds at night (and snoozes on their beds during the day) and goes everywhere with us. Loves riding in the car and riding in my brother's ski boat out on the lake. She likes to sit up front in the bow with her nose to the wind. And yes...the water...this dog loves the water. Its impressive to watch her launch off a boat dock, catch big air as far as possible, swim back and do it as long as I let her. I've also put 8 lbs on her with Eukenuba fish-based formula which has made her fill out perfectly and it makes her coat look really good. She is very well behaved, and of course, is a master food thief so you have to watch her in the kitchen at dinner time and she loves to lap up the steamed milk on a Starbucks latte. We just taught her to lie down and roll over and its hilarious. She is also extremely fast and retrieves fetch toys at lighting speed. Very cool stuff. Even my vet commented on how good of a Lab she was. Friends of mine with Labs are also envious because of her good temperament and her ability to stay inside without causing a ruckus. Has not had one accident inside my house either. Anyhow thanks for matching us with a great dog.
Mochi (Muffin)
Mochi (Muffin) Mochi (Muffin) Mochi (Muffin)
Mochi (Muffin)- Adopted 2006

Hi guys Can you believe its been a year since we adopted Mochi (Muffin) ? I wanted to share some recent photos of our gal
Shelby- Adopted Bambi

I just wanted to give you an update on Shelby (adopted Bambi). This past weekend she went to an agility trial and got her AX and AXJ titles. We got Shelby an ILP number so she can compete in AKC events and have now been competing in AKC agility for a little over a year. She has exceeded all of our expectations qualifying 25 times with 16 first places, 7 second places, and 2 third places. I'm running out of space to put all of her ribbons! We started her out in the Preffered classes, jumping a lower height, and she earned her Novice Preffered titles. Then we moved her up to regular competition and she earned her Novice, Open, and now Excellent titles making her, Shelby's Sweet Allure AX AXJ NAP NJP CGC. We hope to eventually earn the title of MACH (Master Agility Champion). I'm looking forward to future shows as we will be collecting legs for her MX and MXJ titles and earning points and double Q's towards her MACH. We couldn't have asked for a better dog than Shelby. Her future looks to be even brighter as I hope to compete in Obedience and Rally and get her registered as a Therapy Dog. Thank you so much for helping us find such a great companion. Keep up the great work!
Wally and Vince
Wally and Vince- Adopted

We finally have a digital camera, so we can send pictures of our boys. Wally and Vince (you knew him as Rex) are good buddies they are rarely apart. Wally is still mellow, but Vince has inspired him to run and play in the yard. They run around so much they have worn out spots of the grass. Wally has taught Vince how to mellow out a bit. Right after I shot the picture where they are playing tug a war, they were both laying down tugging (that is mellow). Wally has lost quite a bit of weight we can sometimes almost see his ribs. They are learning slowly how to behave, they sit at open doors without darting out, although by the picture you can tell they don't like it.

The news here is that we are moving to Wisconsin. The boys don't want to go because they like their pool, but we promised them they could go swimming in the lake near our new home. As soon as we get an address we will send it. Thanks for the great dogs; they have very different personalities, but both are wonderful in their own special way. By the way, Jill, Wally still does the duck dance and it's still adorable.

Harlee- Adopted Harlee

Harlee was adopted May 2006 - his name did not change. Harlee has been such a blessing in our life. My girlfriend and I are truly amazed at his little habits. He enjoys running, swimming, napping, catching bugs, and hanging out with his best friend, Austin, who is my girlfriend's Border Collie mix. Harlee is still the best head-rester there is. He constantly comes up and nudges and rests his head. He loves being around other dogs and has made many trips to Town Lake to swim, Dog Boys Dog Ranch, and Taurus Training for doggy day care and boarding. We all know when Harlee is sleeping due to his groans and snoaring. We can't believe his treat eating habits. He loves carrots and celery for his treats. Thanks so much to Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. You guys are the best!!!!
Bella- Adopted Dana

I just wanted to give you another brief update. Dana (we call her Bella) is doing so great! She is so sweet -- just a big cuddle bug. She actually took a nap on my lap this afternoon. She cracks me up on a daily basis, whether she's lunging at the broom while I'm trying to sweep (she thinks it's a game), or she sits and sometimes plops down (still a little clumsy). She is just a goofy little girl with so much love to give. She and Jade get along great and love to play together. Now both of them sleep in the bed with us at night. It is a little crowded, but we love it.

I just wanted you to know that we love Bella, and she is a great addition to the family.

Pixel- Adopted Donnie

Just wanted to let you know that Donnie is continuing to do really well. He loves playing with Kuttu, or having us toss toys when he is awake. When he is lazy he likes nothing better than lying next to us, head resting on our feet if we are sitting, or on our shoulder/stomach if we are lying in bed. He is an incredible cuddler.

His housebreaking is coming along well - only one accident so far. We even found treats he loves and are able to do a lot of obedience work with him. As a nod to the geekiness of our family, we'll be renaming him Pixel, though I already bought him a "Donnie" tag.

He weighed in at 50lbs yesterday. I am curious to see if he will just fill out this year or grow any taller. Either way, he is getting a giant crate like Kuttu's, so it will give him room to grow :)

Having two dogs is definitely very entertaining!

Chula- Adopted Betty

We just wanted to check in with you and let you know how Betty is doing in our home in Fredericksburg. We have changed her name to Chula and she has been such a joy! She's put on some of weight and filled nicely - you'd never know she had the big shaved area from her surgery when she came to us. It is hard to believe that her life was ever anywhere but here - she never missed a beat and adjusted immediately to her new home. She has the sweetest disposition and has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Our 18 month old daughter follows her around and talks to her all day, loves to give her hugs and kisses and won't go to bed at night without telling "chu-chu" (as she calls her) goodnight. Chula is very laid back and so she always makes us laugh when she gets a big energy burst and starts playing really hard in the yard or starts running laps after she takes a dip with Taylor in the baby pool. Her favorite field trips are out to the creek at my parents house, just outside of town, where she can run as fast and as far as she can thru the shallow water. She's in doggie heaven!

Thank you for all the hard work that you put into the program - for the dogs and for the families alike. We are so happy that Chula is a part of our lives! Thank you for making that happen for so many families. You save the lives of so many animals, but you also change the lives of the families you place them with. We appreciate everything that all the volunteers at the HOTLR do to make this amazing program possible!

Cassi (aka Louie)
Cassi (aka Louie) Cassi (aka Louie)
Cassi (aka Louie)- Adopted February 2007

I just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying my new family. Thank you HOTLR for placing me with my new parents. We've had a blast! Some of my favorite times are the weekdays when I can curl up under my daddy's desk right by his feet while he works. I also love the weekends (the days that I can run out and retrieve the newspaper) because I can spend all day with my family. They've taught me so many new things and taken me to some fun places. I love to camp and fish, but my all time favorite is to swim. I love the water!
Earl and Trudy
Earl and Trudy Earl and Trudy
Earl and Trudy- Adopted

I wanted to drop you a note about Earl and Trudy since it has been so long. They are both doing great. Earl is something around 14 now and Trudy is somewhere around 8 or 9. Trudy gets her meals supplemented with canned green beans as nutritious filler. She has lost weight and is down to around 78 pounds. She is as compulsive as always about chasing a ball. With the weight off and regular exercise, she doesn't have as much pain in her hips with the mild hip dysplasia. She's extremely energetic and still thinks she's a lap dog. Earl's meals are supplemented with an occasional peanut butter sandwich (he also gets meaty wet food). He is now up to 82 pounds and looking very fit. At 14, he's incredibly energetic. He loves to play fetch in the backyard or nearby creek. He will run all day long if we let him, but we usually keep it abbreviated because he will pay for it the next day. But he gets so excited when we hold up his ball and he will start jumping up and down like a little puppy. He's overcome some of his issues too. He rides in the car fairly well now. And he no longer dislikes being alone in the backyard. He enjoys our large yard so much; he usually spends half the night and a large portion of the morning out there just sleeping in the cool grass. However, his age is starting to manifest more problems he will soon have to face. His eyesight and hearing are fading. And his arthritis is getting (understandably) worse. He will soon have to be confined to the downstairs as he has so much trouble climbing the stairs to sleep next to our bed. But you'd never know he has any joint problems the way he runs around and plays. So we'd say he is very happy. They are both spoiled rotten (Trudy is usually referred to as The Princess). The Vet loves them both and they are always cooperative. On our horizon, we are looking at purchasing our own ranch property so we don't have to board our horses. We looked at a promising one this weekend in Elgin. The tank doesn't hold water yet, but if we purchase it, you can count on the dogs having a tank on their own 50-acre ranch! Sometime in the near future, we may be able to host one of the annual Lab picnics. Thanks so much again for letting us give them homes! I attached a couple recent photos for you...
Ava Ava Ava
Ava- Adopted February 2007

We wanted to check-in (a little late :-) ), and let you know that Ava is doing great! She has fully settled in, and she is being spoiled rotten! She almost always has someone home with her, as Jacqui works in the home. And now that the girls are home for the summer, she gets all that attention too! The cats have adjusted to her, and they all get along great. Ava is a really sweet dog. She loves attention and will try to get right in your lap. She is actually pretty lazy, but she'll go for a walk almost anytime. I usually take her in the morning before work around 5:30. She'll get right up to go, but comes back home and goes right back to sleep :-) She also loves to play catch and her favorite toys are empty plastic bottles meant for the recycling. She loves batting them around the yard! She's been camping and she enjoyed that too. We had a really funny incident right after we got her. You had told us she would do something in the first weekend we had her, e.g. potty, tear something up. Anyways, we went through the first weekend without incident and we were thinking that she was perfectly well behaved. I was out Monday evening and Jacqui went to bed. She left Ava out in the living room. I got home about 30 minutes later and she greeted me at the door. As we walked into the living room I noticed some empty food wrappers on the floor. Ava went and laid on her bed behind the couch when I went into the kitchen. I heard some strange rustling noises, so I went over to where she was. Lo and behold, there's a box of Girl Scout cookies (Do-Si-Dos) on her bed ripped open. She managed to eat and entire sleeve! She had the other one behind her bed, apparently saving it for later :-) She just laid there and gave me that "innocent look." Anyways, we are so glad we had the opportunity to adopt her and give her a home for life. Thanks for saving her! Oh, and Ava thanks you too. We've attached some pictures of our newest baby!
Mudpie- Adopted

Mudpie is doing really well! She took a couple of weeks to warm up to us, but since then she has relaxed a lot and we have had a lot of fun getting to know her personality. She makes me laugh just about every day.

We try to take her with us to as many places as possible (including the coffee shop and the pub at happy hour). She goes to the dog park at least once a week, and we try to take her swimming often too. We've discovered that she loves the frisbee! Though she doesn't catch it in the air, she will chase it for hours!

