Telephone Referral is a free service available for identifiably pure-bred labs.
We will post pictures of your dog on our site, with you as the contact person.
Persons interested in adopting your lab would contact you directly.  We will not
screen any applicants in any way.  Here is a helpful link about how to interview
potential adopters ( )

In order to have your lab eligible for Heart of Texas Lab Rescue's Telephone
Referral program, you MUST mail ALL of the following to us at P. O. Box 81821,
Austin, TX 78708-1821.

A.  Copies of your veterinarian's medical records that the dog is ALL of the following:
        -Heartworm negative
        -Current on all vaccinations

B.  Pictures of the dog so we can identify him/her as a pure-bred lab.
You have the option of  sending pictures of your dog by:

        1.  Mailing hard copies along with other paperwork required
        (Please note that these pictures will NOT be returned).

        2.  E-mailing your pictures to .  In the body of your message include the dog's name and age, your name and contact information and date you mailed the required paperwork for Telephone Referral.

C.  A biographical paragraph about the dog that we will post along with the pictures. This paragraph should tell about the dog's qualities, traits, and history if known.

D.  The completed Telephone Referral Form.

When we have received all of the above, one of our volunteers will contact you to discuss the dog  in more detail.
Once all requirements have been met then we will post the information on our site.   We request that you notify us
when the dog is adopted so we can remove the information about him/her and your contact information from our site.
NOTE:  We do NOT guarantee this service will actually result in an adoption of your dog.