This page is provided as a service to owners that
are unable to maintain custody of their family friend for different reasons, including
death in family, divorce, moving, etc. Heart of Texas Lab Rescue, Inc. has not evaluated
most of these dogs, but DO require proof of vaccinations, HW status and spay/neuter status
prior to posting the information. If you would like information on any of the dogs listed
here, please contact the referral number or email provided with the dogs bio.

Telephone Referrals


Shamu - DOB March 2016
Color: Yellow
03/13/2018 1:32 PM

Who better to spring forward with than Shamu?! This beautiful Lab/ Australian Cattle Dog cross will love to dip his toes in the water with you as the Texas heat begins to kick back up! With his long legs and lab stamina, Shamu makes a perfect running or walking partner - especially in this nice weather! He is a bit shy at first, but not too soon after, that friendly, goofy lab personality shines through! Shamu loves to be by your side, whether it?s for a fun-filled day or just relaxing by the pool. As long as he has you by his side, Shamu will take on anything with you! This merle-coated cutie has been doing great with his house training and crate training at his foster?s and is ready to find a home of his own! Don?t miss out on this favorite- fill out an application for Shamu today at!
Tammy - DOB
Color: Yellow
08/13/2017 12:42 PM

The call came in early May to help this family - a large family with 10 puppies. Tammy had just given birth and the prior owners could no longer care for her so she was ultimately surrendered to ACS. Tammy did a great job raising her pups, nursing all 10 babies until they were plump and well-socialized. Now all the pups are on their way to new homes and Tammy is ready to find her adopters.

Tammy is mild-mannered for a Lab. She is quiet, easy going, well behaved, and not your traditional exuberant Labrador. She will gently follow you around the yard exploring. She's a super smart girl who is great with kids and other dogs and would make a good starter dog for someone with little dog experience. You'll find Tammy beating the heat this summer by lounging out in the shallow end of her foster's pool or stealing your side of the couch! If you're wanting a fun, social girl who is very happy to be around people, then Tammy is the dog for you! Fill out an application for Tammy today at

Tank - DOB ~10/1/12
Color: Yellow
04/19/2017 5:44 PM

If you're looking for a tail waggin' good time, then meet the one..the only..TANK!

This 80 pounds of lovable lab gets so excited to see you that his whole butt wiggles! From the tip of his tail down to his his hind legs, Tank is waggin' and wigglin'! Built like a tank, you can imagine that he has quite the appetite. He loves to eat his delicious dog food of course, but his meal of choice is..CHEERIOS! If you can?t find Tank, look under the dining table. That's where you?ll see him surfing for fallen Cheerios every morning and sneaking leftovers every evening. Tank is very friendly with humans and animals of all sizes and species, and loves to play with his toys. He is already house trained and won?t say no to a relaxing cruise down the road! (Although he's still not sure how to load up into a car, he sure does love going for rides!) Tank can be playful and rambunctious, but also knows how to settle down and relax on the couch or lounge on a comfy dog bed in your pet-friendly office. Fallen in love with this green-eyed boy? Fill out an application for Tank today at!

Kirk - DOB ~2 years old
Color: Yellow
10/27/2016 11:13 AM

Kirk is the perfect blend of couch potato and adventure buddy! He would love to cuddle up with you on the couch while sneaking a few snacks from you with his adorable golden eyes on a lazy Saturday and then go for a fun-filled hike and venture around the town with you for a memorable Sunday Funday! Kirk loves to meet new people, especially if they like to give ear scratches and hugs. He walks great on a leash and enjoys going for walks through the neighborhood. Kirk is great with kids and would make a terrific family dog! If a lovable lab is what you're looking for, fill out an application for Kirk today at!
Lily - DOB ~1/9/15
Color: Black
09/10/2016 11:40 AM

Lily came to SNIPSA with her day-old litter of puppies. After being the best momma out there, Lily is finally ready to go to her furever home! Lily has the sweetest disposition and all she wants to do is love on you! A typical lab, Lily loves the almighty tennis ball and will play fetch with you until your arm gives out! When you and Lily are both exhausted from playing, she would love to snuggle up with you in the bed and sleep the night away nuzzled up to you. Do you think you deserve the loveliest of lilies? Fill out an application at for Lily today!
Sissy - DOB ~8 years old
Color: Yellow
03/27/2015 5:23 PM

Sissy is about an eight year old lab mix. She's up to date on all shots, spayed and heartworm negative. She is a good girl who is potty trained. I believe she would do best in a home being the only dog or even with a couple others, though I'm I haven't exposed her to cats. I have ten other dogs and I believe she is getting stressed by a few of the other dogs. She likes to be next to her human. Sissy does have seizures about once every two weeks. I had her blood work done and it came back normal. I rescued Sissy back in December. She's a great, loving girl who deserves a forever home.