Ollie- Adopted

We just wanted to let you all know how much we are enjoying our new family member. Ollie is a sweet girl who is full of energy. She loves going on walks and sleeps through the night. Although our cats were not too happy when we first brought her home, they have come to realize that she isn't going anywhere :). Ollie has tried to engage them in a game of chase, but they don't share her enthusiasm for the idea. She loves to fall asleep on top of our feet, and enjoys the cold tile floor after being on a walk. Ollie is very bright and has learned where we keep the food. She will wait in front of the pantry when she senses it is time to eat. She has learned to wait at the door when she has to go out, and goes in her kennel very easily. She is a wonderful dog, and makes a bad day disappear. We want to thank the rescue for helping us find a great addition to our family. We also want to send a big thank you to Ted Arnold and his family for fostering Ollie. She is a fabulous dog and we are grateful for all the work the organization and its volunteers do.
Shiner Shiner Shiner
Shiner- Adopted May 2007

Just wanted to give you an update on Shiner. He has been with us for two weeks now and has completely settled in. He gets along great with everybody. He actually has gotten our other Lab, Happy, to play - something she will only do if you smell of treats or look like a tennis ball. They are both fetch-freaks and love the kiddy pool in the backyard on a hot day. We walk two hours every day and Shiner is such a sweetheart on leash. He only barks when someone comes to the door and sounds very fierce. If they only knew that his tail is wagging like crazy. Shiner loves to be around us and will follow us around carrying his favorite stuffed animal in his mouth. His favorite spot is right behind my chair or at our feet. He sleeps through the night but the second you walk by him, his tail starts thumping. "Hey, you are up". We have gotten him started on some supplements that have pretty much taken care of his gas issues, so we are on the right track and he seems so happy. I know we are :) I am in contact with Shiners previous owner who told us that Shiner can find your keys if you throw them in a field and tell him to "go find it". (Due to his previous life as a police dog) For now we have only been brave enough to try it in the backyard :) Shiner has wandered right into our hearts on those big paws of his. Thank you for rescuing this sweet boy, so he could have his forever-home with us.
Rolo Rolo Rolo
Rolo- Adopted May 22, 2007

Rolo is one big lover. He is such a happy boy. We couldn't have adopted a better dog for us! He fits in perfectly! Rolo loves being close to us... either while we are watching movies in the family room, cooking dinner in the kitchen or just sitting by us while we are on the computer. He is always at our side. Rolo enjoys going on walks and is friendly with everyone he meets, including other 4 legged friends. He loves going to the hike and bike trail and is starting to learn how to run well on a leash with Eric. Rolo is very easy to train and he aims to please. He is extrememly affectionate and gives tons of kisses! He is always wagging his tail! Rolo enjoys sitting on the balcony and watching neighbors walk by. He loves to be brushed while he is outside too. Rolo has fun going with Melissa to work to see all the other dogs and friends at the veterinary hospital. Rolo still isn't very keen on getting in and out of Melissa's big SUV, but he is learning. Rolo mastered going up and down the stairs at the apartment which he wasn't very sure of the first couple weeks we had him. He likes to sleep in the funniest positions and we wonder how he can bend in those ways. Rolo LOVES when we put peanut butter on his nose and try to lick it off! Rolo's favorite spot is Mozarts Coffehouse... where he can sit and relax by the lake and stare down the swans, or go up to different people and make friends. We love him so much, we try and take him as many places with us as possible. We are so happy he is part of our family! Here is a video we took of him with some peanut butter on his nose... it's so funny! http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=melsteve101
Sophie (AKA Ophelia)
Sophie (AKA Ophelia) Sophie (AKA Ophelia) Sophie (AKA Ophelia)
Sophie (AKA Ophelia)- Adopted April 2007

Just thought I?d let you know that Sophie (Ophelia) is doing quite well. She is losing all of her puppy teeth and only has about a ? mouth full of teeth right now. She just gums her chew bones! Right now she knows ?no?, ?sit? and ?stay? and we?re working on ?down?. A lot of the time she will do what Ranger does. Her and Ranger LOVE to play with each other, although she is definitely the instigator when it comes to those two getting in trouble. She?s made it her mission to get the cats to play with her but will settle for Kitty letting her follow her around and sniff and lick her. Aero has decided that Sophie?s no good to have around, but then again it did take Aero two years to warm up to Ranger! So in the meantime he?s tolerating her. Sophie loves to do the Labrador lean and especially to cozy up and sit on my feet. She will also scoot right up to Ranger as he?s lounging around and sit on his head or use another part of him as a stool! She also has developed one ear that sticks straight out to the side when she perks them up. I took her with to a golf tournament a few weeks ago and she liked riding in the cart and watching all the people. But she had the most fun batting a pine cone around the fairway!
Luci Luci Luci
Luci- Adopted

Just wanted to send an update on how Miss Luci has been doing. Well, she has made herself at home as you can see from the photos. Luci is such a smart and loving dog with a lot more personality that we had expected. She loves (and I mean loves) taking long jogs with her Dad and then crashing for a mid afternoon nap. She also likes playing endless ball with me and then playing again while I take a turn exercising on the treadmill. She likes dropping her ball on the treadmill and watching it roll off for entertainment which is quite funny. Luci has also been attending doggie daycare and gets along famously with her doggie companions. Her favorite activity is splashing in the dog bone shaped pool with her other lab playmates. Needless to say, we always bring home a very damp but happy dog.

Anyway, we just wanted to say thanks for taking such good care of Luci before she found her forever home. It is apparent everyday how much time and effort you spent with her. She is the sweetest dog and we are so happy she came to live with us.

Kia (AKA Tasha)
Kia (AKA Tasha) Kia (AKA Tasha) Kia (AKA Tasha)
Kia (AKA Tasha)- Adopted April 2007

Hi Margaret and Greg, I wanted to let you know that Tasha is doing great. We are so happy to have her. She got her first bath from us tonight. We were all outside this afternoon working in the yard and she found the creek. It is normally a dry creek but with all the rain we've had lately it's quite full. Anyway, she had a lot of fun splashing around in it. Both her and Koa are dog-tired tonight. :) I think that she feels very comfortable here. She's not jumpy anymore unless we move too fast toward her. She comes right up to us when we call and she stays very close to us. I think she knows she's my dog as she follows me around wherever I go. I'm trying out a new name on her and I think she's getting used to it. It may be to confusing to her and Koa so we'll see. I call her Kia (don't laugh). I know they're very close in sound but I'm going to try it out and see how it works. Thank you so much for saving her. She is so precious to us. And thank you for trusting us with her care. Come see her anytime. I've attached a couple pictures of her.
Brandy (AKA Happy)
Brandy (AKA Happy)- Adopted July 2006

Just wanted to let you know that Brandy has been a great addition to our family, and a very good friend to our older dog, Cody. All that exercise by the dogs has shed 10 pounds from Cody, along with some dieting. Brandy is well trained, can sit, stay, wait, down, no, and knows the names of several of her toys. Her favorite is "tennis ball". She loves riding in the back sit of the Tahoe, smelling out of the window. She has never chewed anything in the house, and never an accident. All the chemical burns on her neck have been healed, and with a good diet with Omega 3 & 6 supplements, her fur is just beautiful and shiny. She is very affectionate and loving, and like the name given to her by Margaret, is happy all the time.
TJ (AKA Cookie)
TJ (AKA Cookie) TJ (AKA Cookie)
TJ (AKA Cookie)- Adopted April 2007

TJ - stands for Tabitha Junior (formerly Cookie). Thank you HOTLR for placing me with my new family. It has only been a few days but I have been able to accomplish a lot of training. Notice how I have them trained to 'help' me retrieve my ball should I 'accidentally' push it under the freezer, desk, bed or any other piece of furniture my ball will fit under. I am enjoying these wonderful spring days in my very own backyard. There is plenty of room for me to teach my new family the best way to throw a ball so I can catch it and still have plenty of stopping space.......... Hugs and lots of kisses - TJ
Zeus (AKA Owen)
Zeus (AKA Owen) Zeus (AKA Owen) Zeus (AKA Owen)
Zeus (AKA Owen)- Adopted April 2007

Quick update on our new family member: He is as perfect as a puppy can be. He knows the words "No" and "Sit". He will go use the restroom outside each time I take him, so there really has not been a bad problem with him doing this inside the house. We are just having a problem with him recognizing his name and coming to us when called. This is what we will concentrate on this week. He is so lovable and snores when sleeping. For the most part he only chews on his toys. So we feel so lucky to have picked him. Frosty and him play for a long time each day. Except for when he takes his playing too far, I think she is also really enjoying her new little brother. I attached a few pictures of Zeus' regular work day with me.
Shiner- Adopted summer 2006

Shiner, previously known as Melody is doing well at the gym. In fact she has really become a career girl. Check her out on the job: http://georgetownfitness.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=22&Itemid=51

Shiner (Melody) has turned into a beautiful dog ? shiny coat and lean. She has been steady at about 75-77 pounds for months now. She is non-stop fetching. I just need to work on her social skills with other dogs.

Maui (AKA Kinsey)
Maui (AKA Kinsey) Maui (AKA Kinsey) Maui (AKA Kinsey)
Maui (AKA Kinsey)- Adopted April 2007

Wanted to share some pix of Maui. Maui made an easy transition as our new beloved family member. She has already bonded with her big brother Kozmo......they are inseparable! Of course, all of Kozmo's toys are now Maui's toys. : ] Kozmo has been such a gracious big brother that he doesn't mind her climbing on him and tugging on his various body parts. Poor guy. He seems to be very content with her snuggling up to him for a nap. We took Maui on her first leashed walk with Kozmo yesterday and she did very well and trailed very close to Kozmo. She is very intelligent and has taken to crate and house training very well.....but as expected, we have had some long nights as she would rather be with Kozmo instead of being in the crate at night. They are quickly becoming best of friends! We love our little girl! Thank you again for rescuing her and her family! We will keep you posted as she develops.
Kaikoura (Tootsie)
Kaikoura (Tootsie) Kaikoura (Tootsie)
Kaikoura (Tootsie)- Adopted 2006

Kaikoura and I have been doing well since I adopted her last March. I have attached a couple of pictures of her. She is the same girl that she was when you brought her to my house that first time: she lives to play fetch and to be in the water. She can hardly control herself when we drive to Town Lake. I couldn't have asked for a better, more livelier companion.
Joy Joy Joy
Joy- Adopted 2007

Joy is doing very well with her family. She is happy to be with her canine sisters, and she has gotten in some good sniffs with her feline siblings, so we are hopeful that she is going to quit barking at them! She spends her day lounging around on the bed with both of her sisters and one of the cats! Joy is such a loving girl. She seems to be very happy here, and we are very happy with her. Thank you for all that you have done for this little girl, and thank you for getting her home, where she belongs.
Lacey- Adopted

Remember us, Jules and Cynthia and our daughter Hannah? A couple of months ago you helped us find Lacey the lab. We brought her into our family and it has been wonderful with her. She fit like a warm glove into our routines and is now a valuable member of our family. Thanks so much and please don't forget us. We never will forget you. :- )
Betty- Adopted

Just wanted to let you guys know that Betty is doing great! She has adjusted very well into our life and we are enjoying her greatly. She is really doing well with our 16 month old daughter and our min-pin...very smooth transition. Thanks, so much, for all that you all have done in facilitating our adoption of Betty. We really do appreciate all that you do in helping all the rescue dogs.
Lilly- Adopted

Lilly (Jack calls her ?Lilly-dog? ? well he kinda mumbles this anyway) is just doing great here. The kids simply adore her and she is so patient and gentle with them (see pic). Right away she also acclimated to being a good guard dog as well making, the times I am away from the home less stressful for the rest of the family. We feel so fortunate to have her ? during the day she likes to camp out near my office desk where I usually work from home (we have a bed for her there). Sometimes I have to nudge her a bit to quit snoring though when I?m talking to clients on the phone (do they make breathe right products for dogs)? ;-) Anyway, just wanted to give you a short note that we?re taking good care of your former charge ? and we hope to be back again someday to perhaps seek a playmate for Lilly (although I think the kids do a pretty good job of wearing her out).
Trevor, now Hogan
Trevor, now Hogan- Adopted June 2006

Just wanted to let you know that all is well with Hogan. He quickly became a member of the family and is very happy with his new big sister Ryder. He gets along very well with our daughter and has made himself right at home (as you can see in the picture)! We couldn't be happier, keep up the good work!
Sarah Sarah Sarah
Sarah- Adopted August 2005

We?ve waited much too long since we picked up our beloved Sarah for an update but better late than never I suppose. Sarah came to us in August of 2005 and since then she has made great strides. No more food jealousy and now knows multiple commands. Sarah fit into our family and extended family better than we could have ever hoped. She is a pure joy and loves to fetch her special super bouncy ball and loves chasing birds even more. She?s even learned how to stand on her hind legs and bat at the trees and bushes to flush them out. To say that Sarah has extra love to give would be the understatement of the year. We?ve nicknamed her the sponge as she?ll soak up all of the love we?ll give and happily give it back too. Of course she is a perfect match for London, her Chocolate Lab sister and her 2 Chocolate Lab cousins who live nearby. From nature hikes at State Parks to trips to the family lake house Sarah has proved to be quite an active healthy girl. With 4 other lab cousins she?s one of the fastest swimmers of the bunch. Underneath her 49 pound skin is the swagger of a much bigger dog. She?s a real gamer when it comes to tug-o-war with cousins. Most of all thank you to HOT Labs as Sarah is proof positive of just how well the HOT process works and just how many great dogs out there need homes. Not only would we do it all over again we can?t wait for Labby number 3, 4 and more!!!
Riley (aka Carla)
Riley (aka Carla) Riley (aka Carla) Riley (aka Carla)
Riley (aka Carla)- Adopted Jan 2006

Hi - all is well here. Danny actually taught Riley to shake all by himself. Ben has been to the house twice. We are continuing on working on walking and staying. She has also learned to sit and wait while the little dogs eat instead of running over to their bowl and eating their food. She has fit in to our family so well. It's unbelieveable. My daughter and her 5 kids came to visit last week and you wouldn't even have known we had a lab in the house. My 5 year old granddaugher laid on Riley's bed and Riley just got up and moved! She's put on about 5 pounds. Still hasn't gotten in the pool - just drinks out of it and the fountain.
Dullard (aka Chef)
Dullard (aka Chef) Dullard (aka Chef)
Dullard (aka Chef)- Adopted Feb 2006

Chef and I are doing very well. He's really the perfect dog for me! I've renamed him Dullard and he's already responding to it. He enjoys visiting my friends and meeting their dogs too. He still gets very nervous in various situations, but he's really attached to me and trusts that I'll take care of him. The last two days he is refusing to go into the living room because he was spooked by a laser pointer I used to help hang a picture on the wall. He'll jump on the couch with me but books out of there once I leave the room. I'm really enjoying his company and I think he feels the same about me. Thank you very much for introducing me to him! Therese
Butter- Adopted Jan 2006

I just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know that Butter is doing great. He has graduated to full house privileges with no problems. He is also allowed to sleep loose, but he still prefers to sleep in his crate and, as long as there is nothing exciting going on, will go get in his crate and go to bed at 10:30 every night. His manners are great. Our four year old daughter can walk him on a leash without any problems and he is careful not to bump into my one year old niece. You can leave food out on tables and counters and he will not touch it ? he now knows that all four feet stay on the ground. I know it sounds unbelievable, but he really is a very easy dog. His desire to please and for approval is so strong that he is very easy to train. One funny quirk, he likes to collect things outside and put them in a pile. We have a lot of land, so I thought it was my husband stacking up tree branches, brush and rocks, but when I noticed dog toys in the pile, I thought otherwise. We confirmed that Butter likes to collect things around the property and stack them by the house. We rarely catch him in the act (he does his stacking when we aren't home), but I've seen him once or twice and it is funny watching him drag fallen tree branches as big as he is. He appears very satisfied once the pile is a certain size ? then he starts another one. One day I'll get a digital camera, so I can email you a picture. Take care and keep up the good work with the dogs. -Alicia
Jelly (aka Trixie)
Jelly (aka Trixie) Jelly (aka Trixie) Jelly (aka Trixie)
Jelly (aka Trixie)- Adopted Jan 2006

Jelly is doing just GREAT! She is the sweetest, most loving companion. She and I are enjoying regular runs and walks on Town Lake, and she loves to swim at Arboretum Shores and Red Bud Isle. She's not a big fan of fetching balls in the water but would rather just swim after other dogs that are fetching balls. She could stay in the water and swim laps for hours if I let her. Last week we went on our first tubing trip together down the Guadulupe River. She had her own tube. She swam for quite a bit, but enjoyed sitting in her innertube to float down the rapids. It was quite a hoot. Thank you Austin Lab Rescue Society for matching me with Jelly -- she's my new best friend. Kelly
Calie (aka Satin) AND Cody
Calie (aka Satin) AND Cody- Adopted April 2006 AND 2004

Just wanted to touch base finally and give you an update on Satin which we have now changed to Calie. Anyhow, she is doing really good. She obviously was a little rattled when she first got here because of all the changes in her life as of late ,but as we all knew she warmed up pretty quick. It actually took Cody five days or so to get comfortable with her but now they seem to be gelling quite well together. She literally follows him around everywhere and she becomes very concerned when she is separated from him for only the shortest of times. He is so passive with her. He basically lets her do whatever she wants, I guess he understands she is younger and is not quite as patient with things. He lets her go first with everything whether it be getting to eat first or getting what seems to be the most popular window when we take them for car rides. This was our goal to find Cody a companion when we are not there. He seems very happy and we really don't worry about him anymore when we are not home. They seem very happy together. We take them for walks every night. She is improving on the leash, but still has some work in that category. She certainly is a lap dog and doesn't understand that she weighs in at about 65lbs, it's pretty funny watching her make herself comfortable on one of our laps. Other than a few accidents in the house the first couple of weeks,which she has improved quite dramatically since then, she has made a relatively painless transition into our home. We feel we picked the right dog again and just want to say thank you for your help once again. Thanks. By the way, Calie is the one on the right in the attached picture.
Savana- Adopted Jan 2006

Hi ? just wanted to give you an update on Savanna. -She?s very happy, and so am I. -She follows me everywhere (but she?s learned that the pantry is off-limits, and will wait at the top of the steps when I go in there). She won?t go into the back yard unless I go out there with her, and sometimes I even have to walk into the yard (not just sit on the stoop) to get her to go out into the grass and pee. -I crated her a few times when I left the house for awhile, and now give her a limited area of the house (2 bedrooms & hall) to hang out in when I go. She usually barks a bit when I leave, but hasn?t destroyed anything or had any accidents. - she has gotten up on the couch a couple of times ? when she?s in the house, and I run out to the car to get something, she will climb on the couch to see me through the window. I will have to work on fixing that. - I?ve made her an appointment at Bark?n?purr for bath&nail trim this thurs. She?s been scooting, and they will take care of that too. - We start basic training at Petsmart on Sunday (8 weeks). - we?ve been walking almost every day ? today we walked 3 miles, and she was still ahead of me at the end (not dragging behind). She loves her green beans ? in fact, if I put food down without beans, she won?t eat it, but if I give her just beans, she eats them up. - she sleeps on the floor next to my bed ? yesterday I invited her up onto the bed, and she wouldn?t jump up. Then ? strangely ? at 2am she jumped onto my pillow. Maybe she had a bad dream. I?ve asked around for some Vet recommendations, centrally located. That?s the only thing left. Tanya
Pepper (AKA Luna)
Pepper (AKA Luna) Pepper (AKA Luna)
Pepper (AKA Luna)- Adopted December 2005

Pepper aka Luna bounced into our lives at an extremely chaotic time. We had just welcomed the arrival of our son and had unfortunately had to say good- bye to our lab Lucy. She developed a very aggressive type of cancer and the good-bye came much too soon for us. The house was so quiet without the click, click, click of toenails on the wood floor (even with the cries of a newborn) so we called Margaret. We had previously served as foster parents to some wonderful labs and wondered if Margaret had one we could foster. Well lo and behold in bounced a beautiful, happy and typically exhuberant black laborador. We were hooked and we quickly adopted her. Pepper has brought a lot of joy into our family. She is a fast learner and of course the typical young lab (loves to chew). She has helped us babyproof the house because if she could find it to put in her mouth she would and so could our son. She is the reason our son started to crawl - she was just so motivating he had to get to her! We are very fortunate that she is extremely patient and gentle with our son. We all love her and look forward to developing some wonderful memories with her. Thank you HOTLR!
Olive and Dora
Olive and Dora Olive and Dora Olive and Dora
Olive and Dora- Adopted April 2005

These girls sure are growing up, but there is still much puppy left in them! The highlight of their day appears to be the nightly wrestling match to entertain us. Both girls continue training and love going to "school". We have started competing in Rally. Olive has already earned her Rally Novice title, and all her scores were 95 and above with 2 first place finishes! She has two legs to her Rally Advanced title, with a first place finish on a very challenging course. We are gearing up for our first Novice obedience competition at the end of September and will start Agility classes in the fall (can this girl jump and get air time!). Dora has earned her Rally Novice title too, with 2 first place finishes and one second place finish (Olive scored just one point higher, but a 1-2 finish on their very first trial was awesome)! The last leg to her title came after spending a month being spoiled by her "grandpa" who kept her while she recovered from a strained knee ligament. She was such a champ and so excite; to be competing again; you could just see the smile on her face and her tail wagging the entire time in the show ring! Dora will also compete in Novice obedience at the end of September. The recurring knee injury caused by living with her highly active dog sister will likely keep her from competing in events with jumps. The next thing they like to do best is swim...Olive loves retrieving, and Dora loves retrieving Olive (see the pic)!
Trudy and Earl
Trudy and Earl Trudy and Earl Trudy and Earl
Trudy and Earl- Adopted November 2004

UPDATE 3/06: I just thought I'd give you an update on Trudy and Earl... They're both doing very well. They still get to go swimming regularly at Walnut Creek Park in north Austin. But they have a new diversion now. My girlfriend has five horses and we spend most weekends out with them in the pasture working and riding them. Trudy and Earl love being out there and running around with the 'big dogs'. Earl's demeanor around the horses just reaffirms my suspicions that he used to live on a ranch. He is very comfortable around them and always wants to run off with whoever happens to be riding, even if it's just someone else riding through the pasture. Trudy has gotten quite comfortable around them as well. They know to move very quickly when a horse lunges at them (there is one out there that belongs to someone else that hates dogs). I've included a few photos of them with the horses for you. Earl has also gotten much better in the car. He still drools and pants quite a bit, but has stopped whining for the most part (at least after a couple minutes). It took the better part of the year he's been with me but he gets better every time. He also enjoys sticking his head out the side window, and of course, the entire side of the vehicle is covered in drool! I have an SUV now and they are comfortable in the back or sticking their heads out the side. Earl has finally put on some more weight and his ribs have covered up. Trudy was very ill about a month ago and lost 10 pounds, and has kept it off (she ate too much horse manure and was quite sick for about 10 days). So they are both looking very fit. Earl's arthritis is starting to catch up with him, but you'd never know it watching him play. He now loves chasing a ball and brings it back every time. Trudy has been diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia and gets a little sore and limps after she runs hard, but she still is extremely compulsive about chasing her ball. They are wiped out tonight from being in the pasture all day. -Todd ORIGINAL UPDATE: Trudy and Earl are getting along great. They wrestle and chase each other around the house. Earl has become the alpha but Trudy hasn't minded. I have to have two of everything because Earl will take whatever Trudy has and make Trudy go get the second one. Occasionally, this goes on for quite a while and they just keep swapping. But Trudy just lets him without any trouble. There is a beautiful park (Walnut Creek) nearby and I take them there 3-4 times a week. It's a leash free park with many trails and lots of water. They get off the leash and have a blast. They tear around in the water, swimming in the pools and running as fast as they can in the shallows. Earl keeps up with Trudy all day long. They chase the tennis ball and fight for it in the creek. Up on the trails, they run loose also. Earl likes to run ahead, but as soon as he gets out of sight, he stops and comes back until he can see me again then continues on. He always comes back all the way to me when called too. Trudy will usually stay next to me on the trails. She is never more than a few feet away from me. They love running around in the water with the other dogs they meet there.
Jane- Adopted September 2006