Please contact Susan if interested. We are located in Hutto,TX. 512-203-3845

Faith - DOB
Color: Yellow
02/27/2015 4:22 PM

My name is Faith. I was rescued from a fracking site in Moulton, TX on January 4, 2015. I am an 8-9 year old yellow Lab mix who absolutely adores people! You can tell I like you by my gentle nuzzle. I am sweet, gentle, and soft to the touch. I get along with other dogs and children. I would be happiest with someone who stays home all day to spend time with me. I'm a real love bug!

If you'd like more information about Faith, please contact Elissa Miller at San Antonio ROCKS, the shelter he is being fostered through. Phone: 210-960-3643 Email: Website:

Major - DOB
Color: Black
02/19/2015 10:12 AM

Major is a about 8 years old and weighs in at 62 lbs. He's both crate and house trained and has a fairly low energy level so you won't be dealing with puppy nonsense. ;-) He's good with other dogs, kids, and even cats.

Major came into the shelter already microchipped and neutered, but no owner came forward. He is a gentle giant, standing 29 inches at the shoulder. He is currently living in a multi-dog and cat household. Major is calm in new environments, walks well on a leash and can easily walk 3 miles. He is afraid of thunderstorms and will need a quiet place to settle in those situations.

If you'd like more information on Major, please contact Jerann Worth, the Adoptions Director at San Antonio ROCKS, the shelter he is being fostered through. Phone: 210-960-3643 Email: Website:

Gordy Gordy
Gordy - DOB 2008
Color: Yellow
02/27/2014 9:29 PM

Gordy is a 6 year-old neutered male who weighs 80 pounds. He is neutered, loves his leash, house trained and knows many basic commands. Gordy is a snuggle bug who loves children. Adoption available through Texas Great Pyrenese Rescue.
Pedro Pedro Pedro
Pedro - DOB 2012
Color: Black
04/30/2013 3:21 PM

Pedro was found at San Pedro Park in San Antonio when some police officers noticed a little black ball curled up in the driveway. They fed him but he wouldn't come to them, even though he cried when they left. After a month of helping these officers feed this dog, we had to trap him. I trapped Pedro in seconds and he shut down. After two weeks he learned that a collar wasn't bad and people were okay. He loves playing with my 10 year old border collie mix! He is a little mouthy but never bites. He jumps when I arrive home or when he knows he's getting fed. He dislikes the crate. He roams free around the house with my other dogs, uses the dog door to potty, and chews on his toys. He loves to fetch but forgets to return the toy. He sleeps on a dog bed. He is very loving and submissive. If you scare him or move too fast in the beginning he will pee. He needs patient people who can show him what a Lab's life is, and dog siblings if possible because he loves to play with and learn from them. Pedro did not like a leash but now we have a harness on him and are working on walking with a leash. He is very smart and eager to please. For more infromation, please contact Robyn at
Blondie - DOB ~12/15/07
Color: Yellow
12/20/2012 11:07 PM

Blondie is approximately 5 years old, she is a spayed female lab found 12/13/12. She's beautiful, smart, eager to learn and please. She's very sweet, crate trained, loads and rides well in vehicle, competent when walking on a leash, good when around other dogs, has not bothered the temperamental cat that resides in our house and can sit when she is not too excited. She is a couch potato, polite in all movements and aware of her surroundings when cuddling being that she is a solid 66lbs. Her name can be changed - she pretty much answers to anything that ends with a ?y, or ?ie.

Unfortunately, she will not be a cheap date - she is heart worm positive as of 12/17/12. She is currently on a long-term preventative, but once adopted, her new home can use the quicker method of heart worm preventative provided by their own veterinarian if they so choose.

For information on Blondie, please contact Diana Gerling at 512-799-6683 or email at

Dakota - DOB ~9 yrs
Color: Yellow
10/23/2012 2:22 PM

Hi. My name is Dakota, and I'm a very sweet girl who is looking for a new home. My parents love me very much, but with 3 young children at home, they just aren't able to give me as much attention as they used to. I'm spayed, housebroken, and used to crating during the day. I have a little gray on my face, but I still feel (and act) like a pup. I'm kind to everyone I meet and I love making new friends. If you have room in your heart for me and enjoy lots of playtime, please call my folks. I'd love to come live with you!