Here is a picture of Jane and her favorite thing. She carries it through the house going as fast as she can. I'm thinking we won't need to worry about cutting her nails. We have both fallen in love with her. She is so cute! Our Vet was taken with her also, said we had "a good one." She was so well behaved there - just layed quietly on the floor while he checked her out. She is really good at waiting at the back door now, a little less so at the front. She no longer runs full speed AT me, and doesn't zigzag in front of me on our walks. She is just like a child in running full tilt, then falling asleep. It seems she is training me as much as I am training her, but I'll keep working on the training and the learning.. It surprised me that she barks. Our other labs barked very rarely. She is improving on that, too. We took the crate back that you saw. She bumped her head on it when she turned around. Now she has a slightly larger wire one. Thank you again for putting us in touch with our new sweetie.
Abel- Adopted 2004

If there is such a thing as a "poster dog" for lab rescue -- Abel has to be it. Lost or abandoned when he was just a few months old, Abel found his way to the animal shelter. While he was in the shelter, Margaret saw something in this pup -- who was injured and could barely walk -- and decided to take him into the HOTLR program and into her home (for which we are extremely grateful). Abel soon left for drug dog training, destined to be a part of Homeland Security. But alas, Abel was not meant to be a drug dog. He left the training program and returned to HOTLR. His foster family, the Sharps, took wonderful care of him (for which we also are extremely grateful) and taught him some really neat tricks. But despite his sweet and playful disposition, Abel had a hard time finding a permanent home because he was such a BIG lab. About 17 months after he was rescued, we came across his sweet picture on the HOTLR website. It was love at first sight; and, after reading his bio (so accurately written by Greg), we knew that Abel was the dog for us. After we completed the adoption process, Abel began a new chapter in his life and started settling into his forever home about five months ago. We couldn't be more thrilled to have Abel as part of our family!! We love and encourage his playful nature -- but also adore his sweet, cuddly side. Abel is such a happy-go-lucky dog. He loves every person and dog he meets, and they love him. Abel quickly took a liking to Maverick, our nearly twelve-year-old black lab. They became great buddies, napping together back-to-back and playing tug. Sadly, Maverick lost his battle with cancer last week; and Abel is now "the" dog of the house. Needless to say, Abel has been a great comfort for us. Abel's daily routine includes walks and trips to the neighborhood dog park. Watching Abel outrun every other dog at the park in pursuit of a tennis ball or frisbee, it is hard to believe this energetic two-year-old lab is the same injured puppy who was barely able to walk. The only dogs who can (barely) outrun Abel are two Greyhounds who live nearby, but Abel still manages to get the ball first because he is so agile and can stop/turn on a dime. Hardly a day passes without Abel taking a swim in the backyard pool; and he loves weekend trips to the ranch, where he can run around and swim in the lake to his heart's content. Abel also loves to accompany us as we run errands (he loves car rides), visit the in-laws for the evening, or take out-of-town trips. And he has a ball when his Akita "cousin" comes to play! He also has found great playmates with the neighborhood kids and a black female lab that lives down the street. Abel has the run of the house and is no longer interested in the crate. He can be trusted to stay out of trouble when left alone. (Although a shopping bag or empty box occasionally proves to be too tempting.) Countersurfing is a VERY rare occurrence, and he now leaves the food container located on the floor alone! Can you believe it? At night, Abel curls up on his dog bed in our bedroom. By morning, he is sprawled out on his back -- such a funny sight! To sum it up, Abel is a wonderful dog who is very much loved and spoiled! Thank you for rescuing him! Although we want to spend some one-on-one time with Abel for a while, we have discussed the possibility of adopting another lab or acting as a foster in the future. We will keep you posted!
Ace- Adopted January 2005

Just want to update you on Ace. We are doing great. He and Ben are really tight. Ben had a friend over on Saturday and they were playing in Ben's room with the door closed, Ace sat right by the door and whined. It was so cute. We went to our second obedience lesson on Tuesday (the first was a debacle, he had to go to time-out and barked, cried and whined for over an hour), but the second was much better and he did not get a time out and Ben got him to sit for 2 minutes! The leash pulling is still terrible, but the teacher gave me some tips. He has already broken out of the crate (I am not sure how), but has not chewed or had an accident, so he has run of the house (almost) while we are gone. I have been able to work at home in the afternoon, so he is not alone too long. He and Ben wear each other out and have pretty much been asleep by 8:15. He is sleeping on the bottom of Ben's bed, and many times both end up with me (and I have about 1/4 of the bed). He is definitely part of the family. As soon as he is a bit better trained, he and Ben are going to agility school (Ben has him going up the playscape and coming down the slide).
Henry- Adopted January 2005

Henry is in training to be a drug-detection dog. Here's his first report: Just wanted to give you an update... Henry seems to be doing just fine. He was a little bit whiny the first night, I think he missed his momma. We did three short training sessions on Friday, and introduced him to marijuana scented towels in the afternoon. I had him jump into the bed of a truck to get the towel. No problem, then I threw one up on the hood of another truck, it got stuck by the windshield wiper he jumped on the hood and got it. (Good Boy) Today we did about three short sessions and he did real well, he doesn't seem to be distracted by other odors inside buildings or outside. Things are going well he and Shiner are getting along just fine. Shiner keeps trying to get Henry to chase him but no luck yet. Last night they were playing tug of war with a piece of wood they were growling at one another as the pulled on the wood. Also today Henry located several marijuana scented towels hidden both inside and outside without anything being thrown. Which is good for the second day.
Truman (Tigger)
Truman (Tigger) Truman (Tigger) Truman (Tigger)
Truman (Tigger)- Adopted March 2006

We just wanted to give you an update on Truman (Tigger). We are very happy to have him in our lives. We think that he is very happy, also. We can't explain to you how much fun we have with him and how much we laugh at him every day. Truman is a very well behaved and polite little guy and is extremely loving. He has the run of the house when we are not at home and does very well at that. He loves to go for runs in the neighborhood and walks in the park. Jogging four or five miles is no problem for him. We recently took him to Town Lake where he played with the other dogs, jumped in the water, and ran and ran and ran. Truman has also conquered the Guadelupe River, Lake Austin, and any puddle of water he comes across. He enjoys his playdates with two other dogs (his girlfriends, Star and Brianna) in our neighborhood and is eager to meet and play with any dog who will give him attention. He is soooo much fun to watch and he is very eager to please. He is up every morning at 6am at the side of our bed ready to greet us so we can get the day started. We just need to teach him about Sundays: we do not have to get up at 6am on Sundays! We could go on an on about him but to sum this up we cannot remember what life was like before he became a part of our family. Margaret, we want to thank you for finding him, Sharon for fostering him and Greg at Gateway Dog Training for teaching us to live together in harmony. Truman makes our family complete.
Lucy- Adopted June 2006

I just wanted to drop you guys an update on Lucy (aka Ziggy) who I adopted in June 2006.

Lucy is wonderful. She has been such a joy to have around. From the start she has been great in the crate. She will sleep in her crate the whole night through. I was warned when she was dropped off to expect an accident or two in the house, but she never has had an accident in the house. She does get a little crazy with excitement when other dogs cross our path on walks. I'm sure with time and experience this will pass. She just wants to spend time with people and other dogs. I want to thank HOTLR for allowing me to have Lucy.

Thanks again, Amanda
Brandy (AKA Happy)
Brandy (AKA Happy) Brandy (AKA Happy) Brandy (AKA Happy)
Brandy (AKA Happy)- Adopted

We absolutely love this dog. I catch Brian having conversations with his "little girl". It has been 6 weeks and she has gained only one pound on 4 cups of food each day, she is so active with a fast metabolism. Cody has lost 3 pounds on his green bean diet. As you can see, Cody plays with Brandy, dog fighting and pulling. There is not a safe toy between the two of them. Brandy loves to retrieve the tennis ball composition retriever rods in the backyard. She does not leave the back yard, and is never left alone outside. She loves us and Cody too much to go anywhere, she follows us from room to room. We have had the grandchildren over and she does not like children. She hides in a corner, or goes to another room. She must have had a bad past experience with kids. She loves adults, and that is who she has to take care of her, Brian and JoAnne. So this is a good match for her. She continues to be happy all the time, tail wagging, and just a joy. Thanks again for all you do for these wonderful labs.
Kayla- Adopted Feb 2004

Well, its been a great year for all three of us. Kayla adjusted almost immediately and we?re all firmly attached to each other. Kayla?s personality is mirror image of our previous best friend Brandy. The only difference is that Kayla just loves to fetch and that is just fine with us. When we bought our house 8 years back we bought it because we really liked the pool. Little did I realize that we really bought it so that Kayla could use the pool for lap training. Kayla?s an absolute love bucket and that was what we were looking for when we picked (or she picked us). She?s only had one problem. In December we noticed a lump under the skin behind her right rear knee. We took her to the vet and had it removed. Turned out to be cancerous. Since the didn?t take much out around the tumor we ended up with a second round of surgery to remove more of a margin around the site. All of this was sent in for testing. The final report came back negative and as a result the prognosis is excellent.
Molly, now Harley
Molly, now Harley- Adopted 2004

Thank you for asking about Molly...now called Harley. May I just begin by saying she is the world's greatest dog. I do not exaggerate when I say this. Both Brent and I continue to be amazed at how awesome she is and what a gift to our family. Harley has fit in well from day one. She is obedient, loving and fun. It may sound silly but we truly thank God for her often. Adopting a dog can be such an unknown but not this one. Here are some specifics on just how great she is...none we can take credit for either. 1. We decided she could have access to any room in the house...but not the kitchen. When she would come near it, we would gently tell her no...and she would stay out. To this day...she stays out. 2. When we open the front door she does not bolt...unless she has to go potty...then she does her business and comes right back. And when we are out front playing w/our kids...she joins in and NEVER takes off. The neighborhood loves Harley too. Gentle w/kids and adults also love how sweet she is all around. 3. On walks (whether long or short)...most of the time she does not need a lease...but sticks right by our side. 4. Harley goes where we go...and is inside most of the time except when we are gone for a long period of time (in a day). She is truly an extension of us. Most everyone who meets her comments on how great she is... that she does not jump, lick, bark...etc. All she wants is love...and we an abundance to give it to her. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her...words can't express how awesome she is...and how blessed we are to have Harley part of us. A great match indeed.
Delilah- Adopted August 2004

What a sweetie she is! Since adopting her last August, Delilah has provided constant excitement for our household. Maggie and I share duty in Delilah's 2-3 fetch sessions a day. She is one of the most focused dogs I have seen when it comes to playing fetch. If a ball is in sight, Delilah ignores all else. We've had to invest in a ball thrower (for distance and saving our arms) and a glow-in-the-dark ball (for anytime fun) to subside her obsession. It's quite interesting to see a blinking green light somehow floating through the darkness...we've stopped a few folks with that trick. Bull Creek and Redbud Isle are by far her most favorite dog parks. Although, you can find us most often getting a daily swim in the quarry lake near our house. We are very grateful to have Delilah as part of our family. Thanks!
Chester (Baxter)
Chester (Baxter)- Adopted Jan 2005

Baxter now Chester - adopted January 2005 Chester is such an awesome dog! We feel so lucky to have such a sweet-tempered pooch in our house. The most worked-up this dog gets is when we pull out the vacuum cleaner, which throws him into a barking frenzy! He is so friendly to everyone he meets - people or dogs. He can be shy at first, but then is ready to play within minutes. Chester loves to take long walks and go to the park. Chester is also going to training classes where he gets to meet other dogs and learn his basic obedience too. Many times in class he has been pointed out as the perfect dog because of his calm temperament and ability to learn new things quickly. We couldn't agree more! Thanks for introducing us to this amazing dog. We feel so lucky to have such a sweet and loving one in our home.
Abel- Adopted 2004

Thought you would be interested in an Abel update. The big boy is doing great, and he has been thoroughly enjoying the pool this summer!! He also has been showing the ropes to a couple of fosters. Two weeks ago, we took in our first foster dog for Companion Animal Network (CAN). CAN works with the Animal Welfare Committee of the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, of which I am vice-president. I received an email plea seeking a foster home for a darling yellow female Lab named Rue, and could not resist (we had been talking about getting involved with some of the local rescues as a foster). As a small puppy, Rue was hit by a car. Fortunately, someone picked her up and took her to a vet in Sunnyvale. The vet mended her broken leg and took great care of her as they tried to find her a home. The vet eventually contacted CAN and asked for help. Rue is just under 1 year old, and is a beautiful -- but small -- Lab weighing in at 35-40 pounds. She and Abel immediately hit it off, and became great play buddies. She has no fear, which is good given that Abel weighs more than double her weight! During their wild play sessions, they successfully rearranged our furniture multiple times. Rue was an ideal houseguest and a quick learner. Abel really enjoyed having her around, and we absolutely loved her (I was inclined to keep her). But we remained committed to fostering and helped find her a great home with a wonderful family. Fortunately, her new "daddy" works with me, so we will still get to see her and plan on setting up playdates with Abel. The same day Rue went to her new home, Rodney, Abel and I accompanied Gail (who runs CAN) to check out a 6 year old chocolate Lab, Jake, who was no longer wanted by his family. Gail found out about Jake through a vet friend, who called her when the family brought him to their clinic to be euthanized. It seems the wife no longer wanted to deal with the dog. The husband raised the dog since he was a pup, but had never owned a Lab (or probably any other dog), and he had no idea what he was getting into. Jake stayed outside at all times, in a yard that lacked a single tree, shrub, or any means of shade. He had little attention, and his only contact with other dogs came during an occasional walk. He is a gorgeous 110 pound dog but his coat is horribly bleached from the sun. Jake also has clearly been abused, and didn't seem to respond to his own name. Despite all this, he is very sweet and gentle. He and Abel got along well during our visit, so Jake became our new foster. To signify the beginning of his new life as a loved family member, Jake has been re-named Kodiak ("Kody") because he looks like a bear and is as sweet and loving as a giant teddy bear. Kody has been with us since Sunday afternoon, and is already improving and learning to trust -- although we have a long road ahead before he overcomes everything. He is not nearly as jumpy as he was before, and he no longer flinches when we raise our hand to pet his head. He is discovering what it is like to be inside -- learning to climb stairs, watching television with keen interest, and picking up Abel's Kong ball (although he still does not know how to play). He wants to be a lap dog, and would be perfectly happy if we did nothing but love on him all day and night. Kody watches Abel's every move, so we hope our big goober can teach him how to be a Lab. For example, it took about 10 minutes of watching Abel jump in and out of the pool for Kody to (not so gracefully) jump/tumble into the pool. Kody is now a water dog, and gets in the pool whenever he is outside. Abel has been doing his best to get Kody to play, but Kody so far is not getting it. I think he will come around, though. All in all, I am sure Abel would rather have Rue back. But he is great with Kody, and Kody desperately needs the love and lessons he is getting from us and from Abel. I know I have said this before, but Rodney and I are eternally grateful for the love and care you provided to Abel while he was with you. That is what has inspired us to help other Labs in need. I hope this email finds all of you well.
Connor- Adopted 2004

Connor is great and he is doing wonderful! He really enjoys our home. He and our cat, Nelson, are good buds. The neighbors comment on how soft and sweet Connor is. He's definitely a favorite. I think that his smile is what folks really enjoy. We've taught him to smile on command and we've almost got him doing an ?Elvis? on command (he lifts one lip like the King). We got our pond redone and Connor loves to sit there and watch the koi and goldfish (see the attached photo). He doesn?t like the pool, though. He won't go in it, even after we've coaxed him with treats and his toys. I have started a new game with the water from the water hose. He likes to drink the water, but is a little hesitant when I try to get him wet. When we're out by the pool, we don't mind the heat since we're in the water, but he's got to be hot, so I try to spray him down. I make a big fuss so he's enjoying our water hose game a bit more. We have all enjoyed the wonderful weather, with extra long evening walks in the neighborhood. One evening we were out walking and Connor, who doesn't normally bark, started barking very insistently. He had cornered a possum. The possum just stood frozen and we called Connor off. We're glad to know that he lets us know when someone or something is in our yard. There are 2 owls that fly around in the creek behind our home, a herron, lots of cardinals, a possum, an armadillo, the fish in our pond, his cat brother and just recently a turtle that laid eggs in our side yard. Lots for him to see and smell. We even tell campfire stories on Friday nights with our daughter, Lexi. We hear the owls and try to make up stories about "the white dog." That's what we call him in our not-so-scary, scary stories. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work.
Otis Otis
Otis- Adopted 2005

Otis is doing very well..he is much loved here and inseperable from the boys...he is a very gentle fellow...very clever and very loving.
George- Adopted 2005

George is a happy boy who has adapted to life with his forever family beautifully. He is spoiled rotten (as all dogs should be) and gets meals cooked for him. He loves to go on walks with his family, but also enjoys just hanging out with them as can be seen in the picture. What a lucky boy!
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily- Adopted 2005

Hi, this is Tiger Lily. I go by just Lily now. I want to thank all the good people at HOT LAB Rescue for helping me find Jack & Brian. They are super people who have made me feel loved from day one. They are also very good at taking commands. They know Play, take me for a walk, take me swimming, rub my belly and give me a treat. They are also learning new commands like move out of my spot on the bed, I'm sleeping don't wake me and darn that hamburger looks tasty I would like a bite (they are having problems with this one). Every now and then I go on a play outing with my friends Shaq, Shasta and Mook. Shaq is a black Lab, Shasta is a chocolate Lab and Mook is a Mook. Shaq, Shasta & I love to swim and play tug of war, Mook and I love to wrestle. Attached is a picture of Shaq & I playing Tug of War and Mook & I wrestling. Just want to let everyone know that I'm doing well and for all you out there looking for your forever home, hang in there it is worth the wait.
Devin- Adopted August 2005

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how things are going. Devin has adapted well. He's a outgoing fellow, and has a lot of energy.Today was his first swimming outing, and he loved it. We have a landing over by the house where canoes take off and buses pick up tubers. It was early morning and no one was there. The neighbor up the hill came too and brought her 2 black labs. We all swam and the dogs retrieved buoys.You can get them at Tractor supply.They float and the dogs can grab on to it easily. We have fallen madly in Love with Devin and couldn't imagine life with out him. Our other dogs are enjoying him also. The first week was a little tense while my older dog was playing Alpha Male. We just made sure Devin didn't visit Zack(the Beagle mix) while he had dinner.
Bella (Sheba)
Bella (Sheba)- Adopted 2005

We just wanted to let you know that Bella is doing great. What a great dog! She is wonderful with the kiddos, she can walk without a leash and hang out with us in the front yard and watch all the kids run by. She never barks - only when protecting her mama (me). I just wanted to let you know that we love her to pieces!
Ariel Ariel
Ariel- Adopted August 2005

Ariel is adjusting very well to her new home. She and our 2-year old chocolate lab, Ruben, are getting along great! Ariel is very sweet, and likes to follow her "big brother" and us around. 99.9% of the time, Ruben doesn't mind when she drinks his water, tries to eat his food, steals all his toys, nibbles his ears, jumps on him, and sleeps on his bed. :) They are becoming fast friends though, often falling asleep together IN the same crate, or on one of the dog beds. Ariel also loves people, and has enjoyed meeting our friends and family. Many people comment on her pretty face and big eyes. We are confident that she will continue to win people over, and grow into a wonderful canine companion! Thank you for the opportunity to rescue her - we are very happy with our newest family member!
Rosie- Adopted September 2005

As you can see, Rosie is hard at work as Grooming Room Supervisor. She is doing great -- doesn't want to go for walks, however. I've been taking her on short ones, but she needs encouragement. She's a sweetie and has been sleeping at the foot of our bed (on the floor) -- she does chase the kitties around a little but seems to just like to see them run as opposed to trying to catch them. She is convinced that it is her responsibility to chase all the deer off the property, so that keeps her pretty busy. She's pretty entertaining.
Dixie Dixie Dixie
Dixie- Adopted August 2005

Time has passed quickly since Dixie was delivered to us in August 2005. She is a great dog and of course very intelligent. Dixie has adapted well to her surroundings, loves going for long walks on the golf course and is very curious about the golf carts. Dixie is also very curious about the skunks that hang out on the golf course and fortunately she has not gotten close enough to find out what they really are (not a cat with a white stripe). Dixie and Sugar (our cat) got off to an uncertain start but have become good friends - in fact Sugar often shares her food with Dixie although I am not sure she knows it yet!! Morgan (our daughter) continues to train Dixie daily in a variety of different commands and both enjoy the time together very much. Our next task will be training Dixie on how to retrieve golf balls from the bottom of the pond - we will keep you posted. Thanks to Greg, Maria and all of the HOTLR volunteers for the opportunity to have this wonderful dog!! Update: I wanted to send you a short note wishing you a Happy Holiday season. Dixie is a wonderful dog and has become a very big part of our household. Debbie, Morgan and I are very grateful for HOTLR. Best wishes from all of the Young's most especially Dixie!!!
Chula Chula Chula
Chula- Adopted

Chula is doing super and has been a star in her training. She will be headed out to bring back a bird or two this season. You can see how much fun she is having on the ranch!
Olive & Dora
Olive & Dora- Adopted 2005