For more information on Dakota, please contact Ryan at 512-481-2238 or

Rex - DOB 3-4 yrs
Color: Black
06/04/2012 10:43 AM

Rex is a Lab/Shep/chow mix who is about 3-4 yrs of age and a GREAT dog! He is heartworm positive, but soon to be clear as he has been on treatment since February when he entered the shelter. Rex is a fabulous dog! He is EXTREMELY intelligent and does great with people of all ages. He is wonderful on a leash and knows his commands as he worked with a dog trainer a few weeks ago and we have been working with him as much as possible. Rex will soon be fully vetted as he has a generous sponsor helping out with his vetting costs.

Rex is ready for adoption now! Please call 940 465-7444 or email for more information.

Scout - DOB 1/15/11
Color: Black
06/04/2012 10:40 AM

Scout is a young 1 1/2 yr old Lab mix who has the sweetest personality. He is very smart and LOVES to play. He was brought in with another dog that has since been adopted, so now Scout is alone at the shelter and would LOVE to be adopted into a family that has another dog he could live with. He is very playful, yet knows his manners. Scout gets along with everyone extremely well and would be a fantastic family pet.

Scout is up to date on vaccines and will be neutered once he is adopted. Please call 940 465-7444 KC or email her at for more information.

Stella - DOB 7 yrs old
Color: Chocolate
05/18/2012 10:25 AM

We are trying to find a good home for our sweet Stella!!!

Stella is an adorable 7 year old female chocolate lab that has been with us since she was born. She is wonderful with children and is friendly & well-socialized around other dogs. She is a large female, weighing 85 pounds, but she's a gentle giant who is extremely sweet and friendly around all people & other dogs. She has never exhibited aggressive behavior in any situation! Unfortunately, my allergies to dogs, and now my daughter?s, have become progressively worse. Despite limiting Stella's space in the house, no rugs, etc it is taking a toll on us. Stella also has food allergies and it is just impossible for us to avoid her eating crumbs from having small children in our house. In addition, we want Stella with a new owner that has more time to play with her, walk her, etc.

Stella does have allergies. They show up as skin rashes and approximately twice a year an ear inflammation that requires prednisone (steroids). She has some hair loss due to her allergies, but with a grain-free food and frequent grooming, she is great! Stella is used to having a doggy door in our current home, but can be left alone during the work day without one and does not have accidents. She is not a digger, has no other destructive qualities other than chewing up an occasional plastic toy of our children?s when she misses us. If you are interested in meeting Stella and learning more if she might be a good fit for your home, please contact us: Katie (512)740-8956

Thank you for thinking of taking in our Stella!!!!

Lilly - DOB ~3/1/10
Color: Black
03/07/2012 10:48 PM

Lilly is 2 years old, weighs 50 lbs, and is Heartworm negative! She has been microchipped and we will spay her!!! She doesn't have any skin problems, that is dried grass on her. She was rolling in grass before pic!! :-) She is good with other dogs and loves everyone!! She's a beautiful girl with a very feminine face. Lilly is anxious to please and would make a great family pet!

For more information on Lilly, please contact Ellen Abington 318-471-6910.

Stew - DOB
Color: Yellow
11/07/2011 5:49 PM

Stew is an older gentleman of about 8 years who ended up at Town Lake Animal Center as a stray. He's heartworm positive. If you're interested in giving this sweetheart a chance, please email or go to Town Lake Animal Center and inquire about #613050.

The Town Lake website can be found here:

Chief - DOB
Color: Black
11/07/2011 5:48 PM

Chief is an older lab mix, around 8 or 9 years old. He's neutered, heartworm negative, and weighs 61 lbs. He adores the pool at the shelter! A few videos of him are available for your viewing:

Chief is currently at Town Lake Animal Center. For more information, please email or visit the shelter and ask for ID#A611705. The Town Lake website can be found here:

Edie - DOB ~6/1/08
Color: Black
06/28/2011 8:55 AM

Edie is a spayed and heartworm negative 3 year old black lab mix who gets along well with other dogs. She is slightly shy when first meeting new people, but settles down pretty quickly. She has not been around cats or children. Edie tends to bond strongly with her humans and loves to run & play in the yard. She is not an overbearing or "in your face" dog. She was an owner surrender as a puppy and has spent most of her life in rescue. To help her adjust to family life, she will need an adopter who understands the patience needed with long-term rescue dogs, but she will be well worth the effort.

For more information on Edie, please call or email Leila (601/831-0779) or Fran Borges (337/288-6604)

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