Olive and Dora came to live with us in April, 2005. We can't believe it has already been close to seven months, and the changes and growth we have seen in them have just been remarkable. Olive came to us full of energy and life. She had a hard time sitting still for more than a brief moment. At any given moment, she would start running from room to room in the house at full speed. She is not afraid of a single thing, and she clearly has to be in the middle of everything. That includes my morning goodbye kiss to my husband (she jumps up and gives us a group hug!) and writing this happy tail note (she popped up in my lap with her nose on the keyboard!). Now fast forward six months...she goes to work with me once a week, as we go straight to training from there. My office is quite small, and I have clients coming and going every hour. Olive greets everyone politely and then curls up under my desk to nap or play with her toys. She recently graduated from basic obedience and placed first in her class at the mock dog show! She has also met her "horse" sister, and I can take her to the barn without worrying about her getting into things. She really knows her place there and calmly, quietly stands nose to nose with what she thinks are giant dogs! Olive will continue her obedience training, and we will enroll her in agility. Dora is quite the opposite. These two are just as vast and different personality wise as their color. Dora came to us quite shy and overly sensitive. After being with us four weeks, we began to notice some lameness issues. She was diagnosed with a degenerative joint disease called OCD, which is common in large breed dogs. She had the fortune of having a vet from Texas A&M come into town and perform arthroscopic surgery on her shoulder to remove the cartilage that broke loose. After struggling to keep her still and quiet (try doing that with Olive around!) for weeks, she has full range of motion, and all signs of lameness are gone. She can now keep up in the daily chase games the two of them play. We also have learned that Dora gets bored quite easily (we have built a fence inside our backyard fence to keep our phone lines, antenna cables and hot tub safe from the labbie equivalent of "Jaws") . She too has taken to training, and she placed third in her class in basic. We plan on continuing her training and showing in rally and obedience.
Walker (aka Ray)
Walker (aka Ray) Walker (aka Ray)
Walker (aka Ray)- Adopted April 2005

Just wanted to give you an update regarding Ray, now Walker, adopted in April of 2005. After some very hard work and classes Walker got certified in August through Baylor Animal Assisted Therapy program!! He has come a long way from jumping up and pulling on the leash all the time. He now knows all of his basic commands including an out of sight stay for up to four minutes. We are currently working on tricks for all the kids! When lured with treats he can play dead, roll over, crawl, and spin. I think it will take us some time to get the tricks down without food! We are building up our stamina when he comes to work with me. He currently is coming one time a week and recovering for two days. The kids wear him out! It is so worth it, the kids are using more words than ever which is good since I am a speech pathologist. Even the physical therapist notice an increase with kids walking and throwing! Earlier in the summer I had some doubts that he was a lab. He did not know how to swim or play fetch. We finally coxed my dad to let him in his pool and teach him. Another lab came by to help. However at the start Walker would let his friend go in the water and retrieve then dunk her head and steel the ball when she got to the steps. Finally he went in by himself. He is still not a true lover of water, more of a wader then a swimmer. The past two weeks we have started to get the concept of retrieving. He does not always come back right away, we get distracted with eating grass and such and sometimes he has to lay down on the way back. If you have not already picked up on it we are very calm and mellow for a two year old lab! His favorite activities are going for walks everyday and then getting petted on the belly for hours on end! I can not thank you enough for all the pleasure Walker has brought to my life. In addition, to all the help he does while working with disabled kids. Our staff is so excited when he comes, and the kids do so much better in therapy! Thanks for everything!
Ria- Adopted

I have successfully packed up my things and transplanted myself (and Ria!) to the mountains of Utah. The weather is getting colder and her coat is starting to thicken up a bit, but I think she likes the weather a lot, and I definitely enjoy the cold, since the entire reason I moved out here was to go snowboarding all winter. I'm living in a pretty cool house with a skier who has a big chocolate male named George, who is about 3 years old. Ria is ecstatic to have a playmate all the time, and they usually tire each other out so much playing and chasing each other around the yard to get into trouble in the house when we're gone. Ria is so full of energy, she wants to play ALL the time, although those of you who knew her will find that to be no surprise. :-) The first snow in the valley (where I live) is supposed to fall soon, I'm looking forward to watching Ria run around in it. I think she's probably going to be bouncing off the walls. Anyway, things are going great with her, she's getting plenty of exercise and is encouraging George to do the same. I have taken her hiking with me in the mountains around here, she has really enjoyed taking in all the new sights and smells, and I definitely know that she likes having a yard to play in all the time. Thanks again to everybody at HOTLR who has cared for her during her stay with the organization, she's been an awesome companion and I'm looking forward to making lots more good memories with her.
Tanis- Adopted

To My Friends at HOTLR: I wanted to thank you so much for helping me find my new home with Sarah. We get along so well together and she loves me very much. She takes me on walks and runs at McAllister park and I sure love that! I love to eat ice, chase my purple frisbee, and run around in the backyard. When she is working at her computer, I like to walk up to her and put my paw on her lap to remind her that I'm there. When she leaves, I lay by the door and wait until she gets home. I could chase a ball all day long, but sometimes it's hard for me to chase it because I won't give it back to Sarah. I'll walk up to her and show her that I have the ball, but then I refuse to drop it. I think that I'm so funny when I do that! I love being a lazy boy and laying around the house. I love to ride in the car too - the front seat is my favorite spot! This works out perfectly because Sarah is about to embark on a road trip across the United States and I get to be the road dog! She would never leave home without me. I am excited for our trip because it means we will get to spend 24 hours a day together. She kisses me goodnight every night and I lay beside her bed until I wake her up at 6AM every morning. We are so happy together and I am so glad I don't have to live on the streets anymore! Everyone who meets me tells me that I am a perfect gentleman and a lovely house guest, and I like that because it makes Sarah proud. Thank you so much for finding me the perfect home! Sincerely, Tanis Krebs
Layla (aka Gypsy)
Layla (aka Gypsy)- Adopted November 2004

We wanted to share with you a recent picture of Layla and update you on her. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary (Veterans Day 2004) with Layla as a member of our family. As you can tell from the photo she is completely enamored with all things "ball". She has matured to become a perfect young lady and she and her sister Abby are the best of friends. Layla house trained very easily, learned to walk on the leash quickly and is completely trustworthy when left in the house. Our best wishes to you and the other great members of HOTLR. You all do great work! Respectfully, Mac and Mary Ann McKeown ...... Abby and Layla too.
Duke (aka Bruce)
Duke (aka Bruce) Duke (aka Bruce) Duke (aka Bruce)
Duke (aka Bruce)- Adopted

I wanted to let you know that Duke is doing great! He and Dutchess are two peas in a pod. Dutchess has started adopting some of his good habits; and Duke has adopted a few of her good habits. He is a very gentle boy - even our cat Princess is friendly to him (which is saying something)! He was a perfect match for us, and we couldn't be happier with him. We are going to enroll him in the Adult Intermediate class in January. Here are a few pictures.....enjoy!
Piper Piper Piper
Piper- Adopted Jan 2005

I just got the most recent Sophie's Choice and realized how delinquent we've been in not keeping you up to date on Piper. She's now over a year old and just wonderful. She's one of the friendliest, smartest and willing to please dogs I've ever seen. She's been fully house trained for a long time and loves her crate. The kids all love her and she loves them. She also LOVES to swim. Last weekend (Thanksgiving) she literally swam for almost 2 straight hours, just going around and around and around. She really loves to hang around while we're fishing until we throw a fish back so she can try to find it. That's pretty funny. She actually puts her face underwater to try to find them. She knows sit, down, here, drop, fetch and lots of hand signals and whistles, and she's a great heeler and sitter. Everyone comments on how well behaved she is. And very, very pretty (almost purple in the sun). She's very trainable and has turned out to be a good hunter. She's got basic retrieving down and I'm hoping to do some field work with her next Spring/Summer. Other than a couple of cases of giardia (the more stagnant the water, the better she likes it), she's been very healthy. I just can't believe how lucky we've been to get her. Thanks for taking care of her till she found us.
Bambi Bambi Bambi
Bambi- Adopted summer 2005

Bambi is doing great! After much consideration, we have decided to change her name to Shelby. We love her to death. She's fitting in very well and has become fast friends with our other dogs Zoe and Bailey, and they are constantly playing. She's also progressing very well in obedience and agility training. She loves agility and leaps into the air every time we go out on the field. She is a wonderful happy dog and always wants to give us kisses. She's so gentle and loves everyone! We attached a few pictures of her below, and we hope you will enjoy them. She's gotten a lot bigger and now weighs about fifty pounds. Have a wonderful holiday and we hope you continue your great work saving such wonderful dogs. We couldn't have found such a great friend without you.
Gladys Gladys Gladys
Gladys- Adopted Jan 2006

Gladys and I had a great weekend! She is terrific in the car and we went down to Town Lake for a 3 mile walk. She also got to go to the Crown and Anchor Pub to meet my friend Fara's dog Isis and caught up the Haylee and another lab Sam yesterday. She likes to walk in the neighborhood although the Cap Metro buses make her a bit skittish. She is super sweet -- she sleeps in her crate at night with the door open. Today she is out back and has a blanket in the utility room. Gladys seems to be making herself at home -- still a great eater but I am keeping her at 2 cups a day for a while. Will send more pics soon! Thanks again for letting me adopt her -- she is so great! Laura
Max (aka Louie)
Max (aka Louie) Max (aka Louie) Max (aka Louie)
Max (aka Louie)- Adopted Jan 2006

This has been a great weekend, having Max at home with us. He has been a little under the weather with an upset tummy, but he seems to be feeling better and better with each passing hour. After talking with the vet Saturday morning, we think that he was not ready for new food, so after Friday night's meal we have fed him Natural food instead of what Maci has been eating...mixed with the drugs from his surgery the vet said his stomach was very sensitive. You would think that would keep him down, but he has been quite the opposite of sick in his attitude. He wags and loves on us every chance he gets. We are very happy with him... he's such a great dog! He and Maci have been great together as well, we couldn't be happier! And as you guessed he did get us twice so far with his raising the leg trick, but both times on the wall... and we chalk one of these up to his sickness! Not to worry though, because he's learning fast... and even beginning to respond to his name! Thanks again for everything... we'll keep you posted! I hope you enjoy the pictures we took this weekend! Katie
Riley (aka Carla)
Riley (aka Carla) Riley (aka Carla) Riley (aka Carla)
Riley (aka Carla)- Adopted Feb 2006

Hi - Riley's first week went really well. In fact, great! I took her to our vet today to establish her and to have her eyes checked. They were running, rather dripping. She has allergies - what else is new? She's fine - they said she could use a few more pounds - Riley liked the sound of that. She is playing the chase me game with Abby and they run around the pool a lot - I'm just waiting for one of them to fall in. I must say, Riley hasn't even shown much interest in our pool. She did take a drink from it once but that was all. Our little one, B'mer is still trying to figure things out. He's approached Riley when she is sleeping and licked her and smelled her but when Riley stirs B'mer runs away. He has found several places he can hide and Riley can't get to him - one is in my arms. Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment.... Ben contacted me and we are going to get together again next Sunday for training. -Gloria, Danny, Abby, B'mer & Riley
Lacy Lacy Lacy
Lacy- Adopted Feb. 2006

To the great folks at HOTLR! Hi y'all! I just thought I should send in an update about Lacy because we've had her for a little over two weeks and I'm sure you're wondering how things are going! Just over two weeks? It feels like a lifetime - like she's always been a part of our family. She settled in quickly and now thinks she rules the roost but Maggie Mae (our cat) disputes that! Maggie is still not too sure about Lacy being here but is getting used to her more every day. Lacy on the other hand, thinks Maggie is one of her play toys and tries to play with her without getting her nose bopped. They are like sisters already! Lacy is just a wonderful bundle of energy and Nick, Kate and I have so much fun playing with her. She absolutely loves to play catch and fetch with tennis balls and frisbees and she doesn't like to give them up easily! She loves to have us chase her around the yard and shakes her head 'no' at us when we tell her to give whatever it is we're playing with back. She had mastered 'sit' and 'down' before she came to live with us and we've since got her to be familiar with 'shake' and 'treat' and she will even shake your hand without you having a treat to reward her. Also just tonight, we were out playing in the back yard with her throwing a frisbee (did I mention how much she loves playing frisbee?) and imagine our stunned surprise when she caught it right out of thin air! Not once, but four times! We are so proud of her! We take her for walks every night and she love sniffing around our neighborhood and knows where home is. She's such a great dog! We are so grateful we met Shannon and Abby in Barnes and Noble in December. Our life has changed forever since Lacy came into it, for the better. We love her so much and are thankful every day to all the wonderful folks at HOTLR. Thanks to Margaret, Shannon and Nancy! Nick, Tanya and Kaitlynn
Kayla Kayla Kayla
Kayla- Adopted Feb 2006

Kayla is doing great. She is getting along great with our other dog, Luke. She is so funny -- she just follows him around everywhere! She is a great swimmer in our pool and runs FAST! We have had a few bathroom accidents and had to replace one remote control, but all in all, she has been wonderful! Here are a few pics of her :)
Layla (aka Farrah)
Layla (aka Farrah) Layla (aka Farrah) Layla (aka Farrah)
Layla (aka Farrah)- Adopted Feb 2006

Just wanted to follow up with some pictures of Farrah. We've changed her name to Layla. It seems to fit. She lays on her stomach with her front and back legs stretched out, as if she was flying. So, Layla it was. Thanks again for such a wonderful dog. I'll keep sending pictures and tidbits of her. Not sure of you ever found out, but she's quite the swimmer. She was a little shy at first, but another dog going after her ball was all it took. She can't get enough of it. More later... Chris
Clara Clara Clara
Clara- Adopted August 2005

Just wanted to let you know that Clara is doing great and we love her more and more every day. She has quite a few commands down and is getting better about pulling while on walks. We are planning on going through training with her in the next month. She never tires of attention, will play fetch for days on end, and has done well with our friend?s dogs. She?s not too bad with begging for food and is very good riding in the car. We also did not need to crate her more than about a week. We baby stepped her along by leaving her out for half days at a time and then moved on to full days and she did great every time. She does get a little bored when we are gone and has chewed a couple pairs of sandals, but that?s really it. She?s just a very good and well manner dog and we thoroughly enjoy her. Thanks! Tim
Jester (aka Calvin)
Jester (aka Calvin) Jester (aka Calvin) Jester (aka Calvin)
Jester (aka Calvin)- Adopted March 2004

Thought you might enjoy this update on one of your "kids" from early 2004. Jester was know to HOTLR as Calvin. I adopted him on March 26, 2004, so we just celebrated his second "Jester Day". He was a lanky 69 lb. adolescent when I adopted him. Now Jester weighs about 95 ibs. and I assure you he is solid muscle! We are now part of a family of four. My boyfriend has a 10 year old chocolate lab named Bosco. Our two boys are the best of friends. They rest on the weekdays until we get home. But after work and on the weekends, it's all about playtime at Lake Austin or on the trails near our home. Jester is living up to his name and is the clown of our family. Bosco is the wise old man, so we often refer to them as Young Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kanobe. :-) Jester is quite the social boy and loves to spend time at Taurus Doggie Daycare when we work long days. He is obsessed with all spherical shaped items that roll on the ground. Jester's favorite outdoor activity is dock diving at our secret spot on Lake Austin, and his favorite indoor activity is hide-n-seek with a tennis ball. Jester has brought great joy to my life, and I am forever grateful of your decision to allow me to be his new mom. Thank you! Take care, Jennifer & Jester

Ranger- adopted 2004

Hi Margaret! Ranger had a really good weekend. We checked out the neighborhood and a local park. I was afraid to let him off leash because he barked at a few people, so we'll have to work on that during training. He is still working on the housebreaking and had one accident a day, but he's learning to go stand by the door and that he'll get a treat if he goes outside! Aero, the kitty that you met, has camped out on the kitchen counter to keep an eye on things, and he and Ranger sniff noses. He will also come down off of the counter to get a closer look when Ranger is lying down. They sat nicely within about a foot of each other yesterday, so I think it will only be a short time until they are friends. My shy kitty even came out on Saturday to check him out, although she stayed about 10' away! Ranger only chased & barked at them a few times. He does pretty well around them if they don't move too quickly. We're also still trying to find some good toys that he won't chew apart -he has jaws of steel! He loves to play tug and will give me a good talking to if I stop playing before he wants to. I can't believe how well-behaved he is for a dog his age! I can see why you like him so much. He met some of the neighbors and of course loved all the extra attention. On walks he just sniffs around and doesn't pay any attention to other dogs behind the fences barking at him. He has been sleeping well through the night, although he gets up a little too early! I'll just have to wear him out better at night I guess. That's about all for now. I'll keep you posted! Erica Hansen


Cody-adopted 2004

Hello Margaret, long time no talk, just wanted to touch base to give you an update on Cody. I want to start off by saying that we could not have asked for a better dog. I think he is finally starting to understand that he is in his permanent home which makes him very comfortable. I felt going into this that we would run into some problems just as a natural transition, but Cody is an absolute angel of a dog. He has made a pretty good friendship with two out of three of our cats which is more than we were hoping for. Our dominant white cat just has not come around yet with getting used to him. We don�t even crate Cody anymore, not at night or during the day when we are gone. We trust him completely and he has never had a problem. We recently took him to the vet and he weighed in at 83 pounds so he is looking really fit, lots of exercise has resulted with the weight loss. Cody's passion as you know is to play ball so we do lots of that which has contributed mostly to his shedding of pounds. We also take him to the dog park about once a week. Cody loves car rides no matter where we go so I try to take him as often as I can.

Kodiak-adopted 2004

Just wanted to let you know that Kodiak is doing really well. He has woken a couple of times each night, usually at midnight to go pee and then to make sure we are all still in the house. But, on the whole, he has settled really well into our house. No countersurfing (we don't really give him a chance) and he has let us know whenever he needs to go outside.

I'm not sure who chose his name, but it so fitting! We won't be changing it. However, we have sometimes shortened it to "Kodie." He's like a big old tame bear! He takes treats very gently from the girls and is well mannered with his food dish. Someone must have really loved him and taken care of him before his run in with the shelter. Petti and I have wondered all weekend (and probably forever) where he came from and what his story is. He is not afraid of men or women (seems to prefer men), but is so laid back and gentle, we are stymied as to why he was lost. He's not bothered by dogs his size (the great dane next door is having a great time talking to him through the fence!), but shows a real interest in the smaller ones. He pulls on the leash and will woof at them and sometimes growl. Since we are unsure of what he will do when he gets to them, we have yet to loosen up on our grip when the little dogs (and our cat) come by. With as strong as Kodiak is, we sometimes find ourselves scooting across the dirt and we have to dig in our heels! With that said, he has also woofed at our cat, so we are taking their introduction VERY slowly.

He knows how to sit, stay, lie down, and come (although he does the last one reluctantly). We are going to enroll him in a refresher training course to get him more up to speed with coming when we call him. We took him to Town Lake today and he did really well. We aren't letting him off-leash until he responds to us. He sure wanted to dive into the water with the other labs he saw there though! He rides really well in the car and just loves our little girls. They love getting really close to him and petting him. He just soaks it all up. Right now, he is sleeping on the kitchen floor (cool tile) and snorting (bear snorts!)! I'm taking him to the vet on Monday where I'm sure they are going to LOVE him. More to come later, with pictures!!!

Sincerely, Kari, Petti, Julia, Sarah, Jaxon and our big lumbering bear -- Kodiak!!!


Casey now Banner-adopted 2004

Just wanted to let you know that Banner is doing great! She is setting a new world record for shedding and is quite the chewer, but she has really settled in during the last month. She spends much less time in her crate during the day [she used to be afraid to come out of her crate] and is finally warming up to Doug; I found her hanging out on the floor with him the other night. Everyone who meets her just loves her. ~ Karen S.

Jubilee now Ellie- adopted 2004

Howdy Ya'll! Just thought I'd give you an update. We changed Jubilee's name to Ellie, and she already seems to know it. She has only been here a week, but it seems like she's lived with us forever. At night I leave her kennel open in my bedroom and she goes in it when she feels like it - usually a little bit after I turn the lights off and lay down. I have left her alone uncrated for up to 4 hours so far and she hasn't touched anything but her bones (I leave several all around the house for her). She is such a GOOD DOG!!

We took her swimming at the local park on Wednesday. She jumped right in and tried to swim out to the ducks - almost taking me with her! She fetched her squeaky ball and a few sticks a couple of times as well. She really enjoyed the water! The horse issue has been fixed, thanks to Khreep (my gelding). He just got tired of Ellie jumping up and barking at him and he chased her out of his stall. Since then she has decided that the horses aren't very good playmates and she waits at the door inside the tack room for me to finish whatever I'm doing.

We have had three trips in the car, I took her to meet my friends at work, and we have had company twice this week. She was extremely well behaved every time. I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall, but I might actually have the "perfect" dog! I'm going to get the cats for the barn this weekend, so we'll see how that goes. . . Ellie is great with Chloe. She follows her up and down the stairs, takes treats nicely from her, and lets her brush her and climb all over her.

Of course, Chloe has turned in to a dog this week, learning how to walk on all fours, lap up water, and pick up things with her mouth so they are really kindred spirits. We all love Ellie so much, and don't remember what our family was like without her. Thanks for sticking your necks out and giving us a chance to give her a home. We can only hope that she is half as happy with us as we are with her! I'll send pictures real soon. Thanks again, Denys

Calvin now Jester adopted 2004

HI, My name is Jester. I am a 1 1/2 year old Yellow Lab. I adopted my new mom on March 26th. I found her by way of Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. If you do not want to read my LONG story, please skip to the pics at the link below. http://homepage.mac.com/jenjin/PhotoAlbum2.html

I have been through so much over the past few months. I guess I did not like my first home, or maybe my former family didn't really like me. SO, Austin Animal Control found me running stray with another doggie. They dropped me off at Town Lake Shelter. (How could anyone LOSE such a good boy like me???) While I was there, I was sedated and robbed of my manhood if you know what I mean. That was so cruel, but I understand it was in my best interest. Finally, I was "rescued" by Heart of Texas Lab. I love those folks, especially my foster mom, Margaret!

I was about 10 pounds underweight when I got to my new home. At the time, I weighed 69 pounds. As of this morning, I am up to 77. I have about 3 more pounds to go. Mom feeds me a healthy breakfast and dinner every day. Auntie Michelle is SOOOO generous with cookies when I visit her and my cousin, Jake. Auntie Marie also bought a HUGE bag of cookies for me. The cookies are so tasty, and I don't care that they make me emit a noxious smell. :-) I am adjusting well to my new life. I LOVE bones stuffed with peanut butter. However, I prefer creamy peanut butter over crunchy. My mom found all of the peanut chips in the carpet. My favorite toy is a plush hedgehog with a squeak that sounds more like a pig. What the heck does a hedgehog sound like anyway??? Most of all, I like to retrieve anything you throw for me. Squirrels and cats would make a tasty meal if I could just catch one! My mom and I are working on my seperation anxiety issues. Kids like me who has been bounced around from place to place are prone to this issue once we bond with our new family. I have an overwhelming fear of being alone, so our first week did not go well while mom was at work. I escaped from my crate twice and destroyed the blinds on the patio door. I really am a good boy because I did not chew on the furniture or my mom's fabulous shoe collection. I just wanted to escape and find her. As an interim solution, I now attend doggie daycare. I love this place!! My daycare center will have a in-ground swimming pool for me in a couple of months.

I also like to ride in the car. It is so much fun to hang my head out the window and let my ears flop in the wind. I went swimming this weekend with my cousin, Bosco. My mom and Uncle Brennen threw tennis balls for us to retrieve in the water. This is what we do best!!! I was so tired the next day that I drank the water in my bowl laying down. Did I mention that I am very smart?? I have almost figured out how to open doors by putting my mouth around the doorknob. I am just trying to help my mom get in the door with groceries. Soon I will learn how to open the fridge and fetch cold beer for our visitors. :-) I look forward to meeting YA'LL!! WOOF! Jester Jackson


Morgan-adopted 2004


We just wanted to let you know that Morgan is doing great. She is slowly adjusting and starting to feel more comfortable in her new home. This past weekend she got to play with our friends dog and had a great time. We were really surprised because she has been so low key but she was a different Morgan around the other dog. We were happy to see her with so much energy! The routine has been that each morning Mike gets up and walks her and in the evenings I walk her, she seems to enjoy it, but it definitely wears her out. I dont think she was use to exercising. Another interesting thing, she doesn't really like to go up the stairs in our house, but this past weekend she finally got the courage and came up to wake Mike. Thanks again for all your help in finding Morgan. We will keep you posted! Nicole



Hi Connie, Here is the yearly update on Cocoa. Been meaning to send an update sooner, but time just flies by. Cocoa is doing well. At the end of last year, she was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. We started her on medication, and she is a total new dog. She lost 15 pounds, grew back all her hair she had been missing, and that pot-belly disappeared! She now eats like a lady instead of a ravenous hog! She continues to enjoy swimming. She recently was racing a duck to the water toy she was retrieving. I was shocked that she didn't try to catch and eat the duck! Apparently, she was more concerned about someone else taking her toy! Hope you are doing well; remember, you are welcome to come see her anytime. She has been so great and an added blessing to us! Talk to you soon, Cathy

Madison-adopted 2004

Margaret, How are you? I wanted to send some photos of Madison in her new home. Since Molly found her forever home, we have had a chance to really bond as a family. She LOVES Beau. They were swimming in the creek earlier. Thanks, Karen

Wyatt- adopted 2004

There are Wyatt sightings everywhere, let me tell you. He walks and jogs with Richard in the morning, walks again around noon, early and late evening. That doesn't take the playtime with neighbor dogs into account and the kids at the door who want to play with him or just pet him. I still haven't mentioned the play sessions with Brendan and Bibi. He loves being brushed (by latest count about three times a day), hasn't touched his nylon bone once and sometimes is too tired to take a treat (who would have thought that possible). I have put him in his crate every day, even if it's only 20 minutes. So far not one incident, he just turns around and lies down, calm, no barking, nothing. He is just so gentle with the kids, and not only ours. Rachel loves to pet him and starts to screech (hope I spelled that right) whenever she sees him. Gives me the creeps, but Wyatt is not bothered by it in the least. I haven't told the poor dog yet that my parents are arriving from Holland tomorrow evening. If you think we love dogs............... my parents are nuts, I'm the first one to admit that. Wouldn't surprise me if he starts to hide, just to be alone :) I'll ask the vet if I should give him a little more food since he walks and plays so much. By the way, still no counter surfing to date, in fact, every time somebody sits at the table to eat, he quietly goes and lies down under the table. No begging for food, just wants to be there and falls asleep. Gotta go, have to take Sir Wyatt for his last walk of the day, that is, if he wakes up! Take care, Birgit

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Tanner- adopted 2004

Margaret - We have included some pictures of Tanner's first weeks with us. Tanner likes to go for walks around the neighborhood and the local school yard. Tanner waits by the door in the evening for Mard to get home so they can walk and practice obedience. Tanner does not like cats or opossums. He is eager to go for rides in the truck or Jeep. Tanner is the star in his obedience class. He can sit, heal, wait for his bowl, down and stay for short-medium lengths of time on-leash. Of course he likes to chase the ball in the yard. Laying on the deck is also one of his favorite pasttimes. Tanner has already had his first visit to his vet. The Dr. said he looks great! Thanks to the Dennys for taking such good care of him. It's all good! Mard, Janie & Tanner

Luke-adopted 2003

Luke is doing great and has really put a gloss to his coat! He is such a happy dog. He and Eloy have developed a chase game, with the cat taunting him until Luke chases him down, not that it takes much! Hope to see you all at the picnic!

Luke, Scott, Kristen and Madie

Maude/Maggie-adopted 2004

Maude was dropped off at her new home and here are some pictures from that first day! What a happy couple! :)

and a note from Jacob:

Shannon, I just wanted to let you know that Maggie (Maude's new name) is doing great. We had a great weekend together. She seems to be fitting right in without any troubles. She is very well behaved with great manners, which is definitely a credit to you and your family! Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to adopt her. I can tell already that we are going to be great friends for many years to come! You and/or your family are more than welcome to visit her at any time. I am going to try and make the picnic if I can. That many labs together in one place is something I definitely don't want to miss.

Thanks again! Jacob K. Stanley

Sophie-adopted 2004

Sophie is doing great! We sent some pictures over so you could see how well she fits in with the gang! The puppies love her and she thinks it is pretty cool being on the couch! She has put on some weight and is playing now with the gang! Thanks so much.

Daun and Alyssa and the gang

Ashley-adopted 2004

Ashley has settled into her new home well. She is now smiling, and learning what fun it can be to be a dog with her two buddies. She has lost about 8 pounds already and is up to being able to walk 3 miles. YEAH! She has met lots of new doggy friends and is attending a Petsmaart class so she gets more comfy with people. Everyone who meets her thinks she is a cool dog and sooooo sweet. We agree!

Stef, John, Brit and Lara..and of course, Ashley

Archie-adopted 2004

Mendy, Enclosed are some pictures I took of Archie yesterday. He is doing very well- and seems to be adjusting beautifully to his new home. To my surprise he has taken to Duke, the Chesie, and the two have been swimming all weekend. Archie also has been wrestling with Sweeney, the black one. So far, not to much interaction with Hunter, the chocolate lab, but they do seem to be getting along. I will send more pictures later- I have to be frugal because everything he does is so cute, and I can't possibly take a picture of all he does.

The Engels


Shadow- adopted 2003

Hi there Margaret. Shadow sends his love. Boy has he fitted in to house so good. He shows very little loving (kisses) , etc., but loves to lay next to us. He really has no faults just a lot of energy and likes to try and catch, cats & squirrels. Obviously with no success. Yesterday he was out back and had a constant barking going on which is unusual for him. I went out to see what the problem was and there was a Possum up in one of the trees. First one that I had seen around here. He loves to meet people at the door, politely, does not jump on them just very happy to meet them. When they leave he sits about 6 feet from the door and watches them leave. He has been slightly spoiled by us. I don't believe that if he got loose that it wouldn't be long before he would be back at the door.

Frank, Marlene & SHADOW

Jessie-adopted 2003

Hello, I just wanted to give you an update on Jessie. He has been with us for a year now and is doing great. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. Jessie will soon be joining the Texas Animal Blood Bank as a donor dog. We hope in the next few months to have him pass a Canine Good Citizen Test. Jessie is also starting to learn to do some agility. His favorite activities are sleeping in the sun outside, car rides, and going for runs. His hips are doing well. He has responded well to treatment for his hips and may not need to have surgery to replace them if he keeps doing well. Jessie still enjoys trying to counter surf and sneak naps on the furniture. This behavior is improving though. I have enclosed some pictures so you can see how he is doing. Jessie has play dates once a week with a group of dogs as well as getting to go to the dog park. He loves to be social, as you may remember. He still loves to lean up against you and get as much love and attention as possible. Along with giving big sloppy kisses. We also wanted to see about updating his microchip information. We were told that after one year the information would be changed to reflect our ownership of Jessie. Any information you have on that would be great.

Sincerely, Emily Veraa


Harley-adopted 2004

Happy Tails- Times Two! There aren't many families who can claim not one, but two Hot Labs! This is the Happy Tail of Zeke and Riley, two wonderful dogs who have made our family complete. Three years ago, we rescued "Hercules", one of the Houston dogs. Hercules was selected from all the dogs at the Lab Ranch, by our family dog Wrigley. She would have no other new best friend! Wrigley chose well. Hercules became Zeke, and he was a good dog from the start-- the most mellow lab ever, and Wrigley's forever friend. Over three years, he has gone from shy and timid-- afraid to bark-- to a confident member of our family. He is the sweetest dog, and loves his family and his baby (now 15 months old) very much. Sadly, his best friend Wrigley left us in August. Zeke was a lonely boy, but none of us were ready to bring a new dog into the family right away. One crazy Sunday, HOTLR called and asked if we could foster a 3 month old yellow Lab puppy named "Harley" for a week. They were a little desperate, because it was the same day as the Amarillo girls arrived. We couldn't say no... and once Harley was in our house, we knew he could never leave. Harley is now called Riley, and he has filled the hole in our heart left by Wrigley. Riley and Zeke are best friends and play and sleep together all the time. Zeke is happily showing Riley the ropes, and Riley is eager to learn to be a part of our family. Even the cat is glad to play with this fun and smart little dog! The baby loves having her two buddies again, and we are all happy with our two wonderful Hot Labs!

Duke-adopted 2004

Duke is doing well, Tom.


He certainly looks great!


Hooch/MOOSE-adopted 2003

Moose was adopted by a family who has another 14 yr old lab. The two adore each other and Moose has adapted well to being a famly pet as evidenced by the picture to the left..He's not spoiled or loved at all is he?


Danny-adopted 2003

Hi Amy, Danny is great. he has really settled into our home nicely and is such a love sponge. We nicknamed him moaner, because when you rub behind his ears or his belly, he moans with pleasure. He discovered the pool and likes to walk down the first two steps, swim in a little circle, then walk back up the steps. He likes to chase the automatic pool cleaner and he will spend hours running around the pool barking at it. I have attached several pictures. He has put on some weight, we discovered he was eating the other dogs food too. With that solved, now we are working at taking off the few extra pounds. Thanks for letting me brag. Mara


Caleb-adopted 2003

Happy Holidays ! We're all doing great. Devin is almost 4 months old already and is a charm. Katie is doing very good as well; doing great in school. Chris is doing fine; keeping busy at work. Caleb, is well, just Caleb. He is just the greatest. He loves the new baby. He likes to come over when one of us is holding Devin, and gently sniff him all around and will lick his hands and ears. He does get jealous when I'm holding him and Devin is giggling and cooing to me. He'll lay down near us and give me a sad, moaning growl until I reach down and pet him too. So funny. Enjoy the pictures!! We recently went to the vet for our rabies vaccine and a check-up. All is well !! He weighed in at 85 pounds. The vet said his weight is fine. Such a big boy.


From HOTLR- What a happy boy he looks